Up & up (Target Brand) Training Pants (Pull-ups)

Updated on July 29, 2009
C.D. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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Has anyone tried these new disposable pull-ups? We didn't like the old ones...Target brand with the two girls on them, because they didn't cover my daughter's tush and she always had a wedgie. The picture on the package looks like it's better, but has anyone used them? thanks UPDATE: she starts preschool in September and needs to be potty trained by that time. She really wants to go to school. She's had really good days with potty, but obviously it's easier to go in a diaper, and she is pretty stubborn. I haven't pushed her, but I've given her lots of encouragement, and sometimes, wearing a pullup, even though it's like a diaper, is an incentive for her...and at least she can pull them down and up. she has peed in underwear and not really cared.

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Hi, I'm afraid I agree with Casey. We used training pants on DS and it took him a year to potty train--I'm going to use cotton panties and a piddle pad and/or rubber pants on DD when it's her turn! Mom dealt with the mess, and I can too, if it will help potty training. I firmly believe the pull-ups caused my son to think I wasn't serious. He was ready and basically trained until I put him in pull-ups because it was easier on me. Not this time! If your little girl is really that reluctant, it sounds like she just isn't ready. Have you tried having her run around naked for a couple of days? It's certainly warm enough, and that often does the trick! Get yourself some good carpet cleaner, or restrict her to the kitchen with you for a couple of days, and just let her see it & feel it when it happens. Good luck!



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Hi C. -

I have only used the UP & Up brand on my baby, so diapers, but I really really like them. He's a big boy, and they cover him completely, and there is no leaking. If the pull-ups cost similiar to the diapers, I'd say try a small pack?




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Yes they are still the same its just different name along with packinging.I love Target but their generic pullups they can do better.I have also tried the Dora from Huggies or Pampers think Pampers they don't cover her tush either they are all lopsided on her never sprung a leak but my neighbor said the same thing.



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Hi. My response is just the opposite of your thinking... Any brand of Pull Up is a glorified diaper, and I would not use any of them... I worked in with two year old's at day care for three years and all of the kids that were trained in these took three months and longer to actually train verses putting them in training underwear with plastic cover pants. In underwear they feel they truly feel the wetness, where as the pull ups only let them feel a little, as it is made to absorbe the mess. My current four year old (May) had no interest to potty training until he was 3. So don't push the issue with her, leave her in diapers and talk to her about it and being a big girl and wearing panties when she is ready to not go in a diaper and use the potty.

I read your comment about not wanting to deal with the mess, to me that says she is not ready... When they are ready it will click and you will not have to deal with the mess.

With leaving my guy in diapers until he was a little over 3, and talking to him about using the potty and wearing underwear, it was a switch, one day he asked to wear underwear and he did great. We went to put a diaper on for nighttime and he said he wanted to wear his underwear and he has had only a couple of accidents in the past year, and that was more our fault for not being close enough to the bathroom when we were out and not stopping often enough for him to go.

So to sum it up, don't push potty training, keep talking to her about it and she will show you signs and interest when she is ready.

Good luck!

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