Tylenol P.M. During Pregnancy?

Updated on February 20, 2010
C.B. asks from Palmdale, CA
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I am 17 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I am having terrible pain in my hips and back which of course makes it very difficult to sleep. I was wondering if anyone knew whether it was safe to take Tylenol PM while pregnant? Thanks a lot.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice. I went ahead and took it. I did check with my OB at my last appointment and he said it was perfectly safe to take. Thanks so much.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Both Tylenol and Benadryl are Type B medications, meaning that minimal amounts of the drug pass on to the baby, and in animal studies they have been shown to be harmless (but there are not sufficient studies in humans to guarantee their safety). That's the scientific bit, but the general consensus is that both medications are safe to take when pregnant, especially once you are past your first trimester. Both of my OBs have recommended them as very gentle and good for getting the job done, and I used it occasionally in my first pregnancy without any side effects. Good luck.



answers from Denver on

I prefer a natural approach and used skullcap tincture during my pregnancy. Don't let the name scare you. I dealt with the same pain and it helped me sleep a lot!! You can find it at a health food store.


answers from Philadelphia on

Hi C.,
I'm not a doc, but I can tell you that Tylenol PM is safe. It has the same exact ingredient in it as Benedryl, with the added ingredient of Tylenol for pain. I had the same issue with all 3 of my children and each time the OB recommended Tylenol PM. The only thing they told me was to wait until I was out of the first trimester to start taking it. Then it was perfectly safe. All three of my children were born perfectly healthy and I took it during all 3 of my pregnancies!
Hope your pain goes away soon and you can start getting a good nights rest!



answers from San Diego on

It's fine. My OB says that I can take Tylenol for pain and benadryl for allergies or insomnia, and Tylenol PM is just the two combined.



answers from Hartford on

Check with your OB 1st. I was told by mine that I could take it on occasion but not regularly. It is just tylenol with a little benedryl in it. However you need to ask your Dr or even pharmacist before you take anything.



answers from Washington DC on

I believe straight tylenol is ok but not sure about tylenol pm. When I was pregnant I was told NOT to take advil or aspirin, but I could take Tylenol since it doesn't cross the placenta. Definitely talk to your ob first.
Also, try to get a professional massage. Since you are past the first trimester, a massage is a GREAT way of relieving the pain you are having.



answers from Topeka on

I know that Benadryl is safe to take & Unisom is recommened for nasuea so why not use it to sleep

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