Two Year Old Son Refuses to Keep Diaper on or Use Potty Seat

Updated on June 02, 2009
A.A. asks from Austin, TX
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In recent weeks, my son has shown that he's edging ever closer to potty training. We had three short days of success where he peed in his little potty a few times. That was very short-lived!

Now, he flat out refuses to keep his diaper or anything else on including a pull-up or underwear and also will NOT use his little potty. I know it's a control issue, so I am at a loss as to how to approach this so as to not admonish him for having accidents where he knows he's not supposed to and sour him from wanting to use the potty altogether.

Does anyone have any sage advice for me to help us get through this phase? Right now, I'm just letting him run around with nothing on and cleaning up after him whenever necessary while reinforcing that pee and poop go in the potty.

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answers from San Antonio on

Okay you can take or toss my advice...he is just barely two, right (?), birthday in May.

My son was over 3 before the whole potty training thing really clicked for him. We had quite a few false starts and I had to stop trying because I was the one being trained not him. And I was sick of cleaning up the pee and poop.

My suggestion would be to stop the training for the moment and just get him back in a diaper, nip the control issue in the bud. Then try again in a month or so if he seems ready.

Duct tape will keep the diaper on if he keeps taking it off.
Like I said take it or leave it...but I personally could only handle so much of the clean up. HUGS!!

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answers from College Station on

Its summer- let him run around naked and put him on the toilet (the big one that Daddy uses) every hour or so. When you go out, tell him he has to wear either a pull up or undies. That gives him a choice so he retains some control. Also try some little candies like gummy bears, m and m's, or skittles that you can give him when he sits on the toilet. That go my oldest on the toilet. He would do anything for candy!

Good Luck!

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answers from El Paso on

I don't know about the diaper, but here's an idea that might be useful. Drop the potty training for a week or two to give him time to regroup. Get a bell (like a school bell) and ring it nice and loud everytime you and your hubby use the toilet. Ring before you flush. Hopefully your little one will get curious and you can tell him it's only for those who potty in the toilet. Then wait. Hopefully it will be his idea to try the potty again. Blessings!

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answers from Sherman on

I agree with the duct tape. If it's a control thing, then YOU take the control and duct tape that diaper on his sweet hiney.



answers from Sherman on

Okay. i am the mother of 5 children! 3 of whom are boys! This is what I did with the oldest and so on and so on. I did not DUCT TAPE the diaper on. What i did is let him pee in my flower pots. And when it was raining or whatever I cut a whole in one and let it float in the toilet. You have to be creative at the same time bieng stern. Not only are they not soiling your carpet, furniture, or beds. But he ( you) have turned it into a game. My boys are 10, 7, and almost 5! OH ask daddy to to take him to potty with him, and tell him that he is a big boy! the more of the positives that you find him doing and tell him you know he did it and give him lots and lots of praise. We called grandparents ( in another town) and told them when he went potty. My boys loved it!

hope you get results!



answers from Houston on

My son is four and when I was doing the potty training I would let him run around naked if he wanted. He would go tinkle on the house but at least it was not on himself or the floor or the diaper.

It takes a lot of patience. When they tell you how boys are harder than girls it is very bery true.

Good Luck.



answers from Austin on

Two is young. He may show some interest and then loose interest many times, before he is really ready. Each time encourage him, but if he looses interest, no problem.

My daughter was the same way. She would want to potty on the chair or the big potty for a few days and then just want diapers. We never made a big deal out of it. Daycare helped a lot cause they had the potties lined up and kids would use them and eventually, our daughter wanted to sit and go poo with all of them too.

He may just like being able to take off is diaper and his clothing at this point, so that is really what he is in to more than anything.. If you cannot get him to keep the diaper on.. Duct tape will work. Of course not on his skin... Get him a baby doll or teddy bear and let him put on and take diapers and clothing off and on them, but tell him his clothes and diaper need to stay on.



answers from Houston on

I have NO advice on this, I just wanted to let you know that I too have this problem. My daughter (22 mos) has decided that she does not want to wear a diaper, nor does she want to go in the potty. Then, if she accidentally goes while her diaper is off, she freaks out because she's all wet. So, just wanted to let you know that you are definitely not alone. : )

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