Underwear to Bed?

Updated on July 24, 2012
M.G. asks from Nashville, TN
15 answers

Do your kids wear underwear under pajamas/sleepwear to bed?

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answers from Chicago on

My oldest just recently decided he wants to sleep "just like daddy," which means boxer briefs & a t-shirt. He's gonna save us a BUNDLE on pajamas :)

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answers from Champaign on

My son is 5 and hasn't worn underware to bed in at least a year. He does know that he has to wear underware to sleep if he spends the night anywhere else other than home. Honestly, if he could - he would go without underware all the time I think. He is like a little furnace all the time - so I think he likes not having that extra layer on him.

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answers from Austin on

For the girls, the doctor recommends they not wear panties. They need to allow the vaginal area to air out.

We were told this back in the '70's by my moms female Gynecologist.
So no, we do not wear underpants at night.

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answers from Phoenix on

I think my 12 yo dtr does. My 9 yo son just decided he didn't want to wear "tighty whities" anymore and wanted boxers. Ever since then, he now only sleeps in boxers so no more jammie bottoms! Yeah! Like someone else said, its going to save us some money! lol!

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answers from Baton Rouge on

She wore it if she wanted to, didn't if she didn't want to. It wasn't anything I felt she needed a rule about.

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answers from Chattanooga on

I always did growing up... so did everyone I know. Of course, we all wear the same pajamas for a few nights in a row, so it would be gross NOT to wear underwear... like wearing the same dirty underwear every night... Ick.

My DD doesn't even wear pajamas. It's too hot, so she sleeps in only a diaper. lol.

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answers from Hartford on

Yes, of course they do. It's more sanitary.



answers from Houston on

My DD does with her nightgown especially, my DS does not--as others have said he wears boxer style pjs so that's all he wears at night.



answers from Seattle on

We only wear underwear to bed. No PJ's.



answers from Milwaukee on

I would buy them new pajamas every season and they always just wear their underwear-nothing else so I've stopped buying pj's.


answers from Washington DC on

yes why wouldn't they? I've never heard of anyone who doesn't



answers from Dallas on

NO, my son prefers the naked route! The weather here never makes the house cold enough to need more.



answers from Los Angeles on

When they were little they did. I don't know what they do now.



answers from Lexington on

My daughter (6) only wears underwear if she is in a gown, if it is pj pants/ shorts she does not. I feel like that area has to get some air sometime! lol

Now her father throws a full on tantrum if she doesn't at his house at night. (but he also used to leave her in the same panties for 2-3 days at a time.. So I think for him it is just a laziness issue, if she doesn't take them off he doesn't have to worry about her putting them back on before school.)



answers from Cleveland on

my kids always did, ds at 9 yo is wearing boxer briefs only, dd still wears hers under her night gown or pj short sets.

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