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Updated on September 05, 2007
M.N. asks from Newtown, PA
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Hi! My husband and I just moved to the area and are trying to locate some used clothing stores to get some things for our 1 1/2 year old son. Internet searches have turned up next to nothing and I found one by accident in Priceton, but am looking for some closer to home if possible. Any suggestions are welcomed - thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the advice! We did stop by Kidsville, which is small and has limited hours, but a good selection of quality used items. I am sure I will check out more of the stores as time goes on.

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There is one on New Falls Road in Levittown (Kidsville ), and further donw New Falls Rd in the Pennsbury area is a thrift store (Salvation Army). Also on New falls Rd in Levittown on Emily Rd there us a smaller one (all Heart thrift). There is another salvation army type of thrift store on street rd in Bensalem at the corner of Hulmville Rd and Street Rd, Thr Rainbow botique in Morrisville, North Pennsylvania Ave. My sisters Cloest in Newtown, Summit square shopping center, Once more Childrens shop , Street road southampton, Your, mine and Ours, kids consignment in Newtown...If yo call 411 and give the Name and city they can give you the addresses and phone numbers.........Hope this helps and Happy shopping....



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I see you are in Langhorne.. I know I found a bunch for my cousin by searching "consignment" on yahoo yellow pages.
I haven't been to any personally, but she told me that she bought stuff at some or one of the ones I found.
here are a few real quick... I'd check out that last one for sure!

Choice Pickinz
###-###-#### 147 Woodbourne Rd
Langhorne, PA Map

My Sister's Closet
###-###-#### See reviews on Local 28 Doublewoods Rd # B
Langhorne, PA Map

Yours Mine & Ours
###-###-#### See reviews on Local 408 S State St
Newtown, PA Map 3.4

###-###-#### See reviews on Local 7411 New Falls Rd
Levittown, PA Map 3.9



answers from New York on

There is a used clothing store on hamilton ave in Trenton called
W I M G store. There is another one on mercervill Road.




answers from Philadelphia on


Langhorne is pretty far away but I know of a consignment store in Manayunk. It is right on Main Street, have you ever been there?



answers from Philadelphia on

There are quite a few thrift shops around town. I could tell you better if I knew where in the Philadelphia area you are. Feel free to email me. If you include your number I'll call and give you specifics. In the meantime I'll tell you about places near my part of town.

There's one on Germantown Avenue between Manheim and School House Lane. Those streets are a few blocks apart, but I dont know the smaller streets in between. There's one on Easton Road, I think it's called New Life. Very good with items for children. It's around Jenkintown Road, Susquehanna Road... If you get on Easton at Susquehanna Road and ride toward Philly you'll see it on your right across the street from an elementary school. There's one near Franklin Mills Mall, but I have only heard about that one, so I can't tell you more exactly (like the others were exact). Those are the main one's I visit, the others I liked so much have closed down.



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In Chalfont I recommend Butterflies & bullfrogs, it's in the shopping center at the corner of County Line Rd & Route 202. Very nice quality stuff.

Also the Smart Moms sales, they are only twice a year, but there's one later this month in Fairless Hills and in Eagleville. ( Excellent bargains and quality.



answers from Philadelphia on

I believe that there is one in Newtown in the same shopping center with the little gym. Off the top of my head that is the only one that comes to mind. I don't even remember the name of it. Try looking in the parents guide and children related publications for this area.

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