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Updated on August 03, 2012
M.J. asks from Plano, TX
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ok, ive been struggling with this for a few weeks now and hopefully someone might have some good advice! i just got a job at a day care part time from 130-7pm. i bring my 26 mos old daughter with me. her schedule is completely thrown off and im starting to worry about her her napping and eating. i have to wake her up around 630 so i can put her down for a nap before going into work because when we arrive nap is over. she only eats breakfast before her mid morning nap and isnt hungry right off the bat when she wakes up, but obviously will be once we get there. the only thing thats offered is a light snack of crackers or cookies and thats not enough to hold her over til we get home at 730! im afraid to ask them to make accommodations for us and allow her to eat lunch once we get there bc technically im on the clock and should be working. plus shes not getting her nap when she should which is making it a long day for her. and lastly to add insult to injury, the teachers in her class are not friendly, warm or follow any sort of structure in the class which only adds to the chaos. im keeping my eyes peeled for other work but have to keep this job at least for now, so how can i make this work??

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well thank you for all the advice! everyone had good input, and Leigh's suggestion about giving her something to eat on my break was an awesome idea that never occured to me, but unfortunately i dont get a break though ive asked about it. also i should have been more specific in regards to the hours of operation and my schedule when asking my question, but the center is open from 630-630. im there til 7. im not sure if they offer a late afternoon snack, in fact im not sure about much concerning her classroom. i guess they feel that since im there i will eventually get the information or find out on my own. its pretty ironic that this center has been awarded double platinum status for excellence in child care for the past 3 years running, because i dont see how. the director, assistant director and office admin are all really personable and friendly, and speak to everyone that walks in the door. that part is great, its just the teachers that appear to be and sound like they dont want to be there.

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answers from San Francisco on

Between 1:30 - 7:00 the only food offered is a light snack? That's a long time for kids to go without having something substantial to eat.

Could you possibly put her on the same schedule at home that they follow at the daycare? Maybe get her up earlier in the morning so she has an earlier lunch and earlier nap?



answers from Dallas on

Between 1:30 and 7, the school only feeds a small snack? I think by TX licensing standards, they're supposed to offer 2 snacks if daycare is offered that late. I know most daycares either serve breakfast or allow kids to bring breakfast if they arrive 7-9a.m. Would yours allow your daugher to bring a snack/light dinner to eat between 6-7 .
When my daughter was 2, she was in daycare from 9-5:45. (Her daycare is in Plano.) She was always starving when I picked her up. So, I kept a snack in the car. Can you let your daughter have a snack on the way to school? (cereal bar, cheerios, apple slices, etc). She also had naptime noon - 2, which seems fairly common at daycare around here. If you are married or have a family member in the area, is there a way to have your husband or a family member them pick your daughter up somewhere between 5-6pm. to let her eat dinner and rest some. Unfortunately, your work schedule is going to have her staying up late, which will continue throwing off the nap schedule. I know two things that mess with my daughter's behavior are being tired and being hungry. Plus, I've never found daycare to be parrticularly accomodating to any situation that falls outside the bell curve (i.e - anything unique is an issue).

The biggest issue by far, though, is that it sounds like you don't like her classroom or think that environment is good for her. In that case, the only solution is to remove her.



answers from Albuquerque on

I think you need to look at the schedule a little closer.
I work full-time and dd (3.5y/o) goes to daycare. Girl gets up around 7:30 (on her own) every day. They have breakfast at 9 (I give her a snack on our drive in). They have lunch at 11:30. They nap from 12-2pm. Snack around 3:30. I pick her up just after 5 and give her a little snack on our drive home. Dinner is usually ready between 6-6:30 (although we have eaten as late as 7 or 7:30).

So, looking at your question, I don't see why she can't have lunch at 11, nap from 11:30-1:00, and you kind of wake her up in the car on the way in to work. Or, if you have a later breakfast (say around 9), you can do the nap from 11-12:30 and let her have lunch in the car on the way to work. For a 2 year old, lunch can be a pb&j sandwich, cheese & crackers, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets--any of those served with a fruit and cup of milk.

On the work-side of things, if your daughter is attending the daycare just like any other kid, I think she should follow the same schedule (for the most part). But, at our daycare they are flexible and will accomodate us when we need to. For example, dd has to go to speech therapy on tuesdays from 11:15-12:45 (this cuts into lunch & nap). So, they hold a plate for her and she eats as soon as she gets back, then takes a shorter nap. I do bring a snack for the drive to/from therapy because I figure she'll be hungry.

What happens in the evening? Does the daycare serve dinner to the late kids? I'd think that they would have to serve something more than a snack if they have kids there until 7 or 7:30?!

Finally, if you don't like the teachers in her class, that's a whole other issue. If you have her in that daycare just because you work there, but you don't really like the daycare yourself, that is a problem! Even with a reduced price and the convenience of having her nearby, you get what you pay for--I say. Is there an alternative childcare option (babysitter, other nearby daycare, family, etc)? At this age, kids do need structure, and a comfortable environment--I wouldn't keep my kid in a place where I didn't feel 100% safe & comfortable!

If it's all about the job, have you considered babysitting or offering your services elsewhere? Of course, you need to look into your state requirements, or just talk to friends and neighbors who might need the help. Then YOU can be the one to bring structure and security to your kid (and others)!



answers from Tyler on

Hey -
I'm not sure if you have a "deal" with them where they only offer daycare to her when you are there, but I think you should consider taking her in at lunchtime. Let her eat lunch with the class and nap with the class. I know this is before you start work, but you could run errands or maybe go exercise in this time - before you start your shift? If the daycare is resistent to it, I think you really need to explain to them that it is really impacting your daughter's ability to have a good day.

Further, do you not get a break between 1:30 and 7:30? Even 15 minutes? You could grab your daughter at 5/5:30 and eat a snack together. Maybe a banana or something like that? Crackers? As the others have said, you need to check with the daycare's schedule. My daycare gives a snack at 2 and around 5. I personally hate the 5:00 snack because I am picking my daughter up right around that time and if they are already giving out the snack, then it ruins her dinner - we eat by 5:30.

Good luck!

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