Using Freezer for Fridge Space

Updated on May 10, 2012
J.A. asks from Parker, CO
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Has anyone every tried turning down the temperature in the freezer part of their side by side and using it for drinks? I would love to have space for cold iced tea and lemonade this summer. Just curious if anyone has tried this before I got to the trouble of moving everything down to my basement deep freeze.

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answers from St. Louis on

Can't do it, the temperature range of a freezer is always at or below freezing.

If you were talking a stand alone freezer you can modify them using an external thermostat to become a refrigeration unit. Because the external thermostat controls the temperature by controlling the power to the unit it will not work on a refrigerator freezer unit.

Yes what I am talking about is the control unit for making a kegerator but it only works on stand alone freezers. We have two of them in the basement filled with beer. We even use a shop light to make an incubator for keeping the yeast active with high gravity beers.

Still won't work with a side by side.

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answers from Dallas on

I haven't tried iton a side by side. But there is a digital thermometer you can buy, so you can change the temp in your refrigerator to whatever you want. Homebrewers convert freezers into refrigerators and kegorators all the time. We have the thermometer on a dorm fridge to my hubby can set it at precise temps for different brewing projects.

***Jo's right on this doesn't work on a side by side.

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answers from Dallas on

What if you make a tray of ice cubes and freeze lemonade/iced tea? Defrost them as needed.
If you have meats or other perishables in the freezer, you will compromise them by raising the temp.

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