Two Toddlers Not Going to Sleep

Updated on March 19, 2013
T.D. asks from Wheaton, IL
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We have a 5 year old and a 3 yr old. The 5 year was sleeping fine over the last couple of years. Now the 3 year old has been a real handful at bedtime. WE attempted the constant putting the 3 year back to bed, over and over and over. Problem was , he started getting really loud and screaming fits. This has created bedtime "anxiety" for our 5 year old. We fixed it (after 3 weeks) by allowing them to fall asleep together. Now, after a few more weeks of this, the 3 year old is not wanting to fall asleep and starting the "I'm the boss" game all over again. This as you can imagine is taking quite a toll on the two of us. Do we bite the bullet and separate them and deal with the nights of hell? Or.....???? I am about at my wits end. Any suggestions? One last thing, we have done the whole bedtime routine with bath, snuggle on couch, go to bed to read, kiss goodnight, sound machine, night light, blah blah blah! Only worked for probably about 1 week of the last 6 months.

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answers from Chicago on

have you tried a sharp crack on the behind? I know not the most popular answer. and not the first resort. I always put mine to bed. when they were young enough to not understand bedtime meant stay in bed we put a gate across the doorway. screaming and crying meant the door got closed. no one liked that much. and sometimes a swat on the behind along with a firm good night don't get u p again works wonders. just saying.....

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I'm super confused...who are the toddlers? Toddlers should be pretty easy to put to sleep. If these preschoolers are keeping them up maybe you could separate them or something....?

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answers from Phoenix on

This is such an individual problem but for me what has worked is setting up a star chart (or stickers) and everytime one gets 5 stars across they get a surprise... stuff from the dollar store. And every time they stay in bed all night they get a star. Yes its bribery but at the end of the day I am so tired I dont care. Or set it up however you want. Maybe after one good night they get something. And the prize can be anything... another cartoon, trip to the park, an extra book at bed, whatever your kids like. I also got some bed time story cds that my 5 y.o. falls asleep to every night which helped her to stay in there. Good luck.

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