Vacation with Six Year Old This Christmas - Bahamas? Hawaii?

Updated on May 21, 2013
J.D. asks from Palatine, IL
21 answers

We are trying to plan our vacation (2 weeks) over the Christmas holidays. This amount of time is a first for our family and who knows when we will be able to do it again? I would love input on a location (warm, please) and anything else you care to share. We have loved going to Disney in Orlando, but are looking for a new experience. Thanks!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Have you considered Costa Rica? It is warm there year around and I would think it's similar in cost to Hawaii. I've been to the Bahamas. It's ok, but I'd pick somewhere else.

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answers from Barnstable on

Please look in to a cruise! 2011 christmas we took a 5 year old on a cruise to the Virgin Islands and it was the best experience my family ever had! If you get tickets early\shop around a lot it can be fairly in expensive as well! Personally I think Hawaii is just far too over priced!

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answers from San Francisco on

We took our daughter to Maui last year in March, she was 6 at the time and we all had a blast. If I was going for 2 weeks I'd do 1 week on Maui and 1 week on Hawaii or Kauai... The ocean was a little cool for my daughter to be in for any length of time so we rented a shorty wet suit for her and it was great. She also learned to use a mask and snorkel and fins before we went. The other possibility is a Disney cruise, I haven't been but friends went last year and loved it. Their kids had a great time and all of the adults in the group did too.

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answers from San Francisco on

We have been to the Bahamas once and Hawaii multiple times. My husband is in Hawaii right now. It is part of his territory for work so he goes often. I go once a year with him. We love Hawaii.

We are taking our kids for 2 weeks this summer to Oahu. I really would choose Hawaii over the Bahamas. First of all no passports needed. Hawaii is closer to us in California.

I have only been to Oahu and Maui. I think there is alot on Oahu to do with kids. I have an entire line up of things we are going to do, places to see. I googled free things to do on Oahu and cheap things to do on Oahu. But mainly we are going to hike and play on the beach. We are renting a beach house in Kailua...far away from the bigger cities riddled with hotels and resorts.

You will have a fabulous time no matter where you go! What fun to spend 2 weeks together over the Christmas holiday. Have fun.

Another fun place to go is San Diego, California. It has beautiful weather but will be a little colder in the winter. We love going to Sea World and Lego Land there.

Let us know what you end up picking! Oh...I saw someone mentioned Costa Rica. I have heard soooo many good things about it. I have a few friends that have gone there multiple times...and rave about the weather and all the fun activities that are really cheap. My hubby and I hope to go there in the future.
****Just woke up after posting last night and had this thought. Have you considered Mexico?? My husband and I just got back from his business trip in Cabo San Lucas,Mexico. We stayed at an all inclusive resort but there were neighboring towns to visit where we felt safe to go shopping and eat. We did always ask for bottled water though. There are many fun Hawaii type activities to do in Cabo. The reason I bring it up is I remember talking to some locals and they said it rains about 6 days a year there. I understand why it was soooo dry and hot. That would make for perfect Christmas time beach weather. We stayed at the Fiesta Americana and it was wonderful...service was awesome!!*****Have a Merry Christmas J. D.!!!

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answers from Miami on

Check out the norm weather patterns in December in both places. If it's rainy season, you'll have to find indoor stuff to do, and that might be hard in either location.

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answers from Denver on

I've been to Hawaii over Christmas break several times. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE Hawaii. I have relatives there and have spent a LOT of time there since I was a kid. MY youngest wants to LIVE there when she's a grown-up!

That being said, I don't love Hawaii in winter (especially if I'm trying to get away from the cold, miserable East coast - I want somewhere that's HOT!). Pools are too cold, and sometimes, even the ocean is too cold. Evenings can get pretty cold, too. I usually have to pack jeans and light sweaters for the evenings. Days are warm and gorgeous (although there are rain showers), of course, but don't expect it to be sultry, totally tropical and constantly 95 degrees. It's just not.

I've also been to the Bahamas, although that was decades ago. If I HAD to choose between Hawaii and the Bahamas, I'd choose Hawaii every time, regardless of the cold pools. I was not impressed with the Bahamas, but again, that was decades ago.

Side note: if you DO go to Hawaii, and happen to spend a few days in Honolulu, the aquarium there is wonderful. Small enough to get done in an hour or so, but with really beautiful tropical fish. It's one of my very favorite aquariums in the world!

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answers from Dover on

I would say Hawaii. I have been to the Bahamas, not impressed (could be that wrong area) but would LOVE to go to Hawaii. Considering the distance and cost, if I could go, I would.

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answers from New York on

Check out weather for each place. I know that Hawaiis rainy months are
November, , December and January.

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answers from Detroit on

I would vote Hawaii - no passport needed, and it would seem you would have a lot more things you could do if you have 2 weeks to spend.

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answers from Dallas on

I have been to both. Honestly, I'm not the Bahamas' biggest fan. I just got back from Hawaii one week ago tomorrow. It was my first visit and I went to the Big Island. It was beautiful and peaceful but if I were to ever go back (I went with a friend of mine who had a work thing to go to) with my family I would choose one of the other islands because I think my kids would have been bored after two days on the Big Island. The main difference between the two for me is that Hawaii felt safer. It's expensive but was really beautiful!

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answers from Houston on

Hawaii bored me. It was too touristy.I think the kids will liek the Bahams better because the locals are more fun. The girls (if you have girils) can get their hair braided, things are cheaper, the feel is more islandy than commercialized Hawaii.



answers from Memphis on

I love Hawaii, Maui especially. Over the two choices Maui would win by a landslide! There is so much to do and see in Hawaii, vs Bahamas/ Atlantis nothing, I've heard the Atlantis is very expensive, very overrated and trust me I always had my eye on it to take the kids. Hawaii is very family friendly. We try to go every year or other. You can rent a big condo oceanfront with all amenities. If u really want Caribbean I'd go to Jamaica, punta Cana or riviera maya, mx. But hi is in the states very safe traveling as well.



answers from Chicago on

I've been to the Bahamas we stayed at the Atlantis which I love. I have a five year old myself I don't see staying there with her for two weeks... Only cause there's not much to do outside the resort.



answers from Santa Barbara on

I would pick Hawaii because it is closer to me. Are the flights about the same for you?

I also lean towards Hawaii because less hassle with customs.

I believe Bahamas will give you more bank for your buck (not positive, so others will need to confirm). For some reason I imagine Bahamas with warmer weather over Christmas, but I have never be to either place over Christmas.



answers from Chicago on

Thanks for giving me a lot to think about. We live in the Midwest, which is why I would like to do something warm. We haven't nailed down a location, and maybe I should talk to a travel agent.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I agree that if you want to do a resort with an island atmosphere then someplace like Atlantis would be great.

I personally would like something to do that is not sit on the beach in the heat and swelter.

I'd like to go to Freeport more than the other islands. It is where their parliament is and there are several forts and other sights that kids would totally enjoy. I remember going to SC to see my brother when he was in the Marines and stationed at Cherry Point. I remember going to forts and running around playing like I was one of the soldiers. Yes, I'm a girl but my favorite toys were G I Joes....

So do some research as to what the island offers you in the way of family entertainment. I think going to a straw market would be totally boring and sitting for hours and hours on a hot steamy beach would be miserable.



answers from Kansas City on

Have you looked at Aruba? The reason that entire place was built for tourists is because the weather is VERY temperate all year long and it never (almost) rains. It's very beautiful!



answers from Rochester on

I agree that Maui is a wonderful place to take kids. We have gone twice with ours-- once when they were 1 and 3 and again when they were 3 and 5. We have never been there in December, but we have been there in February and March and had gorgeous weather. The beaches are nice and you can find lots of things that are kid friendly (and even free for kids). Yes, it is expensive, but we have found that renting a condo or someplace with a full kitchen save us a lot of money. When we were there this year we ate breakfast at "home" all but one day, were able to pack lunches to take to the beach with us, and probably only ate out half the nights we were there. We definitely think it is worth the money and are already planning to go back in 2015!



answers from Chicago on

I loved Hawaii as a couple but it sucked with kids. They were 10 and 8. We were on Kauai and the damn wild chickens woke us up every day at 5am and due to the 5 hour time difference our sleep was whacked! We had gone to Mexico for years with NO PROBLEMS. They also were not fans of having to drive everywhere. (It could have just been Kauai.) They loved Waikiki, maybe because it was the end of the trip. We went during Spring Break and it was NOT warm.

I would opt (until they get older) to stay close to your time zone and more guaranteed warm weather - mexico, jamaica, bahamas, bermuda, etc.


answers from Washington DC on

J. - how much money do you have to spend?

Have you checked with a travel agent to see what kind of deals you can get?

What does your family like to do?
Have you considered a cruise?

Information like that helps when answering this question.

It's been a LONG time since I've lived in Hawaii - but I do recall that I had to wear long pants and the beach wasn't that fun in December. And from my friends who still live there? Prices go SKY HIGH in December as tourists flock the area...

Where would I go?

Las Vegas - it might be nippy - but there is more to Vegas than gambling. I would get a rental car and go to the Grand Canyon and other areas around there - like 4 Corners and more.

Talk with a travel agent so you can get the best deal and have the most fun or relaxing time with your family!

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hawaii is awesome. Maui is my favorite of all the islands - great mix of beauty, relaxation, good restaurants, fun things to do, etc. I feel like Oahu is a little too busy and there aren't enough restaurants on Kauai and the Big Island. I LOVE Maui.

If you go to the Bahamas, I would recommend either an all inclusive resort (Beaches is a good one for families) or going on a cruise. Since you love Disney, you might want to look into a Disney Cruise. They are amazing! We went on the Fantasy to the Western Caribbean last October and my son (who is turning 6 next week) still talks about it and asks when we can go back.

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