Underwear for Under Dance Costume

Updated on February 09, 2012
C.M. asks from Bartlett, IL
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My 10-year old is in a competitive dance team for the first time. She has two costumes and will be changing between the two in a large room with all the other girls.

She is self-conscious because some of the other girls are more developed so they wear strapless bras. My daughter is flat so she doesn't need a bra. I looked around and all I could find were regular bras for her size; strapless bras have cups and she would look ridiculous with cups! Any ideas, or will she just have to get over her modesty if she's going to be a dancer?

Also, she is supposed to go with no underwear or black underwear (the bottom of the costume is black). They don't make black underwear for 10-year olds that I can find! She doesn't want to go with no underwear in front of her friends. The only black underwear I can find anyway have sexy things or lace on them. Ideas for that? I'm thinking about just dying a pair of cotton briefs black...

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the tip on the nude leotards! I talked to the studio about it and they said that we can do that. They even said I could order the leotard through them for a discounted price. I asked them why they never suggested it and they just shrugged and said either their dancers don't have a problem with changing in front of others or they just get nude leotards or underwear. I guess they leave it up to us?

Thanks again moms! You are the best!

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My daughter is 8 and in her 3rd year of competitive dance. EVERY dancer in the show troupe is required to have a skin toned color leotard. They all wear this under their costume. It does two things...it covers their bodies for changes, and it makes the costumes more comfortable.

I tried to find a link but couldn't for a major suppier. I think the one my daughter has was about $16 and it is probably Capezio brand. The straps are also adjustable to criss cross, go regular, or strapless.

Good luck!

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As for the panties...would she fit into a women's small, or extra small? I'm sure you could find some "normal" panties in the women's department.

As for the top, could you fashion some sort of bandeau? Just a tight loop of black knit fabric? It would cover her, and wouldn't have straps. Just an idea. (Like this? http://www.amazon.com/Capelli-New-York-Seamless-Brandeau/...)

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Black underwear?! Strapless bras?! The dance team doesn't know what it's talking about there. No dance studio or team should ask kids to get things that are not realistically available or wearable for children who are built like ... children. As for dyeing underpants -- you'll need cotton underpants (others won't hold dye), and cotton underwear may be too thick for going under a costume. Plus, you may not get a true black and it may end up too grayish.

Tell the dance team you will get her a flesh-toned leotard -- all one piece. Goes under everything, stays on all the time under all the costumes. Covers the top AND bottom all at once and solves the problem, especially for a child who does not need a bra but does want coverage on top (which is a good idea if the costumes slip!). It's the same as no underwear. I know, because our dance studio has a no-underwear-under-tights rule for performances but all the dancers of all ages use flesh-toned leotards over their tights. It also speeds up changes between costumes because girls aren't trying to be coy and change under their clothes, hide behind someone else etc. -- all the things they do at this age to not be seen naked.

These leotards aren't cheap (look on discountdance.com for some better prices) but are well worth it as your child will use them for longer than she will her regular leotards - these are super-stretchy. Just put her in one and send her and if they say she must have no or black underwear, say, "Next time you need to tell me where to find black underwear for a 10-year-old!"

By the way -- do not get "clear" shoulder straps that are sold with these leotards (unless the dance team specifies them). The clear straps are plastic and actually shine and show up more under stage lights than the flesh-toned straps.

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Hi! Get her body tights. If she isn't changing tight colors in between that will work to cover her up. Body tights cover from crotch to chest, ending just below or at the leotard neck. I'm surprised her teacher hasn't told the girls to get them.

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We carry Body Wrappers and Eurotard brand nude items for under costumes. Here is a link to the web sites. If you don't have a store where you can buy leotards and tights then you can order online. We have nude underwear, one piece underliners, sports bra's, all kinds of things in the store I work in.

Dance items for girls.

Here's a nude undergarment in girls sizes:

Backless bra for girls:

Pull on sports type bra:

Here is Eurotard, some of the nude options they have:

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Maybe a tube top? You might could find one online or even make one out of strechy material???

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how about slipping a cami on while she changes her top and then slipping it back off when she gets her top on? or have a beach towel and hold it up like a little "screen" for her modesty.....

Target has black panties for little girls (My 15 year old wears a size 8 in little girls)....

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hanes and fruit of the loom definitely makes plain black underwear... but usually in the women's section. You may be able to find a size small enough for her, but have to buy the whole pack, because black is only 1 of the 3-4 colors in the pack.



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Victorias Secret 'Pink Brand' Yoga Panties come in black an Extra Small should fit her because their extra small is tiny.

Also, I just bought (in December) my 11 year olds 2 two pack of yoga panties from Gordmans the brand was Stevie and they had one balck pair of seamless in each pack.



answers from St. Louis on

Definitely body tights...I'm also suprised that your Dance studio doesn't cover this.



answers from Topeka on

I would go with the dying the cotton briefs...and maybe you could just find a simple tank top in black that she could wear for her modesty...one that wouldnt show under the costume.
I understand how she feels, gym class was always such a pain for me...I was "flat as a pancake" for SOoooooo long...nothing worse for a young girls feelings when others are SO proud of their chest!! Too bad that we have allowed the world to put such pressure on our children.


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I'm not sure about black panties, can you ask the dance teacher or some of the other parents? What about nude color panties?
As far as a bra goes, my daughter, who is also small and flat, really likes to wear bandeaus, as seen in the link below:




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Definately dye the underwear. Will they be doing a routine under a blacklight, ever? Our high school dance team did a routine on the stage once, under a blacklight - the uniforms were black, but their gloves where white.

But, one girl's white bra stood out from under her leotard like a beacon.

What kind of costume is it? Perhaps lined work-out bicycle-type bottoms - the kind designed to wear instead of underwear? (Sort of like a boy-cut-style swimsuit. They have some for children at Academy.)



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Most girls don't wear anything under their dance costumes so hopefully she can get over it and realize most of the other girls will be the same way.

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