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Updated on December 27, 2009
D.S. asks from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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I have been laid off of work for almost 2 months now due to economy crisis. I have gone onto every website I can think of to post my resume which i'm sure is the story of every other "laid off" worker. I have not gottan one response Except from temp agents in which they all make us fill out all the paper work "Before" they tell me that they will call me when they hear of something. In the meantime my bills are piling up by the day. And I also feel that i'm not accomplishing anything. Should I go back to school or should I keep looking for work? I'm a little confused now... Any advice or hope???

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answers from San Diego on

First off... you can call most of your creditors and get your bills put on hold. All the public utilities will, and most credit cards.

2) If your own your house speak to a lawyer NOW. There are probono lawyers / legal advice lines, and programs put in place to help people avoid foreclosure, if they act soon enough.

3) Ditto the above for spousal/child support if you're not already receiving it. Your husband is legally (and morally!) obligated (married or otw) to be assisting in the care of his children

4) Unemployment. The amount you would receive varies greatly depending on how long you were at at your job, and how much you were paid (and can be denied if you were fired, but that can be appealed). Unemployment lasts for 6 months, and is always better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

5) State aid. Yup it's hard to qualify, and it's a pain in the neck. You've also been paying into it every day of your working life, as has your family, as has your children's father. When you return to work you will continue to pay into it. It doesn't help much, but any kind of help is better than none. it's amazing to me though, how many hard working families would rather let their children go hungry and without medical care, than to swallow their pride, much less change their perspective. Of course, a lot of that "pride" has been created by the media and by our own perceptions of "who's" receiving aid. Nearly every military enlisted family I know of is on WIC. That's usually shocking to most people... because it doesn't fit their prejudices. It's a big PIA, but every little bit of blood you can squeeze from a rock is worth it.

6) Financial Aid for School. Go to FAFSA. http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ One usually has to apply for financial aid 6-12 months in advance in order to be awarded, and one ALWAYS needs a FAFSA, both for school & govt. aid. Private aid is more flexible, but any that require or have a need based scale also require a fafsa.

When my son was born I realized, rather chagrined, that I couldn't afford to work. The daycare costs exceeded my income. I was already planning on going back to school, and that sealed the deal. I've been in school part time for nearly 6 years now. Tremendous fun... but there are also limitations. For ME, I found that I couldn't be a good mum and a good student at the same time... so I switched things up... and only studied/worked after my son was in bed. In order to maintain this schedule, I found I could only take 2 classes at a time. Also, my direction has changed somewhat since going back to school. My current educational goals will have me being "done" (although I'll be working long before that) about the time Ds7 is in highschool. People all have different paths to walk. I won't be the youngest/best/most accoladed blah blah blah... but I enjoy what I do, and my family comes first. DH though, went the opposite route, and pretty much abandoned us for his studies/prestige. Academia is a world unto itself. Be careful not to get TOO caught up in that world.

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answers from Houston on

You've probably heard this-state aid. Get child care assistance, get school assistance, get WIC, food stamps-everything you can to help you survive-unemployment. Do you have a degree? Don't be ashamed to get help!!!
Wish you the best!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I know you can not see this right now, but you are in a perfect situation to do whatever you dream. You get to redefine who you are and what you are doing. You are no longer tied to a JOB that did not suit you (and we know it did not suit you because you are no longer there). You are free to choose whatever you want to do. What a blessing.

Yes, the bills are piling up, yes, the stress is high, but if you look at it from an outside perspective, you truly are lucky.

Over 90% of the population goes to work everyday at a job they hate “just to pay the bills”. You don’t have to. Ask anyone who has to drive to work every day and they will tell you that they detest driving in traffic everyday, and now you don’t have to.

Look for the good in your situation. Then ask yourself:
1. What do I want to do with my life?
2. What have I always dreamed of being?
3. Who can I help today?
4. Who do I know who is doing what I want to do? (then set up an appointment with them and “interview” them to make sure it’s what you want.)
5. If money was no object, what would I want to do everyday of my life? (then find a way to get paid for it).

I will tell you, I was a school teacher for 10 years. I thought I would be a teacher forever, and then my babies came along and I HATED leaving them every day for work. So I started thinking…

1. What do I want to do with my life? (well… I love teaching)
2. What have I always dreamed of being? (a mentor, coach, a teacher)
3. Who can I help today? (I always focus on the kids)
4. Who do I know who is doing what I want to do? (this was more difficult, I started asking around and I found a friend of a friend who was teaching kids…but not in the classroom. I met with her and BOOM – it hit me – I started my own business)
5. If money was no object what would I do every day? (Inspire kids to be healthier and wealthier than their parents)

Here I am, I own my own home based business, I use a product line from a network marketing company to “back end” what I do and I teach and I inspire and I get paid very well for it.

Getting laid off is a HUGE opportunity for you. If you can’t see it yet, contact me and let’s talk about it. I LOVE helping inspire people and guiding them to their proper path. It is what I love to do.

Family Success Coach

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answers from Dallas on

I think websites seem like a good idea but in reality it is the personal contacts you have that will secure a job. Think about every single person you know. Make a list. Think about all of your skills and make another list. Call your friends/ acquaintances. If you can, meet them for a cup of coffee because face to face is always better. Don's ask for a job, ask them for advice.
People love to give advice, ( look at this website for instance!). The difference between a website and people you know is that the people you know are invested in you, they want to help and to see you employed again. There is a terrific book by a local author called The Power of Who, go check it out at the library. The premise is you already know who you will get that job from, you already know them, you just have not thought to seek their advice. When you turn to those close to you, they turn to those close to them and you suddenly have a whole team of people on the lookout for you. Meanwhile, if there is something you are passionate about, volunteer your time, so you are out of the house, being productive and not getting depressed. Very often the people you meet in a volunteer position will be the ones to help you into a new job! Whatever you do, don't stay at home, feeling sorry for yourself. Get out there and do some good and you'll be surprised what happens in return.

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answers from Las Vegas on

If going back to school means that you will be in a better paying position with a career that you love, and that is family friendly after you are done, then you should definitely seriously consider doing just that. I usually think of going to school as an investment. You invest your time and money into increasing your education and you want to be sure that you get something in return for that effort, namely, the potential for a great paying job that will allow you to receive more promotions and raises as time goes on.

Above all else, if you are going to pursue this route, chose a profession that you believe you will really enjoy and is also family friendly. It's not worth pursing a profession that pays really great if you are going to miserable and have to work consistently long hard hours. With kids, financial security and comfort is important but having a mommy who is able to be around for them as they are growing up and is enjoyable to be with is just as important.

As for earning some money now, you may want to take a better look at your approach to finding a job. One of the other posters had some really great strategies for job hunting. You may want to also think "out of the box" in terms of earning a living right now. Sometimes you can't wait for someone to offer you a job - you have to create one for yourself. Allow your creativity to take flight and put your ideas on paper. This is how entrepreneurs (sp?) are born and inventors end up inventing things. Believe that you can do it and your probably will.

Whatever path you decide to pursue, I wish you and your family all the best for the new year. Blessings.



answers from Grand Rapids on

I would recommend to things,in my case I had a job and I quit because of my pregnancy and chemicals,what wasnt good for my baby,and they told me i could back anytime after the baby is born,if i could i would go back to school but some people tell me they are done with school and then they dont have a job after years in school,did you try housekeeping?My godmother works cleaning houses in NJ and she makes really good money,all she get do is claim her taxes,doesnt hurt to try,,,sorry about your situation,and good luck



answers from Reno on

you should check with your local school district to see if any support positions I secretary, teachers aide etc) are open

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