Unique Birthday Gift for 5 Year Old Girl

Updated on May 25, 2008
J.H. asks from Sussex, WI
6 answers

I am looking for ideas for an awesome gift for a girl who will be 5. Anyone know of some awesome ideas?

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How about a completely personalized book all about her! There's a company called Heritage Makers http://www.frommemoriestobooks.com that allows you to make completely personalized hardbound, stitch-bound, archival quality books. You make them from scratch through your personal, private, online account. There's nothing to download into your computer. You can do a basic book or 100% digital scrapbooking! Check out the website. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

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My 5 yr old is VERY into Cinderella. She got the whole outfit, dress, shoes, tiara, jewelry, etc. Then we took her out and got her hair done, with sparkles and glitter, had pics taken and out to a fancy restaurant with just mom and dad. It was fun for both of us!



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instead of toys, I have been given the following to the kids birthdays my daughter gets invited to: mcdonalds gift card with a placemat, a dress and a gift card to maggie moo's (ice cream store), a slip and slide, a beach towel with flip flops



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We love to read at our house and always enjoy books. This age is also a great age to play dress up. Search the thrift stores and for wonderful dress up items, place them in a container, like a tote and decorate it. Hats, gloves, fancy dresses, evening bags, tea sets and more can be found and don't have to cost a lot. One family found a trunk and decorated it, filled it with stuff and it was the hit of the party. If your 5 year old likes to play dress up, this is better than anything you could spend in a retail store.
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HOw about this chair she can make herself? For about $30 it's made of recycled materials, is supposed to be very easy to assemble and the best part is she can decorate it herself.

Check it out at:



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Jewlery Box
Purse w/play makeup and giftcard

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