TWO Sonograms and Nothing! Has This Happened to You???

Updated on October 03, 2010
M.E. asks from Greenlawn, NY
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I'm 7 weeks pregnant (or rather, it's 7 wks from my last menstrual period). I've had 2 rounds of blood work which indicate that my HGC levels have doubled and my progestrine are were they should be. As of Wednesday, they were 12,180 and 17, respectively. I've had 2 sonograms and neither show anything! My last one was yesterday. I did have some bleeding yesterday which didn't amount to much and now there's a slight brownish discharge when I wipe - sometimes. I don't want these to be the signs of a miscarriage but am I just kidding myself?

Has anyone gone through this and ended up with a healthy growing baby? The drs say there's a chance - slight chance is what I pick up - that maybe the dates are wrong and it's just that I'm too early for anything to show up on the sono. I really want that to be the case but I'm also driving myself crazy with all this wondering!!! Even if it is off, how off could the dates be? I'm awaiting a call from my dr now but like everything else in my life right now, it's not happening soon enough.

Thanks, M

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So What Happened?

Turns out, I had an ectopic pregnancy in my tube. My symptons didn't follow the typical symptoms of an ectopic but nonetheless it was. Thank you all for your support and stories. We hope and plan to try again soon.

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answers from Atlanta on

My doctor wouldn't even see me until 12 weeks and then for one pregnancy they did a vaginal sonogram -the other a regular one.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Why have they already done two sonograms when you're 5 weeks along? It's not good to have too many of those!

If they did a vaginal ultrasound, that could be responsible for a little bleeding.

Good luck--relax, your bloodwork is speaking for itself!

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answers from Chicago on

Was the ultrasound done transvaginally? At this point, that is likely the only type of ultrasound that would be able to detect much of anything. If you are truly 7 weeks, you may be able to see something that looks like a jelly bean - the gestational sac (sometimes they call it the yolk sac) and the fetal poles emerging. Coming soon will be the little flicker in the middle of the bean which is the heart starting to beat.

All you can do is be patient. Getting worked up does nothing but bring you and the developing baby stress so sit back and enjoy your time before your cute fall clothes get too tight to wear :)

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answers from Houston on

Yeah I agree about the early sonogram. My dr did both mine after eight weeks. So I would just wait a few weeks and try not to worry:) Hang in there!!

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answers from Phoenix on

Wow, that does sound way too early to have a sonogram! Your baby is actually only about 3-5 weeks along (I forget exactly, but it is NOT the standard count from the date of last period.)

Don't stress, just relax and go along for the ride, every woman's body, and every pregnancy too, is different, all the guidelines and milestones and charts and checklists are AVERAGES.



answers from Kansas City on

Yes, there is a chance. With my first the dr used my LMP and had me 2 weeks further along than I really was. It wasn't until he said I was 10 weeks that I had a sonogram and it showed he was 2 weeks off and I was reallly only 8 weeks. Some months we ovulate later than others.
I also had bleeding during both my pregnancies, it's actually more common than you might think.



answers from New York on

7 weeks pregnant means 7 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period, just to clear up the confusion. So on that first day you miss your period, say 28 days after you had day 1 bleeding, you are considered 4 weeks pregnant. Trust me I went through 2 years of advanced fertility treatments and 2 miscarriages. What is concerning is that your beta hcg is so high and they can't see anything. I believe over 1000 they should be able to see at least a sac. I hope your doctor checks for an ectopic if your beta keeps rising. I am sorry you are going through this. Please know it is very common and you are most fertile right after a miscarriage.


answers from Houston on

I don't know, I've never heard of anyone having sonograms so early, they usually wait until 11-12 weeks around here. I'm pretty sure it is too early to see anything and a little amazed that a Dr would do 2 sonograms at this point, and that insurance would even cover it. Just wait it out a few weeks, nothing you can do at this point.



answers from Buffalo on

sorry to hear you have to go through all of this...sadly, my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage...they did an ultrasound early because I was having some pain (like 6 1/2 weeks) and saw an "abnormal fetal pole" (what the fetus looks like as it begins to develop), by 9 weeks the fetus had stopped developing....that said, with hormone levels that high and not seeing anything, i would also be concerned about an ectopic pregnancy....did they check your tubes? I would have them check your tubes and then keep checking your hormone levels before anything is determined...good luck...



answers from Buffalo on

In my opinion it is too early, if HCG level is present and growing then you are pregnant. My doctor told me that if a miscarrage happens in first trimester it is usually due to low progesterone levels, and you say yours is fine. I would be patient, what does our doctor say?


answers from St. Louis on

Exactly 7 weeks after my last period, I went to the doc (after 2 positive preg tests 3 days earlier), and they couldn't see anything, not even a sac. I was having some slight pain, so they told me I may be having an ectopic pregnancy. My levels also had doubled as yours have. Well, they got me all worked up for nothing, because a few days later I went back and there was the little sac. I am now almost 33 weeks pregnant.

At that point I was considered to be 5 weeks pregnant, or 7-8 weeks past my last period. They told me at that appointment that it is very typical to see nothing well up until 7 weeks pregnant (or 9 weeks after your period, approx). Well, they should've told me that last time instead of freaking me out for no reason!

Also, was your ultrasound on the belly or vaginally? If on the belly, you should have had a full bladder in order to detect everything better. I mean full as in you might pee on the table. In my first ultrasound, I didn't have a full bladder (no one told me I needed to). I went home and did my own research and found a full bladder is best, so my second appointment, I drank a ton of water beforehand. Talk to the ultrasound tech about this next time.

So, the best thing to do is remain calm and start acting like you are pregnant (ie no drinking, smoking, eat healthy, take prenatals if you aren't already). I think what you are experiencing is very common!

Best wishes to you!


answers from Bloomington on

If it has been 7 weeks from your last cycle. You are probably only 5 weeks along. It's natural to not see anything at this point. But I freaked out about it too. Sounds to me like you are having implantation bleeding. Try to relax. I had this EXACT same thing happen with my last daughter. Including a tender abdomen which everyone was telling me .. oh that sounds bad! But I had a healthy happy baby and she didn't show up on a sono until about 11-12 weeks. So, like I say, try to relax and not stress to much and stay off your feet. (I know, easier said than done ;-)



answers from Jamestown on

Did they check your tubes during the sonograms? Get a second opinion and take a home pregnancy test.

Doctors and tests have been known to be wrong. I have 4 children. One of them showed "negative" for the first 5 months and the other "negative" the first 2 months. I never missed a period with either one of them.

Just a suggestion.

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