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Updated on September 24, 2010
M.R. asks from Churchville, NY
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I am just curious because I still have to wait another 2 1/2 weeks or so for my ultrasound. I have 2 boys and remember how completely obvious it was that we were having boys (if we hadn't wanted to know, we would have known anyway). I have had several friends who knew they were having girls and did, indeed, have girls, but I always remain somewhat skeptical.

Curious about numbers--anyone out there think they were having one and had another? Anyone know anyone this happened to? So far it is just friends/relatives of friends, but it is fun to see how clear ultrasounds really can be. Obviously I won't go haywire with gendered clothes (at least not without keep receipts) but I also hope that we can see clearly enough that I'm not surprised in the spring.

Thanks--feel free to share stupid or funny stories. :)

Oh, thank you for the stories (keep sharing) but I am not really hoping for one gender or the other. We absolutely did not try for a third because we felt we wanted anything specific, we just felt our family would be lovely with one more (count my blessings every time of course) but I find it quite fun to know ahead of time. Every time I think I hope it is another boy, I realize I really don't care. :)

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So What Happened?

Boy #3. :)

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answers from Cincinnati on

My doctor always told me that there is a serious difference between seeing girl parts and seeing a lack of boy parts. If you see girl parts, usually, you're good to go! If you just don't see any boy parts, she joked, don't let them tell you it's a girl! He could just be shy. LOL.

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answers from Columbus on

My first two, 1 boy and 1 girl, were clear as day (we chose to find out with our first two). This 3rd pregnancy we chose not to find out (we figured we have 1 of each so let it be a suprise). Well, I have had to have a couple of sonograms due to measuring small and wouldn't you know this little one WANTS to be a suprise as well. Every ultrasound I have done this baby has been sitting indian style or some other position that even IF we wanted to know, we would not have been able to. So, I think this baby knows that mommy and daddy want him/her to be suprised on his/her birth date!

God luck and Congrats.

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answers from Albany on

I'm 25 weeks preggo with #3...I felt like my first was going to be a boy - and he was! When I registered for my baby shower, I still wanted to keep the gear and things fairly neutral, since my son was somewhat of a surprise baby.

With #2, another "surprise" baby, I prayed and prayed it would be a girl. How beautiful - one of each gender! I was somewhat disappointed to find out that it was a second boy, but realized that we were well prepared for him in many ways :) I got over the disappointment quickly, and had the most amazing birth experience with him! I couldn't wait to do it again!!!

This child now in my womb was the one we had to work for. After two surprise pregnancies, I was shocked to have trouble becoming pregnant for what was determined to be the last time. Oddly enough, from the second I found out I was pregnant, I *knew* I was carrying a girl. Of course, I couldn't wait to have it confirmed at the ultrasound! This pregnancy has been a 180 from the previous two (which were very much alike). Ultrasounds confirm it is a girl!!! Yet, I'm still somewhat in a state of disbelief.

I've given away all my baby boy clothing & things (to my sister in-law, who is due a week before me). The nursery is filling up with girly things...and I'm sooooo scared that I'm going to deliver a third BOY!!!! I keep looking at the ultrasound pics, and praying the tech was right. 14 weeks to go, and time will tell us for sure :)

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answers from Buffalo on

i was pregnant with twins and had a very strong feeling there was one of each gender in there... we thought we had it figured out - that the baby on the "bottom bunk" was a boy and the "top bunk" was a girl. We had a zillion ultrasounds along the way since i was extremely high risk, and when it came to THE ultrasound where we could find out, they started with the bottom baby - and said "see those 3 lines! that's a girl!" I was so excited, but at the same time my heart sunk just a tiny tiny bit - from previous ultrasounds we thought we might have seen "girl parts" on the top baby and i so much wanted one boy (please nobody judge, because that sadness only lasted literally a second!). Then we got to the top baby and she said "see that right there? that's a boy!". So we were right, just backwards :)
We had many more ultrasounds that confirmed it too, but they said at that one they were very very certain - that the babies showed off very well.

My good friend is due this week with a girl, or so we hope! She had only one ultrasound to determine gender and none since, and they were fairly certain it was a girl. I really hope she is, because EVERYTHING is pink - room, clothes, etc!
Congrats and good luck! let us know what you find out!! :)

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answers from Columbus on

With my middle child we were told we were having a girl. We had the nursery done in all pink. It was as girly as you could get it and BAM! Out comes a boy! The Dr didn’t even check to see what the gender was when he came out. Everyone was just watching the Dr clean the baby off. I looked up and said, OH MY GOSH!!! IT’S A BOY!!! The room went nuts, nurses and all (they knew we were supposed to be having a girl). My Dad is a big time jokester, my Mom called him from the delivery room (he was in the waiting room with the rest of the family) and told him it was a boy. He told everyone in the waiting room, It’s a boy!! No one believed him until they came in and saw for themselves. It was crazy and took several days for it to sink in.

If you look at the ultrasound you would think it was a girl too, must have been his butt :) Luckily for us, Babies R Us was very nice about taking everything back for store credit even if it wasn't in the packaging or no receipt. You can get a 3D ultrasound (which we did not do that time) and they will guarantee the gender once you are beyond a certain number of weeks. Needless to say, we did that with our third child :)

Congrats on your baby!

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answers from New York on

When I was pregnant with my daughter (who I was sure was going to be a boy until the ultrasound that confirmed she was a girl), I met two women who were surprised.

The first was selling new girl nursery bedding at a reduced price because she was told at the 20 wk ultrasound that she was having a girl. She immediately went out to pink up her nursery, and a few weeks later was told at another ultrasound that it was definitely a boy.

The second was a woman I met in the exchange line at Babies R Us. She had a boy toddler and a weeks old infant son. She said she was told the infant was going to be a girl throughout the whole pregnancy and was shocked at delivery. She was still very upset about it because she wanted one of each.

While I didn't care one way or another which gender I was having, once I found out I was having a girl, I got my heart set on that. After hearing those stories, I thought I probably would be upset if I became surprised at delivery, even though, had I been told at the 20 wk ultrasound I was having a boy, I would have been overjoyed.

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answers from Indianapolis on

We chose not to find out the gender either time. It was my preference. My husband didn't think he'd be able to keep the secret despite wanting to know. Now, he advocates for everyone to go through the pregnancy for the big surprise at delivery.

My instincts were right both time. But, I was never definitively sure. I waffled a lot, but in the end, I had a girl when I suspected it was a girl and a boy when I thought it was a boy.

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answers from Redding on

I wasn't expecting a second pregnancy. They told me there wouldn't be a first, so when I was pregnant the first time, I prayed and prayed for a girl. I wasn't raised around boys in the family and was afraid I wouldn't know what to do with a boy. I got my girl and all was great.
Nine years later, I find out I'm pregnant and I don't know why, but I was sure it was another girl. An ultrasound showed it was a boy and my husband flipped. He was NOT happy. It was horrible. He held out hope til the very last second, but sure enough, I had a boy. And, he is the greatest joy. I don't know why I was so afraid to have a son.
I do know several people who were told one way or the other by an ultrasound and prepared accordingly only to be shocked to get a surprise and all the boy stuff or girl stuff had to go back.
When I was pregnant, I just kind of thought, "I'll believe it when I see it".

Congratulations and be sure to let us know when the baby comes!

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answers from Wausau on

We never found out with our first two and with our third we did because our oldest was so excited and so certain she was having a sister so we decided to find out ...well sure enough it was a girl and it was very, very clear that it was a girl. there was no missing those three lines...lol

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answers from Dover on

It is easier to tell with a boy if they cooperate; however there are "three lines" that make it pretty easy to tell if it is a girl as well...again, if they cooperate. They shouldn't guess unless they are positive. I have known people who were told one thing and were surprised but those were ones where they couldn't see one way or the other and assumed wrong. A neighbor had EVERYTHING pink and was not at all prepared for her baby boy.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

A few years ago, a very good friend of my daughter's was sure she was having a girl. That's what the doctor said, from the ultrasound pictures (which weren't as good as they are now - so now you can guess the punch line). That's what the technicians said. She and her husband set up a lovely pink nursery and their friends gave beautiful frilly baby clothes....

.... which she saved for their second child because their firstborn son would not have looked good in them at all!

On the other hand, our newest grandbaby, due in the winter, is definitely a boy - apparently he was showing off the, ahem, proof in the first ultrasound picture.

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answers from New York on

Was hav ing an ultrasound (thought baby had passed away in utero) when
the tech so oh everything is fine and it is a boy. I really did not want to know.
Had a girl and two boys. So when it got closer to my due date, went into
the attic got out all the boys clothes. Washed them and put them away.
Well you know what is coming. In the DR doc says its a girl and we tell
him he better check again. Yep it was a little girl. I was thrilled. It really did
not matter but I really thought another girl would be nice. Got home from
hospital, back into the attic for the girls clothes!!! Like they say, medicine
is not an exact science.



answers from New York on

Funny story. I had a lot of ultrasounds, and at one point the technician said "look, it's the golden arches!" It seems that "in the business" the girl parts are nicknamed the golden arches, because they look like the MacDonald's M, and the boy parts are nicknamed the turtle.

My husband's first daughter was supposed to be a boy, but that was a long time ago, when ultrasounds were not so sophisticated.



answers from Buffalo on

With my 1st - I Prayed for a girl but knew it was a boy
With my 2nd I hoped it was a girl Prayed and prayed , doubted it and it was a boy ( I cryed like a baby too )
with my 3rd, I KNEW it was a girl, it had to be, and it was a girl YES!!! and I cried like a baby, he he he.

All 3 healthy gorgious babies and in the end that is all that mattered.

Do not let anyone or yourself for reacting to news (boy Vs Girl News) that you were or were not ready for. You WILL love that baby no matter what sex it is once you cope with the news.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! and Good Luck, heres my fingures crossed for what ever you arehoping for.

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