Upwards Basketball Program

Updated on September 26, 2012
S.G. asks from Fort Eustis, VA
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My son likes basketball and a neighborhood mom suggested he register for the Upwards basketball program which is associated with our local church. We don't attend the church or any other house of worship, it's just not part of our life right now. If you are familiar with the Upwards program, could you tell me if my son will feel out of place or uncomfortable in that kind of program? I don't think so and I will ask the mom next time I see her what she thinks. I just wanted your opinions too.

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answers from St. Louis on

My daughter played Upward basketball for two years...it was several years ago. It is a good program to learn the basics in a good environment. They teach about basketball with a religious overtone. They do ask your child (in my experience) if they go to church (only on the first day) They have bible verse they give the kids to learn each week at practice. They have the kids recite it the next week. They focus on teaching good sportsmanship, having a Christian attitude and the basics of the game...they don't keep score theat I remember. Each week after the game the kids get stars after the game. Each star has a different meaning (good sportsmanship, most teamwork etc) and those get put on their shirts/uniforms.

They also have someone speak during half time and give some type of witness to what God has done for them in their life etc.

We were not going to church at the time. It was not pushy "COME TO OUR CHURCH" it was hey lets learn about and play some ball and by the way if you want to learn more about our church or God, let us know. We are here for you anytime. I didn't feel pressured, the half time stories were actually pretty awesome. At the end of the basketball season they have a nice gift and put on some type of show (someone brought in)

That's my experience...they may do it differently in VA. It's definitely a good program from my experience though.


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answers from Spokane on

My son has played in Upward for 3 years. He likes it. It's not highly competitive, a great place to start.

They do have a bible verse to learn/memorize weekly. They give out stars after each game ~ different color for different things. Like the white star is Christ-like behavior during the game. Good offense. Good defense. Best sportmanship, etc.

They do have a speaker during half-time that talks about their walk with God or how they came to God. It's usually maybe 5 minutes long.

We've had a very nice experience with Upward and I would recommend it especially if your son is a beginner.

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answers from Canton on

My son has played through Upward for the last 2 years and will be playing again this year. We love the program. We don't attend the Church and it has never been an issue. They do pray before the games and have a short sermon (maybe 10mins) during half-time but if you don't want to listen you are free to leave the gym and sit in the lobby.

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answers from Dallas on

Love Upwards! Both my sons played. I was not a member of that church but the same denomination. I don't think it came across as anything he would feel uncomfortable with, unless you really don't like any mention of God. It doesn't sound like the case. He will play with kids from different schools and likly make friends he will play with and against in school down the line. All in all SO worth the time!

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answers from Green Bay on

My daughter did Upward basketball many years ago at a local church. It was not our church or even the same denomination as ours but there was not any reference to church during the program that my daughter remembers anyway. The only thing she didn't like about our program was that the church had a carpeted gym which made it really hard to play basketball in!

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