UTI Infection/Bladder Infection/Period...TMI????

Updated on September 27, 2012
C.R. asks from Olathe, KS
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My almost twelve year old came to me tonight and asked if constant urinating is a sign that she is going to start her period. I said I don't believe so, and I'm wondering if it is a sign of something more serious like a UTI or bladder infection.
What do you ladies think? Do I need to take her to the doctor?

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answers from Charlotte on

Yep - take her to the doctor.

Is she drinking enough water? Ask the doc how much she should be drinking a day.

Cranberry juice (the real stuff, not the sweetened up version) helps with the bladder.

Does she wear cotton crotched panties? That will help. Tell her not to wear underwear to bed.

These are all good preventive things to do. However, she should get to the doctor and have tests run, including a diabetes test.

Good luck!

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answers from Charleston on

Does it burn? If so, she most likely has a UTI. Take her to get a urine specimen done as soon as possible to rule it out or confirm it. They can be very painful if left too long, and can cause fever and nausea and vomiting. They are no fun. I don't think the constant urinating has anything to do with starting her period. Good luck!

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answers from Bloomington on

Increased urination can be associated with ovulation . So, it could be possible that it has something to do with her getting her period.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I had two bladder infections this summer, they started with feeling a constant urge to urinate, but not ever feeling as though I had emptied my bladder. That was before I started to feel the burning, and see blood in my urine.

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answers from Rochester on

Sounds like a UTI. Ask her if it kinda burns when she pees. If you are worried then calling the doctor never hurts.

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answers from Portland on

How often we urinate is governed by several variables to include how much liquid we've consumed and whether or not we're anxious. I did notice more frequent urination before and during my period. I've also had frequent urination, thought I had a UTI, went to the doctor and learned that I did not have a UTI.

Because of several trips to doctor for frequent urination during which I did not have a UTI and because I always had burning and discomfort with a UTI I'd wait and see if she develops additional symptoms before taking her to the doctor. I suggest that our urinary tract can become irritated because of certain foods/drinks and this is not an infection. The irritation subsides in a matter of hours or a day or two.



answers from Kansas City on

Yes. Sounds like a bladder infection.



answers from Kansas City on

Hard to say, but it couldn't hurt to take her in. It's awful to let it go and she gets worse. Good luck...



answers from Boise on

Some people have all the symptoms of UTI, and some can have a uti and have no symptoms. Typically any of these 'may' be present:
foul odor to urine, burning, a need to urinate, not being able to make it on time before it comes out, urgency, not being able to completely empty bladder, stomach aches, back aches,rashes on hips or genital area, ..and when a fever/excessive sleepiness starts...it means it has moved up into kidneys and has become serious.

Another common cause of excessive urination is when a person has a high sodium state in the body (alkalosis). These people will eventually get diabetes and frequesnt urination and thirst is a definite early warning sign. Another cause of frequent urination might be high calcium levels ( I am trying to remember as I do medical research). High milk intake can cause high calcium levels (milk alkali syndrome). Night bedwetting in children points to perhaps diabetic/kidney issues down the road when an adult. Sodas or coffee will cause more urination, so will some prescription drug side affects.

I would take her in for a CBC and a glucose tolerance test, A1C test..

Go to "rightdiagnosis.com' and type in 'polyurea'.

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