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Updated on January 29, 2011
L.P. asks from Uniontown, PA
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The inside of my right nostril is itching like mad. Around the outer edge, and inside a little, it is itching so much it's driving me nuts! This started yesterday... I don't feel any bumps or anything, like a blind pimple or bug bite, it's just really itchy. Now, from me rubbing it and blowing my nose (I was crying - one of those days), it's a little red, swollen, and irritated, too. I rubbed a little hydrocortisone cream on it this morning before I came to work, and that relieved it for a bit, but it's raging again. I don't have a cold and am not experiencing a flare up of allergies. I can't imagine what this is?

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

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So What Happened?

UPDATED - I had to go to an urgent care facility for a small injury, and I had the doctor look in my nose. She said it is folliculitis - basically inflammation of a hair follicle (or ingrown hair, as it's commonly known). It has scabbed over a little, and is healing up. Thank you all for your thoughts on this!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I just had a cold sore up my nose. Mine felt like somebody socked me in the nose though, not really itchy.
I was thinking more of an ingrown hair. Those could be super itchy. You could go to the dr. Mine was just diagnosed by the dr looking up my nose with his light.

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answers from Eugene on

Take vitamin C and reapply the hydrocortisone cream. Use a Q Tip to get it all the way up into your nostril.

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answers from Las Vegas on

could be a dry patch of skin.... when that happens, it can itch like crazy..
when I was younger and used for example soap on my skin (yikes) or other facial cleansers, I found that when I washed around the nose area those cleansers would dry out the area and make me itch something fierce.
Apart from hydrocortisone cream which in the short-run can help but in the long run cause it to become more irritated.. do you have a cream that is more natural like say pure coconut oil? I don't mean for you to smear a bunch up your nose :) but just a tiny dab to help moisten the area...

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answers from Boston on

It could possibly be a cold sore ready to "sprout"! I asked about this recently and was told they can 'come out' pretty much Every where on your face. Being stressed ( I assume because you were crying - Sorry) would cause it to erupt! Have you ever had one before? I wouldnt rub it anymore, I know easier said than done! Keep applying the hydrocortisone cream and wait and see what comes of this...... Hopefully its Nothing, just a fluke thing!
LOL My grandmother always said when my nose was itchy " your either going to get into a fight or kiss a fool" HAHAHA trying to make you Smile :-) xoxoxoxo

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answers from Little Rock on

probably a pimple, when it's almost ready to pop or heal, they itch...that's your body working against it, try to quit scratching it, that'll make it worse, not to mention possible infection due to possibly breaking the skin open then bacteria can get in there

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answers from Tallahassee on

Yes, it could be a cold sore. I have had them on my lips, on my face right above my lips, on my chin and also in my nose. They are not fun but unfortunately there's not much you can do about it. Abreva usually works best for me to shorten the length of an outbreak but it's best if you start to use it when you first feel the tingle/itch. Good luck.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Dry skin called Excema---buy eurcin cream it will go away

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answers from Los Angeles on

if it is cold sores, beware, you can spread them to your eyes too. Be careful. maybe read up on them.

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