Unique Ideas for Family Baby Shower

Updated on June 11, 2008
F.F. asks from Lancaster, TX
4 answers

Hi Mamas,
I am planning a shower for my friends. They are having baby #3 after having twins who are 19 months. This shower will include the family and guests will be able to bring their family as well. I need help with some unique ideas to make it fun for everybody. Also need to keep it inexpensive. So please help me out mamas with your great ideas for a "fun family baby shower on a shoestring budget". TIA-F.

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If there is an older child in the bunch could you get them to organize some kid activities.



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Punch bowl (doesn't have to be filled w/ punch-can be any drink) put floating tiny ducks in it (cleaned before hand of course) or other small floatable baby item (again cleaned first). Go online & gets printable games to play. Get a bag of clothes pins, plain wood or colored, either is fine. When people come in the door hand them 1 or more (always same amt). As the shower is going on if someone says the word "baby" or any other word like the babys name, etc then they lose their clip to the one who caught the slip up. The one w/ the most clips gets a prize! The prize can either be kept or passed on to the mom or dad to be depending on what it is, candy bar, baby item like bottle brush, candle, etc. Just small inexpensive items. We caught the huge candy bars on sale & gave them out as prizes which most gave to mom to be since she was a chocoholic! Hope this helps! Good luck!



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We recently threw a couples baby shower (a few children were there). We had a "burger bar" with all sorts of different toppings, salad and french fries. The kids played outside while the guys were grilling or in our son's room. It was very low key and overall not too expensive.



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A cookout is a great way to include families in a baby shower! That way a grill is involved and the men aren't totally lost! Also, you can have a playdoh table set up for the kids. We played the "guessing mom's girth" game with the toilet paper. It was funny to see the men try to guess and then be horrified when they were so wrong. One guy guessed 2 squares of tp because he didn't want to overguess! Also, we had our baby shower as a way to let family and friends help name our baby (actually the last 2 babies!). Anyway, we had a baby naming session where everyone wrote down one suggestion on a piece of paper. We had one person mediate and write suggestions on a dry erase board. After all suggestions were written on the board we all voted for all the ones we liked. The top 5 first names and top 5 middle names survived. After that we voted for first and middle name combos by secret ballot. The rules indicate that either mom or dad have total veto power over the final name of the baby. However, we ended up using the names our family and friends chose. Just a few thoughts. Hope this helps!

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