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Updated on June 05, 2008
S.S. asks from Dallas, TX
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I am 24 weeks and have lost 7 pounds I get morning sickenss allday and night. My doctor hasnt been worried about it. But today when I went to the wic office the dietician said I needed to gian 15 plus the 7 I lost. Whell I was big to begin with 18/20. So I was just wondering do I really need to actively try to gain weight. With my 15mo I only gained about 3-5 pounds (i was sick the whole time too) Also any easy meal ideas for two that are inexpensive would be greatfull. TIS

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answers from San Antonio on

I wouldnt worry too much about what wic has to say, they told me my son is over weight and he is no where near that, his dr said not to worry about it till he says something!!

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answers from Austin on

Hey S.,

I also would not be worried! I am a size 20/22 and am 38 weeks. I think when I was at your point (24 weeks) I had only gained 4 pounds and I stayed that way up to about 7 months maybe.

Ask your doctor, but most likely he or she is not concerned. As long as your baby is progressing fine they aren't worried, because like mentioed before, us bigger ladies have extra fat stored so we do not have to gain as much weight. I have also done some googling and found a couple of websites that have some really good information on plus size pregnancies.

Good luck for the remainder of your pregnancy, I'm sure you will do fine!



answers from Houston on

I have just had my second baby (6weeks old). When i went to my doctor she said because i was overweight (14/16) i would not Have to gain anything but a healthy gain for overweight is up to 20 lbs. So i would not Try to gain weight if i were you. I had morning sickness day/night 9 months with first one and 6 months with second. i threw up 7-10 times a day. Just continue trying to eat..even if you think you will eventually throw up! good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I have 4 kids and am big as well and the only pregnancy I gained with was #1. I only gained 9 lbs with #2...and with #3 I only gained once I got preeclampsia and I lost all they way up to that point and I lost all the way through #4.

That dietician is wrong and that is why your doctor isn't worried. Your doctor would be worried if you were gaining a lot already being pudgy (I am are pudgy LOL -sz 26/28 here)! I would tell my doctor that because I am sure he will tell you what you need to tell that dietician who most likely is just going by some chart somewhere.

Us big girls do not need that weight gain that smaller women need. I swear the only time my metabolism works is when I am pregnant. The baby is fine and getting everything he needs. Don't let it worry you.

Good luck and congrats!



answers from Dallas on

I don't think you need to worry about it.
My sister lost over 20 and she was NOT in harm and neither was the baby.
I know we all worry about so much.


answers from Dallas on

How strange of them to suggest that! I think you shouldn't worry about it. If you are eating healthy and eating enough, you are fine. The point isn't weight gain, it's health. Unless your OB gets really worried, I wouldn't.



answers from San Antonio on

I was about your size when I got pregnant with my first and lost 23 pounds because I was eating so much healthier and also vomitting,,,but I like to tell my self it was because I had the will power to eat better for my baby sake... just make sure you are drinking lots of fluid and are taking your prenatal vitamins. When you go for the ultra sound they can tell if the baby is gaining weight. Good luck.



answers from Houston on

I was sick the whole pregnancy with my son. At 6 mos I had only gained 8lbs and I was a bit overweight to start with. Although my doctor wasn't thrilled she also said she wasn't worried about it. So I would say no you do not have to actively try to gain weight. I found that there were a few foods that I could eat that didn't make me sick so I stuck with those. (peanut butter sandwiches and cheese sandwiches lol) But I agree with the other poster who suggested to watch out for dehydration, although I didn't have a problem with that.

I would talk to your OB and see what she says. If she isn't concerned that I wouldn't be either!



answers from Amarillo on

Don't worry about the weight loss-but dehydration. We all (women) have stored fat that can compensate if we lose the weight--but fluids is a different story. I am 26 wks along and I am past the morning (all day) sickness but when I was prego with my 2nd-4 yrs ago-I realized I hadn't urinated in a day or two--and of course I was dehydrated. My baby's heart rate went down alot and so I am glad I went in. Make sure you are peeing still and if you feel like your mouth is real dry--then maybe call your doc. But don't worry about pounds. Your baby will be fine with what is already stored in you body. Good Luck and Congrats on the baby!

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