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Updated on April 27, 2010
J.B. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I'm wondering what type of formula is best for a gassy baby. We are currently using the Enfamil Gentle formula but I just looked at what the ingredients are and the first thing on the list is corn syrup. Now why would there be corn syrup as the main ingredent?? Have other mom's had any luck with any other formulas for babies with gas issues?

Thank you!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Gerber Goodstart is really good. It's easier for babies to digest. My son had issues during the first couple of months when he had to be on Enfamil because he was a preemie, but then we switched to Gerber Goodstart and all of his issues went away. I also use the Green can, the one with probiotics and DHA/ARA in it and that has also shown to relive or help babies with gas/colic. I have used this brand with my little girl now too and i love it. You can totally see the difference, the other brand was so foamy. It caused me to stir it instead of shake the bottles. And with Goodstart, its not foamy at all. I highly recommend it.


answers from Provo on

My son was sooo gassy for the first month of his life. We tried two types of formula, Good Start and Enfamil. Enfamil I liked a lot, but we ended up on WIC and had to switch to Similac. Which I also love. My WIC counselor told me they are basically the same thing. But on the positive side his gas is now gone. I'd suggest trying one of those. I'm able to switch back and forth when I get really good coupons for Enfamil at Smith's.
*Ok I just looked at the ingredient's on both of them and they are the same thing! No corn syrup here!! Some of the oils are in a slight different order, but by one shift of words so it shouldn't be to bad. I hope you find something that works!



answers from Omaha on

My 5th baby has a tongue tie and as a result is a poor nurser. For about a month we had to supplement with formula while I increased my own milk supply. He developed an allergy to regular formulas and so our pediatrician recommended Alementin. It's really expensive, but he did much better on this one.

Good luck!



answers from Duluth on

A: because corn syrup is cheap
B: because its just not as good

typically, non-dairy formulas are the answer for many gassy babies.
but you need to talk to your baby's pediatritian.

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