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Updated on February 17, 2015
J.F. asks from Henderson, NV
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to see 50 Shades of Grey?

I had no intention of ever seeing this movie, but my friends wanted a girls' night and wanted to see it. So, off we went to an early screening on Thursday night.

I hated the book because of the author's horrible writing style. I couldn't even finish the book because I kept falling asleep every time I started reading it. It took me months just to get through half of it. I tried to pick it up again before seeing the movie but was unsuccessful in finishing it.

I have mixed feelings about the movie.

The casting choices are excellent, and there are some more humorous parts in the movie that didn't really come through in the book, or at least what I'd read of it.

One of my friends, who has read all 3 books (more than once!) was disappointed with the movie.

I found the final sex scene disturbing as I watched Anastasia's reaction.

Anyway, are any of you going? If so, are you going with your girlfriends or with your husband/partner? There were some couples there, but women made up the majority as you might expect. I'm interested to hear what you think.

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So What Happened?

Didn't want to say too much about the movie initially, in case some were going to go, and I didn't have time to update until now.

The final sex scene solidified my initial beliefs about this movie. I cringed. And like Fuzzy said, this whole "relationship" isn't so much consensual as it is manipulative.

I don't believe this accurately portrays what a consensual BDSM would look like as AKmom also suggests. This is a very experienced, worldly man who is using the allure of his power and wealth to manipulate a naive, young, completely inexperienced woman who is so caught up in him and absolutely in over her head. Sure, she's of legal age, but my impression is that she is giving her "consent" because she so desperately wants him to love her, not be her dominant. It's the grown-up version of what happens in high school when girls engage in sexual activity because they want to be accepted, popular, or to have a certain boy "like" them.

My impression is that if Ana could have Christian as her boyfriend without all of these conditions, she'd do it in a minute and wouldn't be interested in his "singular" interests as he puts it. She's simply doing these things because she wants him to love her, not because that's what she's into.

Anyway, I would not recommend this movie.

It is interesting how different people respond, however. My friend, who arranged for us to go to the screening and is a fan of the books, went to see the movie AGAIN! Love her dearly, but just laugh and shake my head!

Like others said, it's sad that great art and literature get missed for those things that simply generate the most "buzz." Nervy Girl -I bet there are many people who could name more Kardashians than they could Supreme Court judges.

Suz T. I loved The Goldfinch and also wish this young generation would be introduced to "The Story of O."
B - Totally agree with you and dislike when scriptwriters alter authors' words.

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answers from Norfolk on

Didn't read the books either.
Not my genre.

The Hobbit IS my genre, but they made the movie(s) so different from the book (which I LOVE) that I didn't even bother to see the last film.
I might skip the DVD on that one too.
It's such a shame!
If they'd JUST STUCK with the original story it would have been great.
But NO!
They had to tinker with it till it was almost unrecognizable.

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answers from Anchorage on

I read the books, I don't plan to see the movie. I know there has been a lot of talk about the books and the movie, both good and bad. I did not expectt the books to be very good when I read them because I knew before hand that they were based off Twilight fan fiction, but I read them anyways just to see what all the talk was about. My problem with the books was not only the bad writing, but the irresponsible way they represented the BDSM relationship. She was sexually inexperienced and he took advantage of that. She does not know how to negotiate the contract or even voice her own needs and limitations. No trustworthy Dom would play with a partner who not only had not been able to fully consent (if you don't understand what is to happen you can not consent to it) but who also showed she could not be trusted to use her safe word. That said, I know that some people are glad that it has at least opened a dialogue about BDSM, maybe removing some of the taboo so those in the community can teach about what a healthy BDSM relationship can look like.

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answers from Austin on

I tried to read the book,but I was so appalled by the poor writing, I just could not get through it. I have been invited at a girls night to see it, but i have declined.

I hope they all have a good time, though.

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answers from New York on

Nope. Didn't read the book, won't see the movie, won't watch it on dvd.

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answers from Boca Raton on

No, and frankly I'm sick of all the promotion of it. Talk about an awkward moment with your teen/adult sons when that ad comes on TV for the 50th time . . .

I don't care if that's someone's thing; I just don't want to hear about it every time I flip on the TV.

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answers from Reading on

I can think of no bigger waste of time...

And by the way, twilight was hugely popular and one of the worst written books I've ever had to suffer through (I read it for book club, not by choice). I think it speaks to the junk entertainment our society has learned to accept - reality TV, game shows, trashy magazines. Quality books and movies take time and thought, and we've really dumbed ourselves down. It's sad, really.

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answers from New York on

I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure I will at some point.

Can we just acknowledge the irony a bit here, please? This is one of the bestselling, most-read books of the past few years, and all 99% of readers have to say about it is that it was "poorly written". Full stop. Really? When was the last time such a poorly written book had so many readers? I'm not saying EL James is the next Steinbeck - it probably does qualify as a "poorly written" book. But, there is a reason millions of people have read it *despite* the writing, and the conversation never seems to get that far. It's like we all use our critique of the writing style as an excuse for not having to acknowledge our turn-on or enjoyment of the actual content.

I'm just gonna say it. The story is a turn-on. For me. And apparently for millions of others, even if they can only talk about the bad writing. I also get that it's edge-pushing and *not* a turn-on for many people. That's okay too. But why not have an honest conversation about why we're *really* reading this book? If you wanted good writing, go read Moby Dick.

Not talking about the elephant in the room here is also leaving an elephant-sized space that is getting filled in with misconceptions and missed opportunities for understanding. True erotic power-play and BDSM is NOT the same as - and should never be compared to - disempowerment of and violence against women. It's about consent, agreement, clear and radical communication, consent, responsibility, consent, sensitivity, and in case I forgot to mention: consent. Which is all about *empowerment*, and everybody having a good time and getting what they want without shame. It's also understandable that a poorly-written book and poorly-made movie might not be enough to make that distinction and educate audiences on their own, thus leaving many people with potentially damaging and dangerous impressions. Can you imagine the ideas many immature, hormone-driven college-age young men (or anyone) could come away with, with only this movie and a bunch of hush-hush as their guide? I think the money that people are being encouraged to donate to battered womens' shelters would be more impactful if donated to women's empowerment and sexual education organizations instead (not that shelters shouldn't receive donations, but because it would be great to keep as many women as possible from needing those shelters in the first place).

Anyway, I think it's a super interesting topic, regardless of how poorly written/made the book/move is or isn't, and that there are more important and meaningful topics for conversation here.

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answers from Washington DC on

oh, i probably will. i thought the first book was fun, despite the awfulness of the writing. i wasn't interested enough to pursue reading the rest of the books, but i'm sure i'll see the movie as soon as it comes out on netflix.
i'm not interested enough to pay for it.
just from watching the previews, she looks perfect for the part but i don't think he fits it too well. i was hoping for ian somerhalder. i'd have paid for THAT!
i DO wonder why all the interest in this one hasn't sparked a resurgence of the darkly beautiful 'story of O', though. is it a generational thing? the writing style has just gone out of favor?
i'm equally baffled by the general lack of interest in 'the once and future king' among young readers today. they tell me it's too slow and long-winded. but donna tart's 'the goldfinch' is a book club favorite!

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answers from Dallas on

No interest here. I think there is a lot of hype about though.. so much so that I am getting sick of it.

I had no interest in the books and I am not an big movie fan either.

I LOVE girls night out but ours consists of drinks and dinner.

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answers from Atlanta on

Nope. I had zero interest in the books, never picked up even one of them, and I therefore have zero interest in seeing the movie. If I'm going to invest my leisure time/energy in something, it won't be this.

I'm happy for those who liked them and want to see the movie, though I seem to have heard some pretty negative reviews. To each their own!

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answers from Dallas on

Nope, not interested.

But, the local radio station did a preview - all women and one guy, LOL. People were calling in and basically, it's not that good. And in the right crowd it's an unintentional comedy LOL.

My favorite comment was that the lead woman never brushed her hair, it just was a mess through the whole movie, and it was driving the viewer crazy.

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answers from Boston on

I'm not. I'm honestly not that interested.

I fully support women's fantasies and I know these images are part of some women's sexual imagination. I've also seen a campaign to ask women to donate what they would have spent on a movie ticket to a battered women's shelter or organization, to counteract the glorification of physical confinement, rough sex, and worse. I thought it was an interesting point. I do think consenting adults can do whatever they like, but I also think there are a ton of men who think it's fun (or at least okay) for a woman to be overpowered and hurt. That's getting a lot of press now too (such as the "No More" campaign that aired during the Super Bowl).

I don't fault anyone who wants to go. It's interesting to me that you saw very few men there - I imagine more are curious but may not be willing to see it in a theater. I think there are a number of them who are uncomfortable with women enjoy sexual situations in public.

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answers from Tampa on

I probably won't go to the theater to see it. Frankly, I don't make it to many movies in the theater anyway. I will definitely see it. I read the books. I found them entertaining although not very well written.

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answers from Portland on

No - I agree, the whole concept of it for me was not something I would like to see promoted ... I get that it appeals to some people, but I did not find it appealing to read. I got through the book, but made myself finish it. I didn't think it was that well written either.

I think I'd feel awkward sitting in a theatre watching it. Not really my thing.

Plus, it's rare we hit the theatres ... that wouldn't be my first choice.

I hadn't realized the actress was Don Johnson's and Melanie Griffith's daughter - saw her on a talk show.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I really enjoyed the books, but I don't know if I will go and see the movie in the theater. I only get to the movies once or twice a year. I was hoping for Ian Somerhalder to be cast as Christian Grey.

ETA: I wasn't expecting fine prose when I picked up the books. Nor do I care about BDSM and whether this is an accurate portrayal. I read the books for fun and I thought they were fun. For me the fantasy part was a man who is in charge of a relationship. Not something I would ever want, but a change from the ordinary.

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answers from Houston on

Nope not interested. Didn't read the books either. My daughter who is 26 has read the books and was talking about going to the movie. She said she didn't think she could see it with me. I told her that was great because I had no intentions of going to see it!!! =)

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answers from Washington DC on

nope, not my genre either.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Nope, I will be going to see American Sniper with my 21 year old daughter on Sunday. We both read all three books on a trip to Hawaii, easy to to since this "inner goddess" thought they could be written by a twelve year old. Sign me up for the gorgeous Bradley Cooper!

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answers from Chicago on

Couldn't get past page 2. So poorly written. Not interested in the movie at all. And the hype is nauseating. Who in the media decided that this was something we all needed shoved down our throats repeatedly? Hmmmm......

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answers from Toledo on

I've been reading Outlander, and that's pretty racy to me. Not sure I couild handle 50 Shaded of Grey.

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answers from St. Louis on

I keep calling it fifty shades of gay. Makes it real easy to figure out who in the crowd is really into it while still making it sort of sound like a joke...

No, don't plan on seeing it but then I almost never go to see movies.

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answers from Williamsport on

I'm hearing complaints that its not al that full of sex :) This from fans of majorly sex-filled French films though. :)

To the poster below wondering how it can be a bestseller if it's bad: Because of the scandalous "sex".Why some other better sex books aren't as popular I don't know. But massive mainstream hits are often pretty lame.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I read all 3 but don't plan to see the movie. I got sick of the book and was so happy when I was finished with it. I will wait for cable. Oh yeah I'm too cheap to pay for movie channels so I probably will never see it. Oh well......

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answers from Chicago on

Haven't read the books and no plans to see the movie. Although, I have co-workers who are going for a "Girls Night Out" to see it. The last good movie I saw was "Gone Girl" and I loved it.

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answers from Nashville on

I read and loved all three books. And I'm going to see the movie...girls night out.

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answers from New York on

Exactly what Tracey M. said !!

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answers from Miami on

Not interested either.

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answers from Denver on

No aliens, no spaceships, so...nope. :)

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