Using Cold Medication While Pregnant

Updated on March 30, 2010
L.A. asks from Antioch, CA
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hi, i just found out that i'm 2 months pregnant a few days ago. I had cold about two weeks ago and i used some cold medication like nightquil, advil and ibprofen .... i had no idea that i was pregnant because irregular menstrual cycle. will that harm the baby in any way?

thank you

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answers from San Francisco on

Nope! You're fine and just building yummy placenta right now! Congratulations and welcome to the worry wagon. Looks like you're off to a good start. (Don't read the Grapes of Wrath right now)

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answers from Sacramento on

Congratulations on being pregnant! You took the medicine not knowing you were pregnant and you had only taken it for a limited time. When I was 4 months pregnant, I had a major complication, was in the hospital for 3 weeks, had anesthesia twice for 2 surgeries and some pain medicine and my yr and a half old is healthy and smart. So I was very fortunate and you should be fine! Enjoy your little one.



answers from San Francisco on

I would tell your OB doctor about the medicine but most likely your baby will be just fine and you will be okayed to continue using your cold medicines. If you are looking to hire a doula in the Peninsula area I recommend going to the site.
On the site you will find lots of info on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care.



answers from Fayetteville on

naw those medicines shouldn't hurt the baby, but stop taking NyQuil, my doctors told me it was bad for the baby, along with peptobismol. I currently have a really bad chest cold and I am taking Benadryl at night, Sudafed server cold during the day. I also rub Vicks Vapor rub on my chest and under my nose at night so I can breath. But if you do get an upset stomach you can always take Mylanta, and if you are unsure of anything else you can also ask your local pharmacist, they know a lot about what pregnant women can and can not take. Congrats on your new little one, mine is due April 12th and I am hoping he comes out soon.



answers from Portland on

Most likely using it a couple times like that won't hurt anything - but, in the future just stick to Tylenol, Natural throat lozenges (I think zinc is OK - but check that one), a humidifier, and tea and honey - I would call your OB - and go in when they recommend just to make sure everything is fine - tell your OB that you did that - that way if they want to do an earlier ultrasound they can - they probably won't need to (but it is fun to see the baby).




answers from Pittsburgh on

There are medications that are safe to take while you are pregnant. Talk to your OB/GYN or their nurse about it just to put your mind at ease--and CONGRATULATIONS!



answers from Minneapolis on

Congrats! I must say ya for you wanting to do what is best for the baby! I can tell you this....the medicine I had to take along side of all my IV's the first three month of my current pregnancy are far worse then a few days of cold medicine! I think you baby will be just fine!



answers from Dallas on

It should not harm the baby in any way. I've known women that have done the same thing and some of my friends even drank alcohol and their babies came out fine. Their is little to no risk this early in the pregnancy.
In the future once you hit your 2nd and 3rd trimester do not take anything without talking to your doctor first.
You may take tylenol occassionally. But advil is a no no.
The only other thing your doctor may prescribe you is a Z Pack but only if you are sick.
No worries it will be fine. Call your OBGYN though if you have questions or are still not satisfied. They won't judge, I promise.



answers from Cincinnati on

Probably not (I took some medication I shouldn't have before I knew I was pregnant, too, and my doctor wasn't worried) but make sure you mention it to your doctor when you see him/her just in case. Congratulations!



answers from Redding on

Dear L.,
Love your name!
And, congratulations!
Your baby will be fine.
Now that you know you're pregnant, you can watch carefully what you do from here on out, but many, many women have smoked, drank alcohol, took cold medicines when they weren't trying to get pregnant and didn't know they were. Their children are fine.
Now that you know you're pregnant, you can ask what to take for a cold if needed other than nyquil and be careful.
I don't think you need to worry. That's not good for your baby either.

Blessings and best wishes!



answers from Grand Rapids on

First of all CONGRATULATIONS! I would tell your OB doctor about the medicine but most likely your baby will be just fine. : )



answers from San Francisco on

The fetus takes its nourishment from the mother. It is just obvious that whatever you take in is what it will get--good or bad.
Everyone should work on getting his immune system strong especially pregnant women. The body is designed to heal itself if we let it do its job. My family and I take activated liquid zeolite in Natural Cellular Defense daily. It is a 100% natural, safe, and science-based detoxifying agent that captures and eliminates toxins, heavy metals, and carcinogens; strengthens immune system; helps balance pH levels; and a super antioxidant, among some of its numerous benefits--safe for pregnant and nursing women, and children. When the body has less toxins, it is able to function properly. My family and I hardly catch a cold during the year.
Let me know if you have questions regarding NCD.
God's blessings on you and the baby.

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