V-tech Vsmile or Leapster???

Updated on August 08, 2007
V.D. asks from San Diego, CA
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Hi moms,
I was thinking of possibly getting my daughter one of those educational game systems either this year or next (she will be 3 in October). But not sure which one is "better" or the pros and cons of either one of them. I have seen the V-Tech & to me it has lousy picture quality, but that's all I know about it. So, would like to know some opinions on the 2 systems & if your child happens to have both systems...which one do you and your child prefer?

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter (5) has the Leapster and loves it. The games are great and she has been able to work it very easily. I have no experience with the V Smile, so can't help you there...sorry.



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my son has the v-smile and loves it he is 4 and it helps him sooo much going over his abc and numbers shaps everything it is one of the best systems out there i think.



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Hi V.,

We auctually have both. The Leapster Handheld and the Vsmile as well as a Leappad somewhere

I like the vsmile better because of the large controller for it.
The leapster has a small stylus and key pad

V-Smile You can also purchase an AC adaptor ($10) instead of using the batteries.
(The leapster uses 4 AA batteries, or a recharging kit that you can buy seperately for $75.)

V-Smile the games store inside the unit.
The only way to store games for the leapster is to buy a seperate case for them

V-Smile games are only $20.
Leapster games are around 25$-30$ but most of them interchange with all their other systems

The graphics are slighty better than the leapster




answers from Chicago on

I vote for leapster, although 2.5 might be a bit young for both systems. I think leapster makes better games and graphics, and they're games are better designed/appropriate for the age group. My son is now 6 and has had his since he was about 3.5. and he still loves it. I refuse to get him the handheld nintendo until he truly grows out of this system because they are educational. Take Care, H..



answers from Chicago on

I had the Vsmile for my son and he abosuletly LOVED the system. Yeah, the graphics aren't great, but my son didn't care, he loved the games and they have all different age groups for the games. The reason that I got the VSmile is because it was an educational game system (and it was new that year) I've never gotten the Leapster for my son, but I love Leap Frog toys! I would have gotten him a Leapster if the Vsmile hadn't come out that year for Christmas. I don't think you can go wrong with either choice, they are both great educational systems. Good Luck.

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