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Updated on July 31, 2012
B.P. asks from Columbia Station, OH
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Im 95% sure i got the position, they did the background check and i passed no problems. They sent me in to do the drug test, tb test and physical today, and wednesday i have an appointment with them to finish my pre hire and with my possibly soon to be boss to get my badge and finger printed. Do you guys think i have this job? Im pretty sure that means i do, as i do not think they would have me get a badge if i didnt have it but i was never told if i did or not. Also, what do you mamas think i should wear to my appointment? I was thinking of wearing longer jean shorts that are nice and a nicer tee shirt or something.

I would be wearing scrubs since its at a hospital, but i am not sure what to wear, i will probably go with a nice skirt outfit and flats

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answers from Washington DC on

It sounds like they want to hire you but have to complete all the paperwork, physicals, etc before it's final.

Don't wear jeans or shorts - a casual skirt or pants would be better

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answers from New York on

They would not be spending the money for drug tests and background checks unless they plan on hiring you. Expect this meeting on wednesday to be the job offer and final final. Do not wear jeans shorts. A nice pair of slacks (not jeans) or a skirt (not short) will do. No cleavage at work ever. (There are plenty of women who will show cleavage but I promise you they are not respected - even if they have a management job.) Congrats & good luck mama!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Don't wear shorts. Regardless of what your attire will be when you start the job, you need to look professional and appropriate for the workplace when you go in for your appointments. If you don't have a lot of nicer business attire, wear the same pants you wore last time with a different shirt.

Based on the responses from your last question, you should realize that the majority of people think you need to be dressier. It is always better to dress too nice than to dress down.

As a former recruiter, I would really question the professionalism of anyone who showed up in shorts.

**ETA** I really disagree with the posters who mentioned summer dresses and capri pants. Those are NOT interview clothes! Until you sign an offer letter, they can change their mind (though it definitely sounds like they intend to make a formal offer). Long pants or a business skirt (like a suit skirt but without the jacket) are a MUST. Borrow clothes if you have to.

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answers from Houston on

No shorts, no jeans, no tee shirt.

The nice skirt outfit and flats sounds better.

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answers from Bloomington on

Yep. I'd say you are 99.99% HIRED! They can't offer it yet until your screenings come back clean. Dress professionally for that meeting. That is when you will be officially offered the position, and your benefits and salary are discussed.


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answers from San Francisco on

Definitely don't wear jean shorts!!! If it's hot wear a dress or skirt but not any kind of shorts.

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answers from Seattle on

Don't wear ANYTHING that has the word "shorts" or "jean" in it! LOL. Dress professionally until you are officially hired and can go in your scrubs. :) Sounds like you have the job as long as everything comes back good. Congrats!

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answers from Dallas on

Goodness sakes, ASK if you have the job!!!

No way should you wear jean shorts and a t-shirt to a meeting with your possible future boss at the company!! You should be wearing business clothes. Clothing you would wear, if you were going to work that day. Jean shorts will make an awful impression. Wear something similar to what you wore to the professional interview.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Yes, the background check and drug test are expensive and companies won't do them unless they intend to make you the offer, assuming you pass the checks of course. I agree with the others that dressing up is best.

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answers from Washington DC on


No need to wear a suit or anything, but you should still think of this as part of the interview process and focus on making a good impression.

A summer dress (on the conservative side... no bare shoulders, no bra straps showing), or dress-plant style capri pants with a blouse would be good.

No denim. No t-shirts.


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answers from Chicago on

Call and confirm that you have the job. No jeans or shorts!

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