Urinary Reflux

Updated on October 02, 2006
J.M. asks from Henrico, VA
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My daughter is having surgery on Oct. 5th for Urinary reflux. I know it is a relatively minor procedure....but who am I kidding? No surgery is minor when it involves your own child. I was hoping someone would be able to share their experience with me, kind of walk me through it
Thank you!

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answers from Dothan on

hi J.! i totally sympothize. my twins were diagnosed with moderate hydro nephrosis in utero. they were on amoxil to prevent infection the first three months of their lives. they told me about this surgery your daughter is going to have. and no matter how minor anyone tells you it is, its still your baby girl! and no surgery feels minor when it is your baby. but i will say this, although we avoided the surgery so far, all of the moms that i talked to whose children have had this surgery, went very well. it seems the testing when they are awake for the cathetors/ivs/etc is worse than when they are asleep for the surgery. good luck. you will be in my prayers!

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answers from Raleigh on

My niece has had it. How old is your daughter? Olivia had the surgery right before her 4th birthday -- kidney reflux is what they called it. That was almost exactly a year ago. It was scary for everyone, but she made it thru like a champ and all is well! Who's her doc and where will the surgery be done?

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answers from Birmingham on

You're right. It's never minor when it's your child. I haven't dealt with this particular surgery before, but I've had to go through the waiting for each of my three daughters when they've had surgery before. They are all grown now (almost). Make sure some family or friends will be there with you, even if it is minor surgery. It makes the time pass faster. With most surgery and at most hospitals you get to stay with your daughter as they get her prepared. They put her in her gown, start an IV, and they may give her something to help her relax and make her a little drowsy. Depending on how other surgeries are scheduled that day, etc., that part of the waiting may take up to 2-3 hours. The hard part is when they come to take her around to surgery. But, be strong! You can do it! Ask them to give you a rough idea of how long the actual surgery takes, but remember nothing is exact. So, don't be alarmed if it takes longer. They will notify you when she is taken to recovery, and they may even let you go back to be with her then. One of my daughter's is a nurse on the med-surg floor at Children's Hospital. If you want more details on the post-operative care and on this particular surgery, respond back and I'll ask her to respond with more information. I'm sure all will go well!

D. T

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answers from Houston on

Both my girls have kidney reflux. Both have been on antibotics for a year. They are getting retested the end of October and then we will see if any progress has been made. If not,they will both have the surgery. I am hoping they have grown out of it. A friend of mine's daughter just had the surgery and she said it went very well.

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answers from Raleigh on

Hi J.,

My daughter, Olivia, is the one who had ureteral reimplantation surgery for VUR last September (I'm Deanna T's sister). She had a high grade 4 on her left side, in addition to a diverticulum. We actually knew that she'd had it since she had her first UTI at 14mos, but they made her wait to see if she'd outgrow it till she was nearly 4. At any rate, the surgery went very smoothly, and the reflux was corrected on her left side with no problems.

Is your daughter set to get the reimplantation surgery or the Deflux? What grade reflux does she have? Obviously I know more about the reimplantation surgery than the Deflux (you called it a "minor procedure", so I'm guessing she's getting the Deflux?), but both solutions have fairly high success rates, depending on the grade of reflux.

I understand your anxiety, in watching your daughter go through something like this, though, trust me. There's nothing worse than seeing your kid in pain. All you can do is keep yourself as strong as possible, at least while she's around (they sense that stuff, you know ;) -- let it go as soon as she's out of earshot. I know I did! ;)

Please feel free to email me at [email protected]____.com if you'd like to chat. I'll be thinking about you guys.


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