UTI Remedies (Urgent)

Updated on July 08, 2008
J.S. asks from Novato, CA
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Hello moms!

I'm having a major issue with a UTI. I have had it for coming up on 4 months now. I have tested and re-tested myself. I have done two rounds of antibiotics (and I can't remember the last time I took them before this so I know my system is NOT immune to it). I have taken two full bottles of cranberry tablets, one full bottle of d-mannose and about 15 bottles of unsweetened cranberry juice. I drink about 3.5- 4 liters of water daily and would consider my system flushed out. I know of one other supplement that would be helpful but since I'm breastfeeding I know taking Uva Ursi is out. I was given sulpha drugs to begin with and those are contraindicated with breastfeeding.
Any possible suggestions?????

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My daughter recently had a UTI and the first thing they did was culture it. Please have your doc do this right away since it could be something else. I was told that more and more people are getting antibiotic resistant UTI's. The culture can be done and they can test different antibiotics to see which one works the most effectively.

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I have dealt with constant UTI's and I suggest going to your doctor for a culture. It could be cystitis or some infection in your kidneys'- I don't mean to scare you, but it sounds like what your doing isn't working-so you need to see someone asap to get it straighten out. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.


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Ok cranberry juice is great for prevention of UTIs and can help with treatment in the early stages but can’t do anything for a well established infection. Second it’s not you that becomes immune to antibiotics it’s the bacteria that become resistant. It sounds like you have a multi-drug resistant infection. This is very serious. You will have to have a urine culture done to find out what antibiotics this bacteria is still susceptible to or your doc may just try putting you on one of the new broad spectrum drugs.
It is also possible that you have some other kidney problem causing symptoms similar to an infection (does it burn the same every time you go or is it worse in the morning when your urine is stronger?)
In any case you have to see a doctor about getting this taken care of before you start to get serious kidney problems from the infection or what ever it is. Also since you just moved up here and will be seeing a new doctor be sure to take in the names of the drugs you were previously given for this.

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I would recommend continuing cranberry extract, high doses of Vitamin C (3-4grams), lots of water, olive leaf extract and unsweetened cranberry juice. If it is an advanced UTI that you've had for a while and haven't been able to get rid of, seeing a medical practitioner (nurse-midwife or physician) would be a good idea, since simple UTIs can develop into kidney problems. In the future, do continue a preventative regimen, including the water and Vitamin C at lower doses and cranberry, but also focusing on wearing loose cotton undergarments and (I know I don't need to say this, but I will) wiping from front to back only. If you've had recurrent UTIs, consider getting a little bowl or pot to keep next to the toilet, to fill with water and rinse yourself with after eliminating. Another option is to hop into the shower and just rinse around your urethra. Research from Iran shows that this lowers UTI rates, by flushing away bacteria at the opening, and therefore preventing their upward travel. This is the method that Muslims use.
Good luck!

S. Craig, LM

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