Using Monistate 7 During First Trimester of Pregnancy

Updated on June 15, 2009
T.C. asks from River Falls, WI
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My husband and I are trying to conciever our third child and I will find out this week if I am pregnant. I developed a yeast infection on Monday and went to see my doctor yesterday and it indeed a yeast infection. They told me to use monistate 7 but I am not comfortable with that. I did end of using it last night but now I am so worried. Is it safe to use if I am indeed pregnant. Thanks for your help!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I used to get YI's when I was pregnant and my dr. always told me to use the seven day because it's much gentler than the 3 day or 1 day treatments. I guess YI's are pretty common in pregnancy because of the higher levels of progesterone. I wouldn't worry at all! :)

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answers from Iowa City on

I know that it was on the list of medications ok to use during pregnancy I received from my OBGYN.



answers from Minneapolis on

I had a yeast infection right after I found out I was pregnant both times. Several nurse/mom friends and my doc recommended the Monistat 7 but many recommended not putting the insert all the way up.



answers from Rochester on

There's a great website called You can look up several drugs and see their side effects on each trimester and breastfeeding. We (and our doc) used this website all the time.

Per that website: Minimal absorption from the vagina.
No adequate human data but no fetal adverse effects have been reported with topical use in first trimester.


answers from Sioux City on

I would be more worried about the yeast infection harming the pregnancy than the Monistate.

I will make you feel better. We use NFP. We had decided not to try to have any more children because we had two children stillborn and we just didn't think we could handle it if another child were to be born dead. I came down with a yeast infection and was treating it with Monistate. When I have an infection it gives me the same signs as if I were fertile. We figured it was just the infection and to make a long story shorter, we conceived our daughter while on monistate. With a lot of help from a wonderful doctor who found I have a thyroid problem, low progesterone, and an infection we delivered our beautiful and very healthy daughter.

Stay on top of the yeast infections, they can be a sign that your pregnant and they also can be harmful to your pregnancy.



answers from Minneapolis on

The 7 Day is totally safe. Actually you are still in the time zone that any of it is safe. But the 7 day is the safest during pregnancy as it is mild and the topical application will not effect the "zygote"/ baby at all. I worry more about nontreated yeast infections than the OTC Monistat. Do not start then stop, this many times makes the medication less responsive, so please use it and continue the entire 7 days. Use the 7 day cream, not the 3 or 1 day and not the bullets. TOTALLY safe. Good luck and I will cross my fingures for your success with easy conception.



answers from Lincoln on

I think it's ok to use. I have used it before when I was pregnant, I asked my doctor if it was safe to use, and he said it was.



answers from Minneapolis on

I am in my second trimester and also am using Monistat 7. My midwife prescribed it for me. The seven day is a much better choice than the 3 or 1 day versions. And also much better then the oral pill treatments they have. I was worried too, but found that the seven day is considered pretty mild and not a problem for pregnancy.

There are some things you can also do with diet to cut down on yeast. Goggle it and the web has lots of info about foods to avoid. Cut all the processed sugar foods and really yeasty breads. However, I personally would not follow the diet completely while pregnant, the babies balanced nutrition comes first. For example I still eat lots of fruit, even though it has lots of sugar, which feeds the yeast. You should also eat lots of high quality yogurt and perhaps take extra acidophilus pills. That will help keep the yeast down.

From what I've heard its worst to have extra yeast during birth because you can pass thrush between you and the baby.

Good Luck,




answers from St. Cloud on

Hi T.! It is on the safe list for pregnancy. If you need reassurance, ask a pharmacist. They know the class of each medication and will be able to tell you how safe it is.
I highly recommend using a good probiotic for future prevention of yeast infections. I had them continually through my first pregnancy and used acidophilous as a preventative measure in my second and didn't have a single yeast infection!

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