**UPDATED** Zyrtec Recall Info

Updated on August 28, 2012
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My son takes Zyrtec for seasonal allergies. We just made the leap to the original prescrition strength which is the adult dosage, package, tablet....
My neighbor was telling me about a recent Zyrtec recall.
From what I can find online, it is the Children's Liquid Zyrtec that was recalled (along with liquid Children's Tylenol products).
Since he needs to go back onto the Zyrtec soon (within a few weeks) for fall, I'm assuming the adult strength was not affected by the recall. Does anyone know for sure?
The Zyrtec information line will be open tomorrow and I can call to make sure. Just wanted to know if anyone else has been following this and knows for sure.

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So What Happened?

Yes...I know you can get generic Zyrtec for less. I had $7 coupons for Zyrtec (adult formula) and was THRILLED that my 9 year old could now take a non-chewable or liquid.
I guess my question is for anyone (adults) that take the adult Zyrtec tablets....still OK?

As for the date issue--CHILDRENS liquid and chewables are STILL not available here.....should be later in 2012, I think.
Again, my question is the safety of the adult strength Zyrtec, since my son is past the liquid & chewable phase....


*Updated* I talked to Zyrtec (1-800-343-7805) and was assured that the 10 mg Original Prescription Strength tablets have not been recalled, not have they ever been.
Some children's products were recalled a year plus ago and have still not made it back to the shelves. Also Zyrtec Itchy Eyes was recalled.
Sooooo....glad I get to use up these two 30 packs I have in-house and not toss them in the garbage!
Thanks for the information, and I hope this helps!

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answers from New Orleans on

My children(all 3) on are on zyrtec. They get their medicine filled at walmart. The pharmacy never told us anything about having a recall. I don't know. Sorry for no other info!

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My son takes it daily also. I haven't heard a word about any kind of recall. I will keep an eye out after your post, but since we were at his allergy doctor on Thursday, and they know he takes it and they didn't say a word... and I haven't seen anything pop up in headlines online, then I am not really concerned. If it were an adult version that half the population takes, then it would be ALL OVER the news and online news outlets. This is the first I've heard...

To clarify, my son is 14, and has been taking the adult formula for a few years....not the children's formulation.

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm on zyrtec and heard nothing! So maybe it's OK, but I am double checking, the pharmacist at the drug store usually knows all the details so I just ask him.
AND FYI generic zyrtec isn't as strong, so if your son has major allergies or asthma with his allergies you will want to stick witht he name brand.

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answers from Miami on

My daughter is on Zyrtec, but you can get the generic without a prescription at SAMs Club for super cheap. I guess I'll check the recall. Thanks for letting us know.

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answers from St. Louis on

WHOOOOAAA!!! Check the date on the recall notice!!

I found info for 2010, leading into 2011. There was also a voluntary "shelf pullout" due to mfg changeovers.

You may be working from old data. :)

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answers from San Francisco on

Just check to see what's currently on the shelves. If it has been recalled, it won't be for sale at the pharmacy (or you can ask the pharmacist). Kind of like when Excedrin was recalled, and I had to return my giant bottle to Costco... I just went to the pharmacy and bought the generic, since that had not been recalled. :)

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answers from Phoenix on

If you call your local pharmacy today, you should be able to get the info now.

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answers from St. Louis on

Good thing we use the generic. :)

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answers from Kansas City on

You can get the generic at Costco too and it's a big bottle for much less. I take it haven't heard of a recall so let us know if you hear more on it.

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answers from Cleveland on

Guess I'd better check the med cabint... but I think all my kids are on the generic version of Zyrtec, but I think they have ran out of the generic a few times and fill the scrip with true Zyrtec. I didn't know there was a recall... maybe I should watch the news more!

Thanks for the info.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know the answer to your question, buy my son's allergist put him on adult zyrtec and he also informed me that I can buy the generic version on Amazon.com. It is called allertec (sp?) and you can get over 300 pills for I think $20 or $25....

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi there! There is no current recall on any Zyrtec.
It looks like what's happening is the recovery from the recall from 2010 - the product is just now coming back.

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