Two Year Old Physical Milestones

Updated on February 16, 2010
K.Z. asks from Littleton, CO
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Hi moms,

Just wondering when you children learned to do certain things. Sometimes I want to take my little guy to do things and I am not sure that he is ready.
Walk up stairs?
Ride a tricycle?
Easy gymnastics moves (somersaults)?

thanks all!

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answers from Spokane on

My 2 yr old daughter can do all of those besides riding a trike. She walked/ran/jumped/somersault/climbing/sliding at a very early age. We have stairs and she has been using them w/out a baby gate for almost 6 months.

I highly recommend the first classes of gymnastics for kids that age...its really good for them, they have lots of fun too!

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answers from Tulsa on
Look for developmental milestones in your search engine and look up on internet. Most 2 yr olds can do similar things, some will be advanced in one area and behind in others. We have J ( he just turned 3 in Dec.) in a class called "Buddy and Me" at a local Gymnastics/Dance studio. It helps with some of the things you are talking about. The class is for 18 months to 3 years old. When they are 3 they can start combo class, (1/2 hour dance and 1/2 hour easy tumbling) or Kindergym (straight gymnastics). They can't start those classes any earlier because they aren't developmentally ready to be in a class like situation doing those things but as for doing them themselves they are ready. So by age 3 he should be able to do all them.


answers from Dallas on

My daughter is 27 months old and can do all of the above. She was climbing stairs at about 16 months, jump at about 18 months, somersaults at about 18 months and ride a tricycle at about 24 months. BUT, she is a VERY active crazy kid and my first daughter wasn't as quick to do these things.



answers from Fort Collins on

I agree with the others-- there's a really wide range on these things.
My daughter walked at 8 months, didn't crawl until closer to 12 months, walked up stairs at 12 months, walked up stairs without me holding my breath by 16 months, walked down stairs around 16 months, jumped with two feet at a little over 18 months. (We enrolled her in gymnastics and during that first 6-week session sometime she learned to jump on a trampoline.)

She figured out a forward somersault by about two-and-a-half and is now working on her backward somersault at age 3. She still doesn't ride a tricycle very well.



answers from New York on

My 2 year old (sept 07) has been doing these things for a while - except for peddling a bike he's working on that now! He was an early walker (9 months), though, and was developmentally ready. Our neighbors child, 3 in March, just began jumping and goes down the stairs on his bum or belly! All kids will do it when ready - just make sure to give him plenty of opportunity to practice as he won't learn unless he tries! Good luck!



answers from Provo on

My only advice would be to let him go and do it. Sometimes a person does not know what they are capable of until they are pushed. I was in a car accident when I was twelve and got brain damage and the doctors never expected me to walk again. My mom never told me that until after I was running and riding a bike along with many other things. I don't think it is good enough to strive for normal but just let the child explore and see what he feels comfortable doing. If it does not work for him then that is fine. Little kids are so determined when they want to do something. Pressuring a child to be something they are not is not a good thing but giving them the opportunities to explore and find their own niche is. Normal for your child is different than normal for someone else.



answers from Provo on

depends on the child. There are many normal milestones, but some children are very active or physically gifted. Try some things, if it is too hard for your child, don't push him, he's probably not ready yet. There is a lot that has to happen in side that little brain and with musle deveopment and coordination before those things can develop. I teach preschool and have not seen most children ride a metal type tricycle until 3 years old. They have to have very strong legs muscles in order to do that. But if you get one, the first step is that they will sit on it and push/walk them selves around with their feet. Your child may do this by now. I would say you could probaly find a lot of info online by googling. Look for "gross motor two year old skills" Good luck



answers from Denver on

Hi K.- I was amazed with my 2nd how much difference there can be with kids and their physical milestones. Some things like walking have a huge range like 10mos - 17mos so that wasnt a big surprise. I found other things were kind of trial and error. Part of it depends on your child's size, strength etc. I suggest you try some things and see if your toddler likes it. There are plenty of "mommy and me" classes at the rec. centers around town. Swimming, yoga, gymnastics. You could do a walk-in time at Little Gym. Part of it is giving them the opportunity to try it and go from there. Some kids catch on quick - other's arent interested or ready until later.

My guys both walked at 15mos or so and were walking forward on the stairs by 3. At 24 months they were still going down backward and by 2 1/2 they were scooting forward on their bottoms. They could walk up stairs only with help. My second could 2-foot jump at 16mos which is really early. My second could dribble a basketball at 2 1/2 which seems early but obviously not for him.

My first could pedal his trike well at late 2s early 3s and rode a 2-wheeler at 6. My second was on his trike at 24mos and was going strong as soon as he could reach the pedals. By 2 1/2 he was riding a 2-wheeler with training wheels and he is still going strong on that. The little neighbor boy has been riding a regular 2-wheeler since he turned 3. He's 4 now and is practically taking jumps.



answers from Cheyenne on

Let him try with supervision and LOTS of reminders to be careful!

My son walked up and down stairs by 1 year (but we had lots of stairs and didn't want him to be afraid of going up and down- though Grandma and Grandpa's idea was to just gate it off and hold hands up and down even now though my niece is 4 and my son is 2 and has been doing stairs fine for over a year now)!

Jumping, my son has been jumping some since he was just over a year, but now he is starting to jump OVER things! He gathers things together on the floor and jumps over them for his baby brother to make him laugh!

My son still does not ride a tricycle, but does like the toddler powerwheels with the finger push button (though we make him still wear a helmet).

My son tried tumbling when he was about 9 months old, but my husband's parents put the kabosh on that before I could teach him to try again and do it safely. And we now live in a house with wood floors, so I don't think he wants to try, but if he wants to try, I would definitely let him and just help him discover how to turn over without hurting his neck.

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