Unisex Baby Shower Ideas..(decor, Food, Games)???

Updated on January 14, 2012
K.G. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Hi Moms,

My best friend and I are throwing a baby shower for our girlfriend.... We are having it at my best friends house. It's a unisex party, and about 20 people are coming.. (my pregnant friend is flying in from NC for it with her husband)....
I've thrown bridal showers and bachelorette parties, but never a baby shower... The colors we are doing are: pink, brown, and creme.... It's on a Saturday from 2-5...
We already had the invitations made on snapfish, we ordered 45 balloons, (15 of each color) we plan to do pink and creme flowers for centerpieces, plates, cups, etc color coordinated.We plan to get a bunch of baby bottles and have everyone drink out of them (just something silly)
-Suggestions for games (unisex)
- suggestions for decor'
-suggestions for food (we were thinking pick foods like fruit platters, veggies platters, chicken skewers, ?????)
-personalized things?

Our friend is having a girl. She doesn't have a name or bedroom theme picked out yet...

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answers from St. Louis on

Sounds like a girl party with all the pink. Why not intermix blue plates, napkins and cups with what you already have. Maybe add some cars and trucks around the center pieces.

Food: Fruit tray, veggie tray, meatballs, little smokies, cheese cubes, pinwheels, chips and salsa. What is Mama's fav. food right now? Can you downsize it into little servings?

I hate games so I say no games.

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answers from San Antonio on

So you mean co-ed baby shower - so both men and women are invited? Unisex makes me think that the mom doesn't know what she's having - boy or girl.

Game: Couples clothes-hanging. Have couples stand side-by-side maybe putting their arms around eachother so that the person on the left has their left hand available, the person on his right has their right hand available. They have a stack of baby clothes to hang on a clothesline using clothespins. Have a few onesies, socks, pjs, etc. Let the new mom take the clothes home for her baby.

Game: Instead of having people drink out of the bottles (very weird I may add), make a game out of it. Have the men have a drinking contest/race with milk or beer or whatever you want in the bottle.

Decor: Sounds like you have it already. Colors are just fine decor. On one wall, you could hang a cute clothesline (perhaps the same one you use for the clothesline game) with baby clothes hung on it (pink and creme ones).

Food: Yes have some sort of meat-kabob or skewer sounds great. The guys will want something like that. Why not go ahead and make your own Edible Arrangements fruit-kabobs too? Cheese and crackers, veggie plate -- all sounds great.

Personalized stuff/Game: You said the girl doesn't have a name yet. Personalized for the attendee?? One thing I thought would be cute, but I've never seen it work at a party, was to write funny words on your cups/glasses, then have some sort of door prize in the end. ie: My cup says "poopy diapers" and my husband's cup says "onesie." Your cup says "crib." Now I know which cup is mine, so I don't actually drink from your cup (so the words are useful). Plus perhaps the gift that she gets more of can win a prize (ie, she got a lot of onesies, so my husband wins a door prize). During the party, ask the mom-to-be what she most looks forward to. If "dimples" is a cup name or "losing my baby weight" is a cup name, then that guest wins a prize.

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answers from Grand Forks on

Game ideas are a bunch of small safety pins in a pie tin full of uncooked rice. Have the person be blindfolded and see how many pins they can pick out in one minute. It is hard because everything feels the same.
Another idea is set up a tray with baby items from bottles to food to bibs, towels etc. Let everyone take a look at it for 3 minutes. They take it away and later on, after the next game, have everyone write down what was on there. Those with the most items remembered wins. We always put on more than twenty items and tell them they have to be specific like, not just baby food, atleast what color was the food or even better the type.
Also have played where you pass out a roll of toilet paper and ask everyone to take as much as they think they need. Then when everyone has their amount, they take turns seeing who is closest to the size of the the "mommy" when wrapped one time around her. (around the back and over the biggest part of her belly)
If everyone is adventureous you can have a baby food guessing contest. Buy 12 different types of baby food and take off the label. everyone takes a spoon and has to figure out what type of food it is. There are so many types out there fruit, vegetable, meat, and stage one thru stage three.

Good luck!

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answers from Dover on

You threw me w/ the term "unisex" because I thought you meant "gender neutral" because the sex of the baby was not known...but now I believe you mean "co-ed" because the guests will be both male and female.

My sister and I have both had co-ed showers so here is what we've done:

Food - meatballs, sandwiches (or sandwich fixings), chips and dip, crackers and cheese, and veggie tray.

Decor - always varies based on theme and you don't mention what if any theme is on the invitations but one we really liked was the "clothes line theme" which will vary a bit based on how you do it (if shower is for a baby boy or girl or keeping it neutral). Ask guests to bring an item to hand on the clothes line (onesies, t-shirts, pants, sleepers, outfits...anything, in various sizes (you can specify colors if you want). Then you prepare a "clothesline" when you set up for the shower, complete w/ clothepins, and you or the guests hang these items....they serve as both decorations and gifts. When we had small tubs/laundry baskets w/ baby items as the center pieces (each with different items that then become gifts for guest of honor). One tub had laundry supplies, one had diapering supplies, one first aid/medicines, one with items for mommy and/or daddy to be, one w/ keepsakes. What we did, was each of us took responsibility for one or two tubs since it ended up being part of our gift to the expectant couple.

Games: Baby Shower Bingo, Guess the food, How do you know the parents to be, Don't Say Baby, How Big Is Mommy To Be's Belly, Baby Shower Word Scramble....if you aren't familiar with any of these PM and I will explain.

Another thing we've done when the expectant dad was definately attending the shower is that we had a few items specifically for him to open...box of baby cigars to hand out (we have done the gum and/or chocolate ones but you can also do real cigars if you want), "Dad's Diapering Belt" which was a tool belt with baby powder, diaper ointment, diaper, duct tape, safety glasses, rattle or other small toy, ear and nose plugs and some other gift (like a Daddy & Me frame or book of some kind).

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answers from Detroit on

I maybe way off base, but what about a theme where the guys may actually get a kick out of it as well as the mom to be? Like grease or 80s, or her favorite kindof music? Or a spin off of what she's been eating alot of.

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answers from Honolulu on

1) get some diapers.
On the diapers, put various food smears on it.... things that have a smell and may look "gross." (that is part of the fun). ie: baby food, peanut butter, fish oil, something green, etc. Then have the party participants, pass around the smeared diaper and "guess" what is on it. And the winner(s) get a prize.
2) get some baby dolls. Then have the party participants, diaper the baby doll... while being timed. Of course, have baby powder and the diapers etc. as part of the game.
3) Making a list yourself, use scrambled words that have to do with a baby. And the participants unscramble the words, while being timed.
ie: words like: burping, nursing, poop, pee, diaper, sleepless, crying, gas, etc. Words that have anything to do with a baby.

just use streamers/balloons in the colors of the party and then decorate the room. You seem to have the decorations already done fine.

finger foods.
Mini quiches.
Croissant sandwiches.
Artichoke dip with veggies.
Yakitori Chicken Sticks/skewers
Hamburger Sliders
Potato Salad

Personalized Things:
It is not only for "Birthdays" but they have GREAT personalized things. Per kids' parties. My friend orders from there all the time. GOOD quality things. And reasonably priced.

Just because it is a unisex party, that does not mean the decor of the party has to be unisex. The baby, is a girl.
Both of my baby showers that were thrown for me, the decor was according to the gender of the baby. AND both of my baby showers were Unisex. I have a boy and girl.

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answers from Seattle on

BBQ for food? ((It's sexist, I know, but a great way to coed any party is to light something on fire))

Pictonary was a crazy hit at the last coed babyshower I was at. It was baby RELATED but not baby stuff. Some examples of the things were
- Strong swimmers
- Staying up all night used to be fun
- This end up
- Cut v Uncut
- Babyface (like the mobster)
- Burn Baby Burn
gah... I can't remember them. but if you google funny baby shower pictonary or similar you'll probably find the lists.

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answers from Los Angeles on

lil' smokies in bbq sauce in crock pot
lil' smokies wrapped in croissant Pilsbury dough then baked
mini quiches
chips n salsa
bbq chicken wings (like the kind @ a bar)
sandwich bar
bottled water

not many considering it's co-ed (also never been a fan of games)
However you could do:

-The Guess Which Movie Star I Am (you have a post it note on your
back w/the movie star's name. You are allowed to ask eachperson 2 yes or now questions
-One huge baby bottle (plastic bank kind @ party stores) filled w/jelly beans. They have to guess how many jelly beans in bottle. Winner gets a
uni-sex prize: water bottle, CD, iTunes gift card, $15 Starbucks card

Have fun! :)
Side note: my girlfriend bought a personalized onsie for me w/a funny saying online as a gift to me: I loved that!

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