Typical Meals for 1 Year Old Boy?

Updated on October 05, 2011
T.S. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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Yesterday I took my son for his 1 year check up. I met with a new doctor that had just joined the practice. I LOVE this group of doctors but didn't quite click with this new one, Anyway, I am confused about what a normal day of meals should be for an active 1 year old boy. My son is off of baby food and no longer drinks formula. I typically make him some of the same meals that I feed my 4 year old and try to get all of the food groups in the meals.

Here are my questions:
How much does your 1 year old drink in a day? (How many ounces?)
What does your 1 year old drink in a day? (Milk, juice, water?)
What foods do you feed your 1 year old? (What does your 'menu' look like for 1 day?)

Thanks Mamas!

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much to everyone! You all let me know that I was on the right track with his feeding and you gave me some really creative ideas for meals - THANK YOU! :-)
(This new doctor was sending me mixed messages (i.e. He's not eating enough. He is eating too much.) Both were said in the same visit. gggrrrr!

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answers from Cleveland on

My daughter just turned 1. For breakfast she usually has a bowl of oatmeal, sometimes mixed with applesauce. Today she had french toast and turkey sausage. Other things I have given her are yogurt with some banana and cheerios. I haven't given her eggs yet, but scrambled eggs are an option.

Mid morning snack can be yogurt, nutrigrain bar, fruit, applesauce, cheerios, a muffin..

For lunch I try giving her whatever my 3 year old is having, but that's not always possible. She loves the pasta pick ups by Gerber and she will eat diced cooked carrots, peas, and broccoli but she tends to gag on other veggies so we are working on that. Grilled cheese, turkey, leftovers from dinner.

Afternoon snack pretty much the same as morning snack. She pretty much eats what we eat for dinner.

As far as milk. At this age they only need 2 cups a day, 4 oz. each cup. They don't need juice, but if you are going to give it, 1 cup (2 oz) and I would add water, and water in between if they are thirsty. This is just what is recommended, some kids need more food/milk, some need less. Hope this helps!

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answers from Buffalo on

My daughters are 21 months and at one yr the doc told me that they are at the age that they can eat anything. I gave them 16 oz of milk per day, typically in the morning and at dinner before bed (now its milk before bed during dinner). I would make them grilled cheese sandwiches with yogurt for lunch, cereal for breakfast (they still eat the baby rice or oatmeal cereal for breakfast with fruit. Dinner time I would give them anything that I think they can chew and handle. Be aware of the teeth sensitivity especially if he is still teething. Sometimes they would eat a few bites but a few bites of chicken and noodles or potatoes is better then nothing. They love mashed potatoes, tender chicken breasts and even veggies. I have noticed that mine like to feed themselves so I would put a few peas or corn or whatever veggies we are having for the night and put it on their table and they would eat it on their own. You can also give him dry cheerios and puffs to nibble on (great snacks) or other dry cereal. He will get used to whatever you make him and eventually will start eating them. Our family doctor is amazing and he even printed me out what I should be doing every stage of their life with food and activities. I also read the What to expect sections on babies and toddlers and they have amazing ideas and suggestions. WTE.com. Good luck and have fun! Also give juice throughout the day but water it down (half and half) or he will want to drink juice all day long. Keep a look out on the V8 juices as they stained my daughters baby teeth. Took months for the stains to come off because we cant use fluoride toothpaste on them yet! Stay away from sweets (or monitor them). I only give my daughters a few teddy graham cookies after dinner to let them know how proud we were that they ate their dinner. I have friends whos kids will not drink anything but juice and they eat nothing but sweets. Early habits are tough to break so start with good food and desert once in a great while. It works! Your son will tell you what he is ready for, sometimes you just have to be careful with the tougher things. If he cannot eat something because he cannot chew it, introduce it again another time.

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answers from Saginaw on

I am still asking this question and my boy will be 2 in Nov. HAHA. He is SO completely different than my 9yr old and much pickier. My 9 yr old LIVED on PB&J's for about 5 yrs and my toddler will not touch them. But right now my little one eats a bowl of cereal in the AM then snack in late AM like a banana. Then lunch and dinner are huge struggles for me since he might eat mac n cheese one day but not touch it again for a month. That goes the same for everything we offer him - so it's been a battle.
I'm not a lot of help I know but mainly wanted to say if your toddler is eating what you feed your 4 yr old eats - then your doing a pretty good job :) And that you are not alone if your struggling to get your toddler to eat that same foods. My wont touch them either. Good luck

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answers from Des Moines on

When my son was one (now 17 months old) this is what he typically had in a day. He was also off of formula (well, almost) and baby food as your son is.

Breakfast first thing in the morning: sippy cup of milk and one of the following: scrambled eggs with cheese, toast with butter or applesauce spread, dry cereal, fresh fruit (cut up pears, peaches, bananas, kiwi, blueberries, strawberries - anything!), waffles, pancakes, etc. Basically anything that I would eat, he ate also!

Snack around 10 am - fresh fruit or some cracker type thing (animal crackers maybe) and sippy of water.

Lunch around 12:00 - sippy cup of milk and one of the following examples: chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, pasta with butter or marinara sauce, lunchmeat pieces, homemade mini pizza's (on english muffin or bagel,) hot dog, veggie burgers (frozen food aisle, yum), and always with some frozen veggies.

Snack around 3:00 - sippy of water and maybe some cottage cheese, yogurt (he LOVES frozen go-gurts), string cheese, or something of the like

DInner around 5:30 - whatever we are eating! I always make sure he/we have a veggie with dinner as well. If whatever we are eating is a bit too spicy or something inappropriate for him, I will make him a special thing but typically he eats whatever we have for dinner.

So bottom line: he can eat what you're eating or would make for any other kid but just make sure to have cut up in safe sizes for him. After he stopped with formula, I stopped counting how many ounces of milk he drank. Yes, I was asking around a bit consumed with tracking it, but started to learn that now food is his main source of nutrients and as there is for even us adults, there are recommended amounts of milk - but all I could do was offer him milk with meals and that's about it. If I had to guess, I would think he drinks maybe 8-10 oz a day of whole milk?I always did milk with meals and water with snacks but you could switch this around. I did NO juice and still do not. Doc said it offers no benefits and gives them a bit of a sweet tooth. Henry eats so many fruits anyway, he doesn't need fruit juice also.

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answers from Cincinnati on

because he is suppose to get his main diet from solid foods now a one year old should not be getting more then 2 cups of milk a day. 1/2cup juice at the most. and at least a cup of water. When mine just turned one (he is 2 now) we started giving him oatmeal or cream of wheat for breakfast because it was similar to the baby cereal he had been eating. He wouldn't eat meat for the longest time, so we gave him scrambled eggs and yogurt a lot for protien. He like sliced bananas and peaches. He loved lentil stew and black beans. as he got to areound 18 mnths he started eating pastas and some chicken and a bigger variety of veggies (I have to buy limia beans because they are his favorite...yuck lol) and started really liking pancakes.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Your one year old can be eating the same as the rest of the family.

A one year old should have 18-24 ounces of milk a day. A cup of milk with each meal with breakfast, lunch and dinner, 6-8oz each meal. He can also have 6-8oz of juice or juice/water mixed with his morning snack and afternoon snack.

Multigrain Cheerios, dry
Cup of milk after

Morning snack:
crackers, toast, Gerber Veggie Wagon Wheels
juice after

mini or micro ravioli, sauce rinsed off
pb&j cut in pieces
Veggie on the side (canned mixed veggies which are soft and finger size, canned sweet potatoes cut)
Fruit on the side (canned fruit cocktail, canned diced fruit)
milk after

Afternoon snack:
same as morning
juice after

same as the family when possible. If eating tough meat use diced chicken nuggets or hot dog. Drain soups and such. Be creative to have your child eat with the entire family, edit when needed. Be sure there's a veggie on the side. If the family's veggies are too tough then use a canned veggie as they're soft and finger size.
Milk after

No foods and drinks after dinner. It helps get kids into a good habit, especially when potty training time comes down the road.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets

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answers from Albany on

When my son was 1 he would eat anything and everything. Now that he is 2, it is another story. He goes to daycare all day so he eats when the other kids are eating, but getting him to eat at home in the evening is impossible. He is obsessed with mac and cheese and pb&J. Of course, neither of these two things are really the healthiest but I know that he is eating pretty good at daycare so if he chooses to eat at night we try and get something into him regardless.

My little one liked things like a can of green beans- cold- nothing fancy. He also like peas, little veggies that he could pick up with his fingers. soybeans are good if he can chew them because they are little and have a lot of protein. If he insists on mac and cheese (don't have time for the homemade kind), we add peas and tuna to it to give it some nutritional value.
As for drinks, he drinks at least 20 oz of milk and 10 oz of OJ a day (the kid is a freak about OJ. The rest of the time we try and give him water with a splash of 'red drink' (generic kool-aid) because he doesn't like to drink just plain water.
Good luck! Just try a bunch of different stuff. they will eat when they are hungry and will eat what they are given evenutally so just keep trying. Your 4 yo may be a good influence if she has a good schedule and a good palate.

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answers from Boston on

I watch a little girl furing the week that just turned one and she has been eating the same thing as the 2yr and my 3 and 4yr olds for prob 4months now. She still has a bottle in morning at home(until they finish the can of formula and its formula and milk mixed) for me she eats
745 breakfast- oatmeal with applesauce, waffle, pancake,eggs, fruit, yogurt, cereal (she eats just about anything you give her)
930-10 snack- fruit, fishies, crackers, graham crackers,
12-1230 lunch- 1/2 sandwich- ham, turkey, tuna, egg salad, roast beef, mac and cheese with peas then depending on if she already had fruit I do fruit and a small snack
330 snack
dinner at home whatever the family is eating and bottle before bed right now till formula is gone
I give her water everytime to drink at lunch we started milk and she drinks a whole 9oz sippy cup usually (no juice for her she is a big girl and loves her water)

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answers from Washington DC on

First off: Happy Birthday to your Little Man!

My daughter is also 12 months and she does pretty good at just eating what we're eating. For breakfast she has scrambled eggs with veggies, cut-up chicken apple sausage or bacon, and some kind of berries on the side.

Lunch is usually leftovers from the night before (we're a mostly grain-free family, so it's usually some kind of meat and vegetables). Her meat gets cut up really small and I usually make sure to make it all pretty tender so the kids can chew it easier.

Dinner is meat and vegetables again..like last night we had "tacos" with romaine lettuce leaves instead of tortillas, and the first thing she did when I stuck it on her plate was rip that romaine from under her meat and throw it on the floor! haha..My kids are like most in the fact that they show an aversion to vegetables, so i chop them pretty small and just mix them in with whatever they're eating. I put kale, spinach, bell peppers, bok choy, etc. into my food processor then mix it into the taco meat (or in her mornings eggs, or into the tuna fish or egg salad at lunch, etc.) so they're still getting their daily veggie requirement.

Snacks are usually fruit dipped in almond butter (if it's apples, i steam hers first and she'll eat the almond butter with a spoon or her fingers on the side), or some kind of smoothie. Their smoothie yesterday was made of coconut milk, avocado, spinach, baby kale, frozen mixed berries, frozen banana, and a little bit of coconut oil.
I love www.wellnessmama.com for lots of family-friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh yeah, she drinks mostly water with a tiny bit of juice splashed in. It's like 1/6th juice and the rest water. She's still nursing too so she just gets milk from me and the coconut milk i put in her smoothies and other cooking

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answers from Pittsburgh on

At one my son ate what we ate. So at breakfast he might have had whole grain cereal, milk and fruit (banana, apple, melon, whatever we were having). Weekends might be scrambled eggs, oatmeal, whole grain pancakes and fruit. Dinner might have been grilled salmon, green beans and melon for dessert, chicken with dumplings, steamed broccoli and berries (all chopped or coarsely pureed or cut into pieces depending on texture). For lunch during the week (daycare) we would generally do one protein (plain yogurt w/ fresh fruit, fish, lamb etc) and then either one veggie and two fruit or two veggies and a fruit. He primarily drank whole milk at that age. Water if he had had his 2 cups of milk already. We still feed him like this(except for the puree/chopping) - he is 5 now.

We have never done juice (rare exception - if we eat breakfast at a hotel and there is fresh squeezed) - it is a big contributor to childhood obesity and likely to dental cavities as well. We have never limited liquids - if he is thirsty in the middle of the night, he gets water. We decided early on against processed meats and foods such as chicken nuggets, hot dogs etc. They are loaded with fat and salt - I don't eat them, why would I feed them to my kid?

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answers from Savannah on

My son is 23 months now, but I keep records for a month before/after well baby checkups, so I know what he was doing at his 12 month checkup. He didn't have much babyfood at all. His breakfast would be things like cheerios and sliced banana or blueberries (he'd share a large banana with his 4 year old brother and me, as we all ate cereal in the morning with some banana slices), or normal oatmeal with a little applesauce mixed in, or an ego waffle that I cut into strips for him to dunk in a little syrup with a side of turkey bacon or a sausage link, and a little bit of blueberries, or some yogurt and some dry cheerios on the side. (I would hold the spoon and he'd pick up 1 or 2 cheerios and put them on the spoon, on top of some yogurt; he thought it was fun and it also helped him with his coordination). I'd give him about 2/3 of his sippy cup of milk for breakfast. He loved it when I'd scramble eggs and serve with a biscuit of homemade fig preserves or strawberry jelly. For the boys, I'd scramble 3 eggs and put a little shredded cheese, some chopped spinach, very thin sliced mushrooms, and a little chopped tomato in the eggs as they were cooking, then divide those eggs between the 2 boys. That way I would sneak the vegetables in and they loved it.
I served snack in the morning and afternoon: small chopped apple, pineapple chunks, whatever was in season (plum, nectarine, tangelos, mango, etc), goldfish, I'd steam some carrots and celery a little so he could eat them even though he didn't have all his teeth, skim mozzarella cheese sticks, etc.
Lunches were pasta salads, toasted flat bread with hummus, avocado pieces, sandwiches, mac'n cheese, hummus, mixed vegetables (those Birds Eye steamer bags with corn, asparagus, peas, carrots), or some leftovers from a previous dinner. Occasionally I did stupid things that he really liked (little pieces of a hot dog diced up and in mac'n cheese with vegetables, all stirred together)---disgusting but he really liked that. He could have juice for lunch, but I watered it down a little (we do Motts applejuice, or Welch's blueberry, crangrape, cranapple or whatever with a little water, or V8 splash or V8 fusion...occasionally if we were out I'd let him have a treat of lemonade).
Dinners: whatever we're having. Sometimes this is a mild version (like I add a lot of brown rice into his chili so it's not too spicy for him, or cook his eggs separately because I want jalepenos in mine), but we generally serve him what we eat. If we're eating Indian or Chinese food, he doesn't like those flavors yet so he gets a chicken pot pie or some other "white bread" dish. Other things, he LOVES: all things Tex-Mex, a lot of Cuban, all things Cajun or Creole, most Greek dishes I serve, all Italian dishes that I serve him. At nearly 2 years old, his favorite dishes are spaghetti and meatballs, chicken & sausage gumbo over brown rice, broiled fish with mango salsa & risotto, and some weird concoction I do once a month where I season chicken with garlic, tonys, and chili and brown, then stick in the crockpot with cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, spinach, rotels, and fresh mushrooms, over brown rice and cranberry sauce on the side. Sounds disgusting, but the whole family really likes it and my youngest will eat as much as I do if I let him of dinner.
At the time of his 12 month checkup, he still had 1 bottle of the 12 month old formula (can't remember the name of it, but it was by Enfamil, for 1 year olds) in the evening before bedtime. It was sort of a transitional thing though and didn't last long (1 small can). He liked real milk better so it was easy to switch it out for another sippy cup (2/3 full) of milk instead. So, he'd drink about 1 1/2 C of milk in total a day, 1C of watered down juice a day, and a lot of water. He's literally drinks water all day long. Now at almost 2, we do not do the mid-morning snack, but breakfast is around 6:45-7, lunch is 11:30, snack is 3:30, and dinner is 6:45 or 7pm.

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