Unisom While Pregnant

Updated on April 01, 2010
S.B. asks from Savannah, GA
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I'm 32 weeks. I have not slept in like 6 weeks seriously. I'm getting worse of course and I literally wake up every hour and I'm up a few hours each night. I don't need preparation for how little sleep I'm going to get when the baby gets here. lol. I have a 4 yr old and I remember NO sleep when she was born. I am pretty antimeds but I'm at my wits end. A friend said her doctor told her she could take unisom and she said it works wonders. She is also 32 weeks along. I've read conflicting things about taking it in the third trimester. Anyone know if I can take it? I just saw my doctor yesterday and he mentioned taking allergy meds (as the pollen here is really bad and said it would help me sleep) well I was still not sleeping last night. HELP

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So What Happened?

I already tried the allergy meds and they didn't help which is why I was looking for something else. I talked to my doctor and he said unisom was fine to take. I tried it last night and I woke up every 2hrs instead of every hour...so I guess it worked some. I'm going to try it again tonight and then head off to my natural foods store to see what they have. I'm beat. Oh and I've had several people suggest a glass of wine but I'm just too afraid to even try it. I know they say it's fine to have just one...but I'm afraid to take the risk. thanks for the advice everyone!!!! Hopefully I'll sleep soon!

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answers from Savannah on

I was hesitant to take any meds while pregnant.I'm bP and often don't sleep for days.Get the baby lavender nite time wash(target brand is better than Johnsons) and the lotion soak in tub with it then lotion up it really does work.I used it on both my kids as well.

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answers from Washington DC on

hmm my ob put me on ambien at 29 weeks. i was not sleeping at all and already half way to a break so sleeping was highly needed so i did not go any farther off that cliff. did you ask for a sleep aid?



answers from Indianapolis on

Yes, you can take Unisom. Look at the active ingredient - diphenhydramine - it's the same as Benadryl, Tylenol PM, etc.

My OB/GYN wanted me on Unisom because it didn't have any of the other ingredients (such as acetominophen). I haven't slept well in years, and I needed something other than the Ambien I was currently taking.

Before you get anything, I'd really make sure your OB is OK with it - different doctors have different approaches to things, and you're under their care - takes only a few minutes to call to make sure they're comfortable with it.



answers from Provo on

I took Unisom along with Vitamin B6 my entire pregnancy with both my kids to control nausea. During the 3rd trimester both my ob's (I had a different ob with each baby) advised me to take a whole unisom pill instead of a half when I needed to sleep. It really worked well for me. If you feel nervous about it, call your Dr.'s office and they will tell you for sure, but I and several I know have used it with no problems. Good luck!



answers from Denver on

My OB had me take unisom, it didn't help, and I eventually ended up with a rx for ambien that I took right up until I delivered.



answers from Atlanta on

Benadryl...safe during pg and works like a charm. Take one at bedtime and another 4hrs later if you wake up. Goodluck!


answers from Savannah on

Hey S.,

Try Melatonin.

Its natural and its safer than Unisom - although, you're pretty far along so if you were to take Unisom sparingly (one, and not every night) then its probably fine.

I come from an Irish family and drink regularly, and everyone is fine - better than fine. I had a glass of wine every 2 or 3 days or so and things were perfectly normal and safe. If it were me, I'd have a hot bath, a glass of wine and a Melatonin. I'd go to bed with a book or something to read with to wind down - maybe a crossword puzzle.... find a way to calm yourself enough to let everything set in and make dozing off easier. After I'd found what worked for me - I'd stick to that routine like glue.

You can buy Melatonin anywhere, in the vitamins section. Walmart sells it by Spring Valley, but theres lots of makers and its got no side effects.

If you do this - I'd up my intake of Fish oil/Omega 3's by like... a third. If you're taking a prenatal vitamin and nothing else, add 3 Omega 3 capsules throughout your day. One with each meal. DHA in Omega 3 helps brain development, this way you can feel confident that the Melatonin won't do any damage (if it helps you feel better about taking anything.)

I'm at 27 weeks again and a heating pad on my lower back has also helped when I was just too tired or uncomfy to put my big pregnant self into the tub!

Google it and see how you feel about it.



answers from Tampa on

call and double check with the nurse at the Dr.'s office but in my experience there was no problem. I was high risk with my last 2 daughters and in the hospital and I was given Ambien with both of them b/c I couldn't sleep. Good Luck



answers from Atlanta on

I would definitely stay away from Unisom or similar products. While some herbs can certainly be dangerous, you are always better off using a natural remedy. I like Calms Forte, but you should get other good, safe choices at your local Whole Foods or Good Nutrition. Also, a glass of red wine is perfectly safe and could be just the answer, but remember-One glass.
Hang in there!



answers from Athens on

While I was pregnant my Dr. said I could take tylenol PM because I couldn't sleep and the baby was making my ribs hurt so badly. If you suffer from allergies, than the allergy medication will serve two purposes!



answers from Atlanta on

take unisom. It's safe and it is also an antihistamine (doxylamine succinate) so may help with your allergies. Make sure you chose the pill form of unisom and not the chewable tablets, b/c the active ingredient of the chewable is basically what benadryl is.

I've taken unisom and it works like nothing else! (maybe like ambien, but you definitely can not take that while pregnant)
I even take unisom sometimes when I'm not pregnant!

Get a good nights sleep...you need it.
Oh, 25mg is the dose but I only take a half, I've never had to take a whole pill.

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