UTI Prevention vs Wipes

Updated on October 02, 2009
E.B. asks from Villa Park, IL
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My 3-month-old babygirl had recently UTI and I'm so terrified it will happen again. I think every baby does it the same but when she makes pooh it really can be everywhere. My doctor told me to clean her bottom only with clean water and now I take her often to bathroom and clean with running water. I even bought cloth wipes. Please tell me how to wipe her bottom to prevent this desease again ( I know -->front to back). Do you think using cloth wipes in warmer is good? Won't it cause some germs will grow inside? Maybe I'm exagerating but I really don't know what to do...

and I use disposable diapers if someone asks!!

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I wouldn't put cloth wipes in a warmer. I just go into the bathroom and wet the wipes as I need them. When we are out in the world, I either use butt wipe spray(cloth diaper companies sell all different kinds) or my cloth wipes with water.

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Here is a resource that recommends avoiding irritants to discourage recurrent bladder infections.


Disposable diapers and wipes with a lot of additives would potentially contain such irritants. If you use cloth, I would suggest using hypoallergenic detergents and softeners. And if you use disposable diapers or wipes, I would suggest buying those sold at Whole Foods, since those are most likely the ones with the least amount of irritants in them.

The suggestions for different foods and juices would obviously not work for her for many, many months yet (maybe a year or more), but you could try adding those foods and juices to your own diet and see if what comes through your milk to her could also help her. You could drink some cranberry juice each day, and you could make sure that you take a multivitamin each day, and you could take 100-250 mg of Vitamin C each day, which could help her immune system to respond to outside germs a little better.

You can also consider learning ways of how to help her to spend less time with any kind of diaper on. Here is more info about that idea...




Best wishes,



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Using cloth wipes in warmer? I don't think I even know what you're asking...

UTI is such a painful experience! I am completely with you, wanting to avoid ever having one again!

My midwife, yonks and yonks ago, suggested using baby face cloths -those tiny ones 'cause even if you use a hundred in a week it's a tiny load of laundry... rinse them with the hottest water your taps will produce, let them cool a bit until you can handle them comfortably, then with the diaper still underneath, squeeze the water out and wipe downwards...

Kind of a shower and a wipe at once...

Make sure you're not 'digging' things in (or out)... the next time she pees, anything kinda stuck in will be forced out so don't go after things. Just wipe gently with lots of water to get most of everything away.

Some babies have genetic problems that create the conditions for recurrent UTIs. I hope your tiny luv is not one.



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Typically when a baby gets a uti it is caused by vesico-ureter reflux VUR. please check with your pediatrician to be sure that this isnt what your daughter has. if it is left untreated she will get another infection and it can damage the kidneys. Look into this I'd bet it has nothing to do with the diaper changes. best of luck.



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I disagree that is is the wipes that are causing it. It is more likely cause by being too wet. Many UTI are caused by yeast and that can be caused by bacteria and high moisture colliding. Once you start giving her juices you can use Cranberry Juice to help with the UTI but till then it is best to keep her as dry as possible. Try using a cool hair drier after you have wiped her. Also only use natural wipes. I think just plan water is not going to contain the spread of bacteria like wipes can. You did not say if you are using cloth diapers or disposable. Cloth diapers are more apt to cause bacteria problems that disposible.



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I would be VERY careful using a wipe warmer. Depending on where you keep it, it can be a fire hazard in your home.



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We use cloth wipes because we use cloth diapers. I can tell you what we do. I use a huggies wipes container for my wipes - no warmer, though I know some moms do that. I use a quart size plastic bottle and fill it up most of the way with distilled water. Distilled water is less likely to get that musty smell. I then put in a squirt of baby wash and a squirt of baby oil. Sometimes I will add a few (no more than 5) drops of tea tree oil or lavender. Shake well. I just keep mine stored at room temperature and I have never had it go bad (get stinky). I just pour a bit in the wipes box and lay in some cheap baby washcloths to soak it up. Pour some more over the top. I will wring them out to get the moisture throughout all the wipes and to get rid of any excess liquid - which I just pour back into my wipe's solution container.



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As mothers, the last thing that we want is for our children to suffer, so I feel your angst. My suggestion is for you to first wipe the pooh off of her with very soft tissue then get a pack of those 100% cotton washclothes (I think 20-50 of them come in a pack) they sell at Family Dollar, Wal-mart, or any other Dollar Store and use (very little) mild soap and warm water with each pooh changing. And if you choose to wipe her at all when she pees, just use warm water and a different wash cloth. Maybe you can buy one pack for the pee and one for the pooh. Make sure that you wash/rinse the cloth out after each use and hang unfolded so that it can stay fresh. Use two different cloths each day and do a load of fresh towels using mostly baking soda and a little bit of free and clear detergent at the end of each week.

Happy mommy, baby, and baby bum. And especially, bye-bye UTI!



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When a young baby gets a UTI it can sometimes be Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR). Our pediatrician said that they recommend any child under the age of 5 be tested for VUR if they get even one UTI. My daughter had a UTI at the age of three and it ended up being VUR and my friend's daughter got a UTI at a few months old and it also was because she has VUR. If left untreated it can be very serious, it can cause kidney damage. I would definitely speak to your ped. about having your daughter tested for reflux. I don't mean to scare you, but just want to keep your daughter safe. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.