Uvula Sticking to Tonsil

Updated on June 26, 2010
L.Q. asks from Bartlett, IL
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My 2.5 year old daughter's uvula is sticking to her right tonsil. It appears to be permanent, versus sticking by saliva. I imagine she was not born that way, since I believe I, or various doctors would have noticed it before. Does anyone have any idea what this might be? She does not appear to be in pain and is not running a temperature, but she did have strep throat a little over a month ago. Also, and this could just be my imagination, but it seems her voice sounds a bit different.

I haven't yet brought her to the doctor because for 1 week we are without insurance due to job change. New insurance starts July 1, but I am debating bringing her in before that... just so hard to decide since again, there is no fever or pain. Thank you!

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So What Happened?

Oh my gosh, thank you for your response. We are taking her in first thing in the morning. I will be a worried wreck all night!!

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My toddler has this also (uvula stuck to a tonsil, no fever, funny voice/hot potato voice- google it, it's a medical term), and it's been this way for about 3 months after catching mono at a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.

Our pediatrician sent us to an ENT who first prescribed a steroid to bring down swelling and antibiotics, as the tonsils on both sides are swollen. After the antibiotic course, the tonsils remained swollen with little change, so he has diagnosed that it's chronic tonsillitis and they will have to have be surgically removed soon.

If her tonsil seems enlarged, and she has "hot potato" voice (it sounds like she's talking with hot food in her mouth or like donald duck) you should definitely get her checked out soon. There is a suffocation and choking risk, and is something not to take lightly.

The ENT tells me tonsilitis is very painful, though my child doesn't act in pain. The ENT assured me that sometimes kids get used to it, or are too afraid to say something.

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she is acting fine then i dont see the harm in waiting until you have insurance,. if anything changes i would bring her in



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Hi! I tried to respond and am not sure it was posted. I had this when I was a kid, and it did eventually go away. It did not seem to cause any problems, although I was susceptible to sore and strep throats (not sure if the uvula thing came first or not). I'd ask the doctor, of course, but just wanted to share that for me, it caused no significant problems. I had it for years and years!! --Steph



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It really could be just residual from the strep?? The tonsil's are part of the immune response. They could be just getting over it too?? Perhap's some warm saltwater rinses after food consumption? So the bits and what not don't hide in the tonsil's and reak further havok. ie. tonsilitis. I mix a 50/50 solution of the "Blue" prerinse and hydrogen peroxide, that could help with anything that may already have taken up residence in the tonsil. Peroxide/water works but kiddos are less likely to swish it around cuz it "doesn't taste good" and bubbles up. With the rinses, I think you could wait it out! The voice change could be residual "stuff" resting on her vocal chords exiting her throat too? Use your instincts Momma, that's why you have them! If you feel things change and she is gettin' worse make the appt? If you feel she is doing OK, then don't! You know your child best!

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