V Tech Kidizoom Camera or Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera??

Updated on October 02, 2010
M.D. asks from Rockport, TX
7 answers

Im looking for some personal experience with kids digital cameras. My 4 yo loves to take pics with my camera so I want to get her one for Christmas. I have found some good deals on Ebay- as most stores are Out of stock. Im torn between the V-tech (which is a little more expensive) or the Fisher Price one. They both seem to get comparable reviews but I wanted to hear some first hand experience. Thanks moms!!!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

We have a Fisher Price one, now two years old. It has been pretty tough. takes standard batteries, which is easy, but not the most environmentally friendly, although battery life is good. A bit heavy, but not a big deal. But the picture quality is terrible. So if you just want something to distract her so he doesn't grab for yours, it may work. But none of the pictures will be worth saving. And if she is serious about the art, you may want to consider another option.

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answers from Boston on

we don't have either but on their websites the v tech holds 500 photos and the fisher price one holds 1000 and has 4x zoom.
edited: neither of them will take great photos if you want a camera that will take good pictures I suggest you look into finding an older model olympus tough that is shock proof and water proof so that you get good pictures but its okay if she accidently drops it.

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answers from Houston on

We got our son the Vtech for our son for his 4th birthday. He LOVES it. He still uses it to take pics and play games on 2 yrs later.



answers from Houston on

My 8-1/2yo and 5yo both have Fisher-Price Kid Tough cameras and have had for a couple of years now. We have been very pleased and impressed. In the viewfinder, the photos don't always look the highest quality but they are fabulous when downloaded or printed. In fact, some of my 8-1/2yo's photos have turned out better than mine with a "real" camera! I would recommend that you buy a memory card for the Kid Tough camera so your child can take more photos. We haven't had any issues or complaints with either child's camera. Best wishes on your choice!



answers from Houston on

Each of my daughters (now ages 7 & 5) have had their own V-Tech camera for 2-3 years, and they love them!! The pictures are fairly good quality, they can add funny frames or edits to the photos, they can play games on the cameras. They take them on road trips and to football games (to use when they get bored ;) Definitely a good buy, and we've never had any problems with them. When I was researching kid cameras ~3 years ago, V-Tech was definitely higher rated than FP. But maybe Fisher Price has redesigned their camera since then....



answers from Houston on

I bought my daughter the Fisher Price one for her birthday this past weekend and she LOVES it! My husband I researched both cameras he found that the Fisher Price has a better resolution than the V-tech. Hope this helps!!



answers from Detroit on

We have the FP kid tough camera and have had it for about 3 years now. I love it, and more importantly so do both my boys (now aged 5 and 7).
Contrary to a previous poster, i was actually quite impressed with the picture quality, in fact my son took a photo of a sunrise when my camera was not available and I loved it so much that I had it enlarged to a poster size. The picture turned out a little blurry (really just a little) but looked so artistic. The pictures do not ;look that great quality when viewing on the camera but usually look much better when downloaded.
The camera is easy to use, taking photos, reviewing and erasing etc. You can use a memory card with so it is easy to download too.
Also forgot to mention I have lost count the amount of times this camera has been dropped, and even deliberately thrown around when my youngest was very little. It still works the same as it did the day it was bought.

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