Tylenol with Zyrtec?

Updated on July 17, 2011
M.R. asks from Milwaukee, WI
7 answers

Quick. Can you take Tylenol after just taking a Zyrtec? I have a pounding headache and am about to leave for the day.

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answers from Washington DC on

yes. you can...

hope it goes away soon!!!

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answers from Boston on

Yes you can

Edited: my 4 year old gets lot of sinus issues. If it's really bad you can also take benedryl as long as it doesn't make you drousy. And I would recommend advil/motrin for sinus headache because it will last longer and help with the inflammation. I hope you feel better soon!

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answers from Fort Wayne on

Absolutely...two totally different kinds of drugs. Good luck with that headache.

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answers from Minneapolis on

You've probably already left for the day, but in the future, ask the pharmacist!
Mixing drugs can be dangerous or just fine.

Here's some non-medicine ways to help with headaches.
1. I always keep some of those migraine patches handy. These are patches that you stick directly on your skin to absorb a heavy-duty "icy-hot" cream. It's topical, so you don't have to worry about drug interactions.

2. If you don't want to put on a patch, think about using Tiger Balm, which is like icy-hot, only really intense. I LOVE Tiger Balm for headaches, backaches, etc. I always have some around. Get the clear stuff. The original formula stains.



answers from Portland on

I've found that Sudafed, the old one that you have to get from behind the counter, works best to get rid of a congestion headache. Sudafed PE doesn't work for me at all.

You can take a pain reliever with an antihistamine (Zyrtec). You can take both of them and a Sudafed.



answers from Lincoln on

I've taken Zyrtec, Mucinex, and Tylenol all at one time (on rare occasion, think I've even thrown in Sudafed if really bad, but that's not too often). I usually call my pharmacy to ask questions like this, that way I know I'm getting for 100% sure safe instructions ... and quicker response (most importantly if I've got nastiness going on!)



answers from Boca Raton on

I would call a pharmacist (CVS or Walgreens?) and ask that question.

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