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Updated on November 15, 2010
V.K. asks from Roseville, CA
6 answers

I would like to take my kids to the snow for a Day Trip and invite my family who lives in Manteca to go as well. So here are my questions:

1. Does anyone have any ideas of a place (in January) that would have snow but wouldn't be too terribly long of a drive for the people in Roseville and the people in Manteca?

2. Any ideas of where I could find some snow boots that I could get for my children and myself that I could just use for that one trip?

Thanks much!


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answers from Buffalo on

You could order snow boots on and have them shipped for free to your local walmart. But sorry I do not know your area for locational advice. We have plenty of snow in Jan. if it would survive the trip I would send you some.

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answers from Sacramento on


Here is a website of snow parks. We have used this in the past when we have wanted to take our kiddos to the snow.

You can try goodwill and other thrift stores for the boots. In the past we have gone to play it again sports on Greenback Lane. They often have reasonably priced boots that look almost brand new. Also, Once Upon a Child carries boots. Good luck and have fun.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Maybe check thrift stores or ebay/craigslist for cheap boots.


answers from Seattle on

Big Bear?

I am sorry, I do not know of any places that just "rent" snow boots for a day...however if you were gonna ski/snowboard, you can rent all that stuff on the mountain!


answers from Provo on

I'm not sure for the two places, but Utah isn't that far from CA and It has some amazing snow. Especially if you go up the canyon to some of the resorts or you could rent a home up there for a weekend or something. Heber is a cute little town that is close to Park City (where all the stars live and vacation) and has ton of snow. Deer Vally is a great Place. Sundance is beautiful.



answers from Boise on

What about Reno?

Oh, and borrowing some boots from snow loving friends?

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