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Updated on May 02, 2012
A.M. asks from Rice Lake, WI
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Hi Ladies! Today we are getting a puppy, he's half pitbull half boarder collie. I'm hoping to come up with a somewhat unique name but I don't want it to be hard for him to understand. What are some unique names you all have used or liked? TIA!

LOL SARAH K. I was just thinking, what I am I getting myself into this thing is going to be a P-I-T-A! :)

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So What Happened?

We decided to go with the name Oden, thanks everyone for your responses!

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answers from Philadelphia on

We have a gordon setter puppy..her real name is Pandora's the Devil Made Me Do It.. I thought we would call her Pan or Panny but my son called her Chloe and it has stuck lol... I often call her pita or damn dog but I do love her!

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answers from Washington DC on

We had two puppies for a little while and they were Max and Yogi.

My parents have two dogs, Lucy and Emmy. They also used to have Ella, Chance, and I can't remember the other one.

My sister's dog is named Cocoa.

My brother's dog is named Panzer.

My other sister's dogs are Peaches, Louie, and Bailey.

My other brother has Evelyn (Eve) and Sampson (Sammy).

My parents cat is called Buster, but we call him Busta Rhymes (after the rapper) because he has more attitude than anything I've known before :).

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answers from Kansas City on

When naming my last dog, I suggested the name Brock to my then 3 year old son. His response was, "No, his name is Broccoli!" So we ended up with Brock Ollie!

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answers from Bloomington on

We've had the following growing up:

Icky (a very ugly dog)
Barfy (related to Icky, of course)
Pounder (came from the pound)
Mooch (a stray)
Dinky (a very small dog)
Micro Pup (because he was)
Brown (you guessed it. He was brown.)
Damnit (was great calling him in public!)

Maybe not what you were looking for!?!?! LOL. I couldn't resist. That's what you get with growing up with hippy parents. Good thing we all had NORMAL names....well, mostly. Dad did want to name one of my brothers Homer.

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answers from Dallas on

Try to think of something odd, Like I used to love watching Doug when I was little, so I wanted to name our dog Pork Chop, but hubby said no.
Have the kids pick out something, my kids can come up with some weird stuff, so be carefull, we named our rabbit Julian, from Olivia, and our fish are Mermaid and Beauty, the first one was Dora, so you can sense the theme in our house. But our dogs name is Angel.. I know, so unique, darn him...
If its a boy, I also like the name Fred, its just so normal, but so not common.
girl, Queenie

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answers from Jacksonville on

Akira : Intelligent
Yuki : Courage

I love the name General for a dog.

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answers from Denver on

peeta (more like pita because all puppies are a pain in the @$$) and of course there is peeta from the hunger games and it wont look bad when you write that name at the vets instead of pita.

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answers from St. Louis on

we have CoCoa (a cafe-au-lait labradoodle). We named him based on his chocolate brown color, which lightened at 18 months. Oh, well. :)

we also have ChockO. He came with his name & refused to respond to anything else. Way too similar to CoCoa, but we're surviving. Since he's an Old English Sheepdog mix, which is his predominant coat....we also like to call him Charcoal. It fits.

I love the name General as someone else posted.
My cousin named her German Shepherd....Bud Von Weiser. :)
My sister's mini dox is called Beemer. She also had a Great Dane called Lurch....& that name sooo fitted his clumsy body!

With the mix of breeds in your pup, he will be very tenacious & protective. He will be dead-on in his manuevers. What about a name honoring those traits? Radar, Zoomer, & Speedy come to mind. Radar is pulling my chain! But I have to admit PITA will probably suit him better!

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answers from Dallas on

Puppy Names I like:
Remington (Remy for short)
I like Brittani's Pork Chop idea

I like to find names that just seem to fit their personality. Something that just seems to click. I have three dogs named Emma, Baxter Frances & Battery. Battery is a "dog's dog", while our other dogs seem to think their humans. We chose battery because he's very dog-ish and has a big head and he rams it into everything.

We also have a guinea pig named Smitty. I have no idea why we liked it so much or who thought of it, but it fits and it's cute!

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answers from Dallas on

Our first was an English Cocker Spaniel.. Margaret Bielieu (Maggie) Bielieu was after a great wine we had. We are wine collectors.

#2 American Cocker Franklin Bordeaux (Frankie) wine again

#3 American Cocker - daughter named him.. Fluff de la Fluff. We call him Fluff Puff, etc

#4 English Cocker with beautiful black color. Daughter named her Coco.

#5 Toy Poodle Apricot. Daughter named him Giovanni Rose and we call him G

#3-5 are still with us.. Today Fluff is 13 yrs old and not doing well. Coco is 7 and G is 6. The other 2 Cockers lived until 14.

Enjoy! I love our pets and they are so rewarding.

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter's dog is named Squeak. It fits her perfectly because she tends to squeak when she whines! Our cat is named Peanut Butter or PB for short. Growing I had a cat named Noname!!!

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answers from Asheville on

My girls met a puppy at the health food store yesterday. She is a beautiful 6mo old golden retriever. I love her name. Ember. Fit perfectly.

ETA: I forgot our last puppy was named Prowler! It took a while to find the right name, but it fit perfectly. (we gave him away as I was pregnant and very high risk with twins and other probs. He is now trained for search and rescue and a beautiful dog- they kept his name! He is a Choc. Lab.)
Had a cat named Arabi, one named Rat Rat, Grey, Mystic, Zeus (the girls call him Doot Doot, Noodles, Darwin (was really baby talk for darling), Boo Boo, Budcat and a Rotti named Whiskey Bear.
I knew someone who named all their cats, all their life, things with 'corn' in it. They had Candy(corn), Pop(corn), Ear of, Creamed,etc

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answers from Boca Raton on



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answers from Chicago on

Well, my lab mix has a nice standard dog name Rusty
my maltese/pom mix has a more unique name Motley
You want to make sure the name does not sound like a command you would use commonly such as:
No, come, sit, walk, heel, lay, down, crate, good, boy, girl etc. Two syllable names are good for dogs and think is that going to be distictive calling it down the street should they get loose? I did not condsider that one - Motley comes across as Molly to some people - makes me nuts! Just some things to think about when naming your dog.

One thing I have done before was to find a word in English that described the pet such as Patches and then looked up the word in another language Pezzo (Italian) spelling has changed for English but said the same.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My friends dog's name was pronounced DE-OH-GEE. It was spelled....DOG. I used to crack up they were just saying the letters out loud but that was his name.
I have had cats name Kitten and Kat, and Garfinia (It was Garfield until we realized the cat was a girl).
Dogs names: Jade (Jadie), Blondie, Princess (Actually Princess Leia), Snowy, Trixie, Dorie, Ceasar, Nemi, and Kelly.
Congrats on your new puppy!


answers from Spokane on

Mowgli and Mo for short

We have Daisy (quite common)
and have had Max, Abby, Kizzy, Kilo, Moose, Blacky, Gabe, Mookey, Teddy, and I am sure I will remember more!



answers from San Francisco on

We have a tiny little girl and named her Gidget and when we get a 2nd dog I want to name him Moondoggie. Hard to name a dog without seeing them though. How about Rufus?



answers from Decatur on

Our dog's name is 'Uno' - my husband picked the name - because she is our 'one and only dog'. I wanted to get her fixed right away - my husband wanted to wait until she was a year old. She got pregnant - so our 'Uno' had 5 puppies!! Luckily, we were able to give all the puppies away to good homes (and got her fixed right after that!) so we are back to our one dog again:)



answers from Chicago on

I have a Romeo, Chipper and Cooper! I like, especially the name Cooper...it sounds dignified which he is! All three are rescued shelter dogs, 3 black and white cockers who all look alike, but aren't related at all.



answers from Pittsburgh on

LOVE Cooper--so cute!




answers from Muncie on

We've had mostly cats, but there's the names...

Buddy (Ginger tabby, He came with that name)
Barney (Sheltie, followed my sis home, It just stuck)
Isis ( Black White mutt cat, Husband named her)
Ezra ( Large dark long haired Maine Coon, came with the name)
Amos( Maine Coon Ginger, Came with the name)
Fred ( Maine Coon Ginger, Red Fred...my brother named him)
Harley( Ragdoll, purred like a motorcycle)
Grizabella (A tore up old siamese, named after a character from a broadway musical)


answers from Los Angeles on

My sister had an all white Pit who she named Meeshack...he was a sweetie and I have always thought that was the coolest name!

~We name our animals after favorite characters from either books or films.
Currently our BIG DOG is named Brooks (the soft old man who was an animal lover in Shawshank Redemption) but we also considered 'The Major' from Green St. Hooligans :)



answers from Shreveport on

I'm always hunting for unusual names for our pets. Also worked at Petsmart so I have heard a lot of names. I avoid the common ones as much as possible though sometimes we have gotten pets that already were named that well trying to change the name wasn't going to happen.
I use Greek/Roman mythology for a lot of our names. I also use baby name books/websites for names.
Takara was my favorite name. That was for a chow/husky that we had for 12 yrs.
Currently we have the following names for pets right now
Cats: Mosi, Asha and Swann
Dogs: Freckles, Wynter, Edward and Nyx. Freckles and Edward came with their names so we left them alone. The others took at least 2 days to name when it came to naming them.



answers from San Francisco on

Just got a new puppy yesterday, I named him: RAY, he's also being called, "little Ray", "Ray Ray", "Sugar Ray" {Raymundo"

Good luck with your pup!


answers from Portland on

I have a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix named Rowdy. It suits him so well.

My inlaws have a Pomeranian named Toby.

BIL has a corgi named Maurice.

My sister has 2 mini Dachshunds named Finnegan & Rocco.

My boss has a labradoodle named Riley.



answers from Denver on

We had a dog we called Dally (as in dilly dally cause she was so slow) and I've never heard another one since then. :-)



answers from Kalamazoo on

My cats name is icky picky, the dog is arvin. Pick a name from a book or movie :)



answers from Denver on

I like Elmer. My dogs are Pablo and Penelope, my mom's is Dudley. My friend has a cat named Mim (from Madame Mim in Sword and the Stone) I agree, books, movies, these are good places to draw inspiration from!



answers from Madison on

Can't resist popping in here...

Our cat is Blue Ringo (a domestic shorthair, 6 yrs old; he has rings on the tip of his tail)

Our dog is Dakota Abby (a miniature Schnoodle, 7 yrs old)

If I am able to have another dog after this one passes (husband doesn't want dogs, says it's hard to go places with a dog), I want another girl and already have a name picked out: Shiloh Amber. ;)



answers from Dallas on

We have had a Romeo, Bruin, and Wilson - all Boston Terriers.



answers from Minneapolis on

We have a yorkie-? mix that we named Miele (pr. meela). We named her that after the vacuum made in Europe. I'd like to get her a "little brother" and name him Dyson, Hoover or Kirby......after all they are just little 4 legged vacuums.

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