Undigested Carrots in Poop

Updated on May 11, 2010
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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I'm trying to give my 11-month old son more "real" food so even though he has only 2 teeth (the ones on teh bottom), I've been giving him puffs and soft foods like bananas and avocados. A couple of weeks ago, I tried something a little bit harder (steamed carrots) and he was slow but he ate quite a bit of it. I've been giving him a bit every day and I notice that a lot of the carrots just come out in his poop -- in their original state!! diced and undigested. it looks like i literally took some of the diced carrots i made and threw them into his poop. he's obviously not chewing properly and i'm worried he's giving himself stomachaches by just swallowing whole foods. is this how babies learn to chew? anything i can do to help the process?

also, i want to start giving him mashed up bits of what we're eating for dinner but theres so many foods and seasonings he hasn't tried. i dont understand how i could possibly follow the 3-4 day rule for each new ingredient/seasoning. any insights? thanks!

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as for the 3-4 day rule, he's probably had a lot of the foods in his jarred baby foods. If he hasn't had a reaction to those, he probably won't when you cook them.

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answers from Washington DC on

Just take it slowly. For the carrots, try steaming them just a bit more so they are softer. If it still happens, talk to your dr. about it for ideas. It may be that he's just not ready for that food as a solid yet.

As for the other foods the 3 day rule really is best. I'd start with pasta/macaroni. Once you have pasta down the world opens. We would fix the kids plate right before the spices/sauces were added so that they could still have what we were eating, but not all of it.

Example: we'd have spaghetti, the baby would have spaghetti noodles/butter. We'd have steak and potatoes, the baby would have a stage 3 meat and our potatoes.

Good luck.

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My son is 1 and we see alot of things in his poo too. He seems to be fine. I think it is less than when I first started giving him chunky food at about 9 or 10 months. You could try steaming them more to make them almost mush but still a little solid.



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Don't worry about the carrots in his poop - this is totally normal and when you start giving him peas, beans, etc., you'll see the same thing. It's not hurting him and as he gets older his body will do a better job digesting it.

With my kids, I didn't make much of the 3-4 day rule for introducing new foods/seasonings. I think if they're going to have a reaction to something you'll know very quickly. Mashed potatoes are good to start with, pasta, soft veggies. Good luck!



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I don't think his stomach will be hurt by the carrots "just passing thru." Obviously some of them got digested....just not all of them. Go easy on the amount you give, but his trying to chew those type of things can help him practice chewing. Just make sure they are small enough to not be a choking hazard.
Stomach aches aren't caused by the diced food any more than the mashed variety.


answers from Dallas on

don't worry about when my kids eat carrots,beans,and corn it show in they poop try to give him mashed carrots,potatoe,.... my kid is 14 months old and is starting with solids .


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don't worry about it, but steam 'em a bit more so they're more on the soft side. tender crisp is better for adults, but well-steamed is best for babies. why is the 3 day rule hard to follow? keep your recipes simple, or at least the part of the meal you're going to share with baby. he doesn't need a new food every day. it's really best for him.


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This too shall pass! It all does. If you want some really special effects, try mashed beets. Cool! Purple poop! I wouldn't worry. It's all great fiber and some of it is being digested. As baby grows and his gut gets longer, food will be better digested.



answers from San Antonio on

carrots are hard to digest anyway, I would not worry about it. Maybe you should try to mash them up. Corn is the same way, it is harder to digest. God Bless

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