Using Our Moms Names for #3 - Pleasant Valley,NY

Updated on February 21, 2011
M.C. asks from Pleasant Valley, NY
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We are expecting our third this summer, don't know if its another boy or a girl yet. My husband and i both lost our mothers to cancer within the last 2 years and we are considering using their middle names, hazel frances. My husband is not crazy about hazel ( my moms) and i'm not to sure how i feel about it as a teenagers and adults name. Also my sons are lucas and gavin and i'm pretty settled on the name blake, it just feels right, but hubby thinks its 'uppety'. what do you all think?

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answers from New York on

Lucas, Gavin and Blake go nicely together. I don't think Hazel fits into the mix, even though it's been used as a celebrity baby name recently. This was my hubby's grandma's name and he'd have loved to name a child after his grandma ... if only her name wasn't Hazel! I would pick the first name you like, and use Hazel and Frances as middle names if you want to honor the grandmas. If you switch them around and use Frances as the first name, you at least have some nickname potential - if you're into the tomboy thing, you could call her Franki.

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answers from Los Angeles on

The problem with asking a question like that, is who are we to you that you care what we think? You are going to get people who don't care for these name, and one who love these names, but my advice to you is that you guys need to like them and you both have to like them. That being said, I love hazel. Frances is just okay, but together they have a nice ring. Blake makes me think of day time soap opera characters.

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answers from Chicago on

well Hazel as a first name is making a come back but I think you both have to agree on names while a "tribute" name is always wonderful it is not always appropriate.

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answers from New York on

I think it is nice to name your child after your deceased moms. If you don't like the name, another choice is to honor them using a name with the first letter of their names. That is what we do for the Jewish tradition, so my son is Evan after his grandmother Ethel. That way you get the best of both worlds - honor the moms and get a name you and your husband both like.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I am not crazy about the names but I love the idea of you using them as middle names. When naming our 3 children, we always choose a middle name from parents or grandparents that we liked.

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answers from Austin on

I don't particularly care for Hazel. I like Frances Hazel better than Hazel Frances.

Blake is nice, although I like more traditional boy names. I think it was a character's name on the old show Dynasty-? Maybe that's why it reminds him of uppity? If your husband isn't wild about it, you might need to compromise.



answers from Dallas on

I think it is a great idea to go with their middle names. And I love the name Hazel...


answers from Modesto on

I think Hazel is pretty cute... Haze for short, or Francy for Francis. Blake is cute, but reminds me of a soap opera character name for some reason. I like Lucas, Gavin and Cylus.



answers from New York on

Old names are back - and so is being different,whether in spelling or names. Honoring ones mothers is lovely - and children really love being named for someone with a story - someone you loved, admired, and would love your child to be like (not in every way, of course, but in character and virtue).



answers from Seattle on

I love love love Blake! The blakes I know are super successful and were both jocks in high school, not uppity at all :)

I would use the grandmas names as middle names. What were your moms' first names by chance? I just lost mine so I understand wanting to honor them. My sister grew up with an "old lady name" (helen) and never liked it. Hazel is becoming more popular. My grandma never wanted me to use her names because she didn't like them, and her middle name was too popular when we had kids (Emma).



answers from Dallas on

I love Hazel Frances but I like Frances Hazel better. Either way, you could call her Frankie for short. Not a fan of Blake - it's a very popular name right now. You could go with Frank for a boy to honor your MIL.



answers from Houston on

i love blake and blake francis sounds good to me.

blake owen would be good too. I disagree with hubby to me blake sounds redneck not uppity

hazel jean

i cant think of anything to go with hazel sorry



answers from New York on

I LOVE Hazel Frances! Actually, Hazel is becoming more popular ... I think it's spunky and classy.

I think that Blake goes well with your other boys and I like it.

Good luck coming to agreement with your husband!



answers from Redding on

I think Hazel and Frances are fine middle names. I'm not sure why you are worried about the teenage/adult thing. Those names were fine for your moms. I've gone through most of my life with people not even knowing my middle name so I don't see why it makes a huge difference as far as a middle name goes. I actually like the name Hazel.
I had a friend in high school who refused to tell anyone her middle name. She HATED it! She said it was old and gross and everyone would make fun of it.
It was Isabella. One of the most popular names these days. Go figure.
I think Blake is a perfectly fine name for a boy.

Names are really tough sometimes. I hope you find something you and your husband can agree on. Sometimes it takes the baby actually arriving to settle on the right name.
My daughter is expecting her first baby in May and she has NO idea what she will name him. I'm staying out of it because she has so many people suggesting things already that it's just making it harder on her.

You have time. You'll find the perfect name.
Let us know when the baby arrives!

I might have thought you were using their names as middle names. Sorry.
I still like Hazel and Frances.



answers from New York on

I saw your post and have to answer. My grandmother's name was Hazel Frances and I've always loved her name. I know she also liked it because it was somewhat unusual even when she was growing up in the 1920's. My husband and I are going for #4 and know that her name will be Hazel if it's a girl.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I like Hazel Frances! I love love love love old fashioned names. They're becoming much more vogue now too. I don't care for Blake. It's an overly popular name right now. Seems like EVERYONE is naming their kids Blake or Olivia.

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