Typical Feeding Schedule for 8 Month Old???

Updated on March 09, 2009
S.H. asks from Long Beach, CA
6 answers

What is a typical feeding schedule for an 8 month old baby? If you have a child who is this age, will you please share the times you feed and how much your child takes?

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answers from San Francisco on

Let's see...for mine (8months)
7:30 awake, 8oz bottle
9/9:30am, fruit&cereal, then nap
She is awake between 2-3 hrs between naps, and I feed her a solid (veggie mixed w/rice cereal) and a bottle, oz depends on how long she has been/will be awake, beteween 4-8 oz)between each nap. After her last nap, she will get a bottle, and before her 7pm bedtime she will eat a dinner of a meat&veggie



answers from San Francisco on

Hi S, my daughter is almost 7 mos but is really big for her size (20lbs+) so maybe her schedule will apply for an 8 month old. She used to eat formula basically every 4 hours, but we bumped her back to every 3 hours when she started sleeping 11 hours at night so that she wouldn't lose all that food she used to eat at night! So now, she eats roughly at 6am when she wakes, 9am, noon, 3pm, and 6pm before she goes to bed. In addition to that I feed her solids at 10am and 5pm (am hour before her long nap and an hour before going to sleep at night). I found that feeding her solids between her two formula feeds was most successful because she was hungry enough to eat but not so hungry that she was impatient....I don't know why I worry, I think this child would eat cardboard if given the chance! :) Don't worry about comparing constantly to what your child "should" be doing at 8 mos - if she is hungry she will let you know and is she isn't she will let you know. It's very tempting to be so worried about what other people's children are doing but my husband and I have learned to take our cues from our little one and just used the averages as very loose guidelines - good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

hi, my baby boy is 8,5 m. old. He eats almost everythink. I feed him every 3-4 hours, depens if he wonts earlier or later. I cook soups and blend it and he loves my soups. Also I give him fresh fruits if I can, or I buy Gerber's. He eats 4-5 oz of food or just 7-8 oz formula milk (I b/f till 7 month) I give him also yogurts and cottage chees!!! he loves it too and me :-))



answers from Sacramento on

Hi S,

This was our schedule at 8 months-

7am- nurse
9am-ish-breakfast (cereal and fruit)
12 or 1-lunch (fruit and veggie)
1:30-nurse 1 side or 3 oz bottle (probably didn't need this, but he was little. Dropped this feeding at 10 months)
2-4 nap
5:45-nurse (I think he was still taking this feeding at 8 months--we may have dropped it shortly before)
6ish-dinner (cereal and veggies)




answers from San Francisco on

My 8 month old eats a 8oz bottle in the morning around 7am. At noon he eats a gerber fruit mixed with rice cereal (mixed is about 4oz of food). About an hour later another 8oz bottle. Around 4pm a vegetable mixed w/ rice cereal and an hour later 8oz. bottle. About 8pm he gets a gerber 'dinner' chicken, turkey or beef. Sometimes I add rice cereal if it is too thin. He is supposed to drink another bottle after but sometimes he's too full. Hope this helps!

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