Two Year Old with Sensory Processing Disorder

Updated on January 12, 2011
E.B. asks from Tacoma, WA
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My two year old is being seen twice a week one for speech therapy and the other occupational therapy. I am just wondering if anyone had dealt with sensory processing disorder with their own child. He was just given a SPIO to wear which helps, at times though he can be so aggressive and has trouble wording what he I guess I am looking more for support cause he has become a total handful.


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answers from San Francisco on

Yes! My son started two hours of speech and two hours of O.T. a week for several years starting when he was 2 1/2. I always say that I feel like I am playing the tv show Survivor with him. I have to outplay, outwit, and outlast him.

One of the methods that worked well with my son was for me to pick one area of improvement and to make a graph. The visual helped him identify what behavior I was looking for. For instance, when I needed to potty train him, he would not go no.2 in the potty; no matter how many stickers or candies I offered. Finally in frustration (I needed him potty trained to go to preschool; which he desperately needed) I made a chart. I drew 10 brown clouds. I even called them poo poo clouds. At the end of these clouds I drew an equal sign and then I cut a toy from a magazine I knew he wanted. Every time he pooped in the toilet (wasn't consistent at the beginning) HE got to color the poo poo cloud in. He completely two to three graphs before I could finally say he was fully potty trained.

As you know, he is aggressive because he is frustrated. As his speech improves, this should lessen. Also remember that routine is important because he can predict what will happen next. I bought a pocket chart calendar (can be purchased at a teacher's store) and I made people dress in different clothes for what we would do. A kid with a book = going to the library / A kid with a backpack= going to preschool, etc.....

My son still will not wear t shirts with words or pictures of characters and forget about drinking out of restaurant kid cups (they have pictures too). He still occasionally has a hard time defining his space and will bump into people. But overall, he has come a long way. Especially when I think I wondered if he would ever talk and now he is a second grader in the top 1/3 of his class academically and talking all the time.

So, keep your head up high, celebrate every little victory you get with him (they do add up) and remember to take deep breathes.

You can private message me if you need anymore ideas. I find the more 'out of the box' they are; the better they work.

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answers from Chicago on

My son began therepies at 2.5 and if you listen to your OT and Speach Therepist you will get better ... The book "The Out of Sync Child" and the additional "The Out of Sync Child Has Fun" are great books that helped me and others (gma, daddy, dad, gpa, aunties/uncles) bought 3 copies of each and they all floated around the family so they could all understand. Pm me if you have questions or just need to vent I get it. Oh and please have something YOU do BY YOURSELF once a week not with YOUR friends/family ie: cooking class, art class, choir, something like that where you can be with you.

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answers from New York on

I just spent the last 20 minutes writing a long post on the progress of my son who had SPD. When I went to post it the site froze and I lost the whole post. So disappointing becUse we have a great success story. The main point of my post was that my son had SPD, and we started Speech at 17 months, and OT at 22 months. We did OT 3x per week and speech 2x per week. This continued until kindergarten when he was declassified. He is now in first grade and he is no different than the other children his age. He has totally over come his issues. His teachers can't believe when I tell them what he was once like. He is now one of the best behaved children in the class. I get tons of compliments on his behavior when he goes for play dates. There is hope for your situation. Work closely with your therapist, find one that clicks with your son, and your family. Really try to u derstand what sets him off. I promise you it will get better.

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