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Updated on June 27, 2010
J.S. asks from Morrisville, PA
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First question: I want to get a kareoke machine for my 3 year old niece. Know of any that actually work well and are easy enough for a 3 year old to use (maybe with some assist from her parents)?

Second question: I am tired of not having a clue what type of skin care products to use. I need a consult and am willing to spend the money on better quality products. Does anyone know of somebody who does at home consults (I'm sure I'll get tons of Mary Kay consults out there which is fine but also looking for other options as well)? I live in Yardley, PA. Thanks so much!!!!

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answers from Indianapolis on

1) Look at systems where you just put a disc in a DVD player and buy a microphone to plug in. They are cheaper and versatile - she could take it to a friend's or relative's house. But really, is she going to be able to read well enough to use it for another 2-3 years?

2) I prefer to use the cosmetic database. It rates the safety of all types of skin care by category. Many of those companies that claim to have the best products aren't rated very highly:( Take Melaleuca. They claim to have these great natural, green products. But their overall company score has a 3-5 hazzard level. 0-2 is where you want to be:( Mary Kay is 4-7. They rated just one Avon product, it got a 9!! Clinique got 3-8. Arbonne got 2-4.


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answers from Dallas on

Question 2............ I LOVE Clinique products. I've used them since I was around 11 yrs old. I am 48 and I easily pass for early 30's, granted, I have good genes but I faithfully care for my skin. Clinique is recommended by leading dermatologists as well.

Go to a consultant who works for Clinique at a high end department store. Consults are free, products are guaranteed....you CAN get your money back if you are not happy with the product. My favorite Clinique spots are Neimans and Nordstrom but you can get good consults at Dillards, Macy's as well.

My 15 yr old daughter uses it faithfully and she also has flawless skin.



answers from Gainesville on

I started using the Arbonne anti-aging (for us gals over 30)skin care line and *love* it. I notice a big difference in my skin. There are several steps but they all have a particular purpose and it really seems to work. My skin actually feels clean. I used to use Mary Kay but my face just didn't feel clean after I used the cleanser and then I would still see make up and dirt when I used the toner.



answers from Columbus on

1. Not sure on a Kareoke machine, but someone did suggest a cd player with mic - my kids have a blast with that.

2. I would see a dermatologist. For years I suffered with mild to moderate adult acne and I felt like a tried everything under the moon. Even though my skin isn't severe, I was just tired of always having a blemish on my face. Anyways, I have been treating my skin now for about 9 months and it looks the best it ever has. Plus a dermatologist might be able to recommend cosmetics to avoid and certain items in the label to avoid. Mine does this even to help me pick out better shampoos. Anyways, not sure if you have ever seen this commercial, but it is teenagers sitting in the aisle at a grocery store (as if they were camping out for the latest concert tickets) and it says "are you waiting for the latest and greatest face products... you shouldn't be wasting your time here. You wouldn't sit here if you had another medical problem and acne is a medical problem". I think the commercial speaks very truly... acne and face issues should be treated by a dermatologist. And like I said, if you are just looking for makeup products the dermatologist could recommend the better products as well - instead of listening to a sales pitch from a consultant of the certain product.

Good Luck!



answers from Davenport on

Not sure on the first question, but I think it is a great idea!

On your second question. Have you checked with any local salons/spas? Many of them will do consultations, sometimes at no charge.



answers from Redding on

My daughter was a born entertainer. The girl came out dancing and singing!
They make a lot of different things that aren't "true" kareoke machines that are great for kids. They have some that are basically CD players with microphones which I think are great for little ones because they easily learn play, pause, stop. And, any CD will work, from little kid music to whatever else you want to pop in. They aren't as sophisticated as the ones you can hook up to your TV or whatever that show the words and some even have videos.
My aunt is Vietnamese and she has a kareoke machine. It's hilarious, really. Most of her music is bilingual (with the words on the screen) and the videos are so funny. We're usually laughing so hard we can't sing, but we have great fun with it. It's very entertaining.
My daughter had a little portable thing with a micropone and she would stand outside on the back deck and sing her head off.
I hope you find something your neice will enjoy. Take lots of videos of her singing!

As for skin care, it's such a subjective thing. I like using a mud mask once a week and exfoliating. I use old fashioned cold cream for makeup removal. And, witch hazel is a great astringent.
It will be interesting to see your responses to that question.

Best wishes.



answers from Atlanta on

As to skin care -check out Jurlique. Expensive, but all-natural and FABULOUS! I get it at a spa here in Atlanta, but it's an international line. Quite honestly I also love Aveeno products, and my dermatologist recommended them to me. I use the Jurlique daily moisturizer at night and their calendula cream for any blemishes, chapping or redness. I use Aveeno cleansing pads and their daily firming SPF 30 moisturizer during the day. I have very sensitive skin, and these products are some of the only ones that have worked well.

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