Vacation in Myrtle Beach or Orlando and Why(have 9 Year Old Girls)

Updated on March 24, 2011
C.C. asks from San Antonio, TX
6 answers

Money is not an issue so which would you do? What should we not miss? We are going right after school is out for the first two weeks of June. The girls are 9 and frankly one will do anything and one only likes small rides. We will have another couple with us so we could get a babysitter for adult things as well.

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answers from Boca Raton on

I'm partial to Orlando, unless you have real beach lovers and then I would say Myrtle. That being said, you could schedule a couple of days on Florida's east coast which is maybe 1.5 hours away (?). It's not too far and the beaches are quieter than Myrtle, at least imho.

It's pretty hot in Orlando in June, so you should check out the water parks. My favorites are Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon (both Disney) and Aquatica (Sea World).

Good luck and have a great time!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm not a Disneyphile, so I'd take the beach any day.
p.s. We like North Myrtle better than Myrtle.


answers from Charlotte on

If money isn't an issue I'd go to Orlando with no debate. Myrtle Beach is nice and fun, but it doesn't hold a candle to the attractions of NASA, Disney World, or Universal. I've never been there and the chance, while not nearly as attractive as a Eurotrip, would be a dream come true. Besides, all I ever hear about once students begin chatting about spring break, summer, or graduation is Myrtle Beach.



answers from Cincinnati on

We just got back from Orlando yesterday and we went to Myrtle Beach last summer. Honestly, I'm very glad that I took my kids to Disney once (and did it right!), but I will probably never go back. I am utterly exhausted! I am not an amusement park person, so rides don't thrill me in the least. It was very crowded (and will be much worse in June)! In five days, we did Gatorland, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. Our resort was amazing (Wyndham Bonnet Creek, IN Disney, but not a Disney resort) and we could have stayed there and not ever visited a park and been happy- putt-putt, golf, many pools, slides, playground, restaurants, etc. Anyway, Myrtle Beach was exactly the opposite. It was a nice and relaxing, alternate between the beach and pool, kind of week. It was also very crowded (we went in August, the first week of off-peak) and almost impossible to drive up and down the strip at night. If I had to make a suggestion, I would say go to Destin! The beaches are much more beautiful than the dirty Atlantic in Myrtle and it is relaxing and family oriented. We've strayed from there for the last several years (going to Panama City, Pensacola, Myrtle Beach, and Disney instead) and my husband and I have decided that there isn't anywhere else we would rather go next vacation.



answers from Richmond on

before going, check out the local convicted pedophiles website in the area that you are going to be visiting, that way, you know what and who to look out for. if the concentration level is too high for your liking,( one in 6 billion is too high a concentration level for me), you can either skip it completely, or go in with your eyes open.
K. h.



answers from Chicago on

Why not go to Disney/orlando for a week and then to Sanibel or Sarasota for a week . 2 weeks in orlando doing theme parks would be overkill but add the week of the beach after would be perfect!Have great time!

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