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Updated on March 20, 2012
M.F. asks from Larkspur, CO
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Hey Moms
Is there such a thing as a Cadillac Umbrellla Stroller. I ready to retire my huge Carseat holding baby stroller. I want something easy to use that can still hold bags underneath. Is there such a thing or should I just go Jogger????

Your insight means a lot

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answers from Atlanta on

I have a BOB Duallie that I dearly love and have used constantly, but for ease -and the one I have used the most -it has to be the Maclaren Volo! Umbrella, lightweight, durable (and I mean durable -it's been everywhere, gate checked constantly, hauled over snow, ice, rocks -around festivals. We got it when our now 6 year old was a few weeks from being 1 for a trip to Colorado. I don't think we ever used our Graco travel system again! When we had #2, I carried him in the Baby Bjorn until he was sitting, and then just used the Maclaren. It is WONDERFUL!

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answers from Dallas on

We love our Uppa Baby stroller - we have one in lime green and grey and it was actually a suggestion from a Mom on this site when I asked a similar question in November......

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answers from New York on

Best lightweight easiest fold stroller out there is the City Mini by Baby Jogger. It's not a jogging stroller - but has the 3 wheels. You can fold it with one hand, it lays flat, has a huge sun canopy. It's the best. I bought it as am umbrella and got rid of my Maclaren. It's so great I use that over my bugaboo. Which is the cadillac of strollers. Lol. You won't be disappointed.



answers from Denver on

Why do people give you answers you aren't looking for? The Cadillac umbrella stroller is the Maclaren. Period.
There are other great strollers, but that's the Cadillac umbrella. Love mine in cities & indoors.



answers from Los Angeles on

i have a the first years jet stroller. it has a slight recline and a small under basket. i also have a compact full size stroller too. i believe its a cosco aria? maybe something else. its blue and i got it at target. both strollers were about 50 bucks.
people call them cadillacs because they think of them as well built strollers theres no actual cadillac stroller.



answers from Washington DC on

Ours is nothing fancy and the only thing I'd change is to have a basket underneath. It's not a shoulder harness or adjustable or reclinable. But it's done it's job very well to this point. Being able to fold with one hand and a foot is worth so much! I can also very easily carry it on buses or anywhere I need to pick it up without her in it.

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