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Updated on January 16, 2019
D.B. asks from Westborough, MA
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Re the deleted questions and the specific concerns about the woman with the emotionally abusive husband who asked 2 questions about 1) what to do and 2) can a husband change.

I had a couple of personal messages from her. These go to my Junk folder for some reason so I saw the first one (and replied) and then checked back today and found another I had missed in with all the other spam. In this last one, she said she was grateful for the responses from the moms and had worried she would be blasted and accused of being selfish. She then added that she thought perhaps that fear came from within her based on her experience. I answered this one but I'm not sure if it went through once her account was deleted.

She also said she had made an appointment with a counselor, so I thought you would all appreciate hearing that you got through and supporter her, and she is taking action. She has a long road ahead, of course, but every journey starts with a single step.

For the obligatory question: Does anyone else find that PMs go to the junk file rather than your regular email inbox? I've tried adding to my contacts list but it hasn't worked. Same for the daily Mamapedia update. The only things that come to my email inbox are "You've received a response to your question" alerts.

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So What Happened?

WW - I don't mark them as spam! They used to come to my inbox. They no longer do. Same with the daily updates.

Not a huge deal. I just hoped someone might have a helpful suggestion.

ETA: Mama C and Margie G - thanks, that makes perfect sense that it's a gmail thing. I knew I wasn't crazy or incompetent, and I know I added these to my contacts! I appreciate your help!

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answers from Wausau on

I use Gmail and Mamapedia stuff often goes to spam. Not always, just sometimes. Designating them as not-spam doesn't seem to make a difference.

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answers from Norfolk on

I'm glad she's getting some help and I hope it turns out alright for her.
The messages I get from Mamapedia are internal to it and in with all the flowers - I don't get messages landing in my email - which is how I like it.
I tried the journal thing for a short time and then turned it off.

I get enough junk mail (which has been getting worse lately - it seems even a Google search can somehow affect what I receive for email - don't even get me started on the scam phone calls - they are getting more frequent too) - so I'm careful about what email address I use for email purposes.

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answers from Washington DC on

ETA - they were ONCE marked as spam -that's why they go into your "JUNK" folder. When you check your junk folder - ensure you check "NOT JUNK" and they should go to your inbox.

don't mark stuff from mamapedia as spam.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

it's great she reached out to you. maybe she can tell you what happened to her posts?

I have gmail. If they are not added to my contacts, they go to junk. Add them to your contacts. If you have yahoo, go to your junk mail and mark them as "not junk".

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answers from Chicago on

I'm glad she is getting help. I have had emails I regularly get (sometimes for years) suddenly start going to my spam folder. It has happened with yahoo and gmail. With gmail, it will say it's being helpful by kicking out emails that fail their top secret screening process even though I have already marked the sender as safe. Who knows with yahoo though.



answers from Portland on

I'm like B - I stopped getting messages to email in '17 (I can't remember why) so just see them in here.

Thanks for sharing this though - that's really good she is seeing a counselor. She didn't sound ready to leave her husband (sometimes we advise women to do that, but they don't sound like they will, especially if pregnant). It's good to know though that a counselor might get her to reach out to family, etc. so she has options at least - somewhere to go and people to tell.

As for the spam question - although I don't have this happen with Mamapedia, I do get it with other sites - just the odd email. Some will go through to my folder I set up, or my inbox, and then for some odd reason, the odd one will go through to Junk. It's been happening I'd say for the last 4 months or so. Annoying.


answers from Washington DC on

i didn't even know there was a junk folder!

ETA, oh, your regular email! i see. probably if i ever did get a PM from here it would go to my junk folder. i've never checked!

:O khairete



answers from San Antonio on

I'm glad to hear she reached out to you! I was worried about her as well.

I don't ever get email updates from Mampedia well I checked the last one was in 2017. I have to check on here and sometimes the PMs get lost in the flowers. I don't always click to look at them.

Thanks for the update...I hope she is safe and moving towards a healthier life!



answers from Miami on

Yes, I have had that issue. Granted, I don't get a lot of PMs, but one day I decided to go through my junk folder and found one that had been sent over a month prior. I responded and told the mom that I was sorry but had never seen a notification of her message, not sure if she responded after, my spam folder gets so full sometimes that I just hit "delete" without checking, since usually it's all Nigerian prince emails or attachments that may have viruses. Sometimes, the Mamapedia Daily Digest goes to my inbox, while other times it goes to my spam, just like you. Not sure if it's perhaps a Gmail issue (that's the email service I have registered my Mamapedia account with)? Perhaps, since Jill K's reporting the same issue and mentioned having Gmail.



answers from Portland on

In the past, there were several questions deleted but the account was still open and responses still there when I looked in the questioner's profile.

In this one, the account is still there along with one of her questions and the other one missing.

Has mamapedia changed their policy re deleted messages?



answers from Springfield on

I honestly don't pay attention to the emails I get from mamapedia. I just open the website and go from there.

So, to answer your question, I've never had an issue with pm's because they show up in my mamapedia inbox.

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