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Updated on March 27, 2007
C.D. asks from Louisville, KY
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ok.. my husband and i would love to take a vacation.. we have a 6 months old.. when we go on vacation she will be 9 months old.. she is going to go with us we just don't know where and what to do.. i mean because you are kinda limited on what activities you can do! if anyone has any suggestions please let us know.. oh and we are already going on a cruise in october so that is out of the question! Thanks!

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answers from Wheeling on

I think maybe a trip to the mountains like renting a cabin .You could go for small hikes and just take her outside and let her learn about the outdoors kids love being outside they love watching the birds and animals .A zoo would also be a suggestion my little one loves animals !

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answers from Indianapolis on

I would think about the time zones. Going west can be hard. I don't know how strict you are with naps and bedtime, but if you are hoping to keep her on somewhat of a schedule don't forget that 7-7:30 bedtime here means 5-5:30 or even earlier in Colorado, Arizona, Calilfornia, etc. That means you'll be eating dinner with all the old folks and stuck in your hotel room come 5:30pm. Also a note on the hotel room ... I highly suggest getting a suite if you can afford it. We have to put my son in his own section of the room with the shades drawn and his sound machine or music on. Then we can still in our area and watch TV.
Just thoughts.

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answers from Kokomo on

Have you thought about going to San Diego, California? There is a Sea World and the San Diego Zoo.. I took my daughter when she was about 8 or 9 months old and she loved it. It's not that they understand, but she loved the animals and all the things she could see.



answers from Fort Wayne on

My son is also six months...and this summer we have decided to visit zoos....We are just going to the Ft. Wayne Zoo this summer since we are short on cash, but you could easily make a trip out of it...I know in Chicago there are two zoos, Shedd Aquarium, and lots of other sights to see. I would definetely go somewhere where the baby can look and touch things....Since that is what they love to do anyways....well I hope this helps and you find a great spot to vacation to...:)



answers from Louisville on

Little baby's are tough to travel with so we keep our expectations low and our activities relaxing. You have to consider how tough diaper changes and feedings can be in a crowded public place or your average hotel room. It's more work than it's worth.

We love to rent cabins and houses on the beach or in state park forests. We have access to all the comforts of home and it's private and quiet. We move at our own pace and go for walks and picnics. At 9 months old even a blade of grass or flower is very facinating. For us, enjoying nature and being away from the daily grind is a huge recharge.

I personally think being away from home is stimulating enough without all the amusment park crazyness on top of it. When we've taken him to the zoo or amusment park we always have to leave early because he's tired and out-of-sorts. With our last zoo visit at 8 months old he woke up screaming from night terrors that night.

Now that he's 18 months old he really enjoys the high levels of stimulation and handles it much better.



answers from South Bend on

We just took our 10 mo old to see relatives in South America. She did amazing and although we mainly visited with family she enjoyed the trips out to shopping and the nightlife.

We didn't get her to bed much before midnight or at least 10 p.m. most nights but she still primarily slept through the night and didn't have any problems with the 4 flights, including the overnight from Miami to Sao Paulo. She also didn't get sick at all.

Don't be afraid to try something out of the ordinary, kids are a little more resiliant than we may think sometimes.

I agree with the suite if you can afford it, we always try to do that when we can with our daughter as it really helps along the sleeping for everyone.

Best of luck!!!!!



answers from Lafayette on

Most of your theme parks (Disney, santas village, great america) have rides that are just for small children as long as they can sit up on their own and family rides that are safe to take the baby on. But you may want to take a spare person or two so you and the hubby can ride rides that you want as well. Another good thing to may choose to go visit an Amish area. It's really cool to see how they live and it's baby safe. Those people really go back to the basics...great place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the world.



answers from Louisville on

The beach is always a safe bet. It's very relaxing and as long as you find a condo or hotel on the ocean front, you don't have to work too hard at taking care of the little one. 9 months is a great age for the beach because they are exploring everything and sand castles are fun to build for them. Get some swim diapers, a beach tent, rub him down in sunscreen and have fun.



answers from South Bend on

I would try somewhere with a zoo. I did not take my kids on to many vacations at this age because nothing will keep their attention for to long. But kids do like animals. Toledo has a great zoo.



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi C.!

We have always gone to the beach with our kids (even when they were infants). We bought a baby "beach" tent for shade while at the beach, but we would also hang at the pool. We always pick a condo on the beach so, if needed, we can go in for naps. Our youngest would take her naps on the beach in the tent! We are staying at a new place this year in Panama City Beach. It is opening for the first time April 1st. It is called Shores of Panama and it looks awesome - I cannot wait! I can send you the link for some of the condo rentals, if you are interested. The prices are very reasonable since this is the first season.



answers from Indianapolis on

C., My husband works eve./nights so I feel for you. Anywho, about the vacation thing. You should try the newport aquarium in KY. It is minutes from Cincinati, OH and not too far from home. So much to do in that area. Children that age love watching all the colorful fish. My kids loved the Newport aquarium. Prices are reasonable too. Just an idea for something close by. Check out my online travel site If you fill out the deals and steals portion on the page, we can send you plenty of great ideas at great prices. Price is same if not better than expedia or travelocity. You can book hotel, air travel, rent a car, etc. all on my site. Anyways, hope I could help you out. Call me if you have any questions. My number is on the site.

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