Two Big Birthday Parties

Updated on January 14, 2008
K.S. asks from Canton, MI
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I know that is this kinda of early but i need some ideas.. My oldest son will be turning 5 years old (hard to beileve) at the being of March, and my second will be turning 1 years old at the end of march. My first thing is i want to make their invites this year just because they both are having a big milestone. Can any one help me out with this.. The second question Is it ok to send out both invites together in the same envlope? thanks for the help They are two separate parties. i wanted to do just one big one,and i was told no because they are such big ones.

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I think it might be cute to make 1 invite for them both. Maybe on the cover put, ex. YOU ARE INVITED TO 1 BIG PARTY FOR 2 SPECIAL BOY. Then when you open the card on one side have the theme for the 5 yr olds party, and the other side have the theme for the 1 year old party.

I have been making card for my kids for the last year, and have actually started helping my friends with theirs. Email me if you would like some help. [email protected]



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My thought is if you have common invites, go ahead and do them in one envelope. If you have some invites for one and not the other, still send them at the time as the others.

As for ideas, we did Pooh's first birthday and then at 5 had graduated to Ratatouille (after three years of Thomas - I made my own cakes and recycled the decorations from the first year). You can get great party favors at PartyUSA, ToysRUs or online (I like AllAboardToys and BirthdayExpressions). And many grocery stores do character cakes for reasonable prices. You can get creative with games, like Pin the Funnel/HunnyPot on Thomas/Pooh, make your own masterpiece cupcakes with Ratatouille, character bingo, etc. to make them more theme-oriented.

Congrats on both milestones! Hope you have a blast!



answers from Amarillo on

As far as making the invitations, there is a website with some great ideas that I've used to make bridal shower and baby shower invitations. It is: If you click on gallery (top right) you can search for ideas. The stamps all (mostly) come from Stampin Up ( but you can substitute any kind of stamp if you like the idea. I've bought a lot of stampin up stamps on ebay, thats another option. As far as sending them out together, it's up to you. I'm sure people will understand wanting to save on postage!



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Well it depends on if you are combining the birthday parties or having them separate? If you're having them on the same day, then yes send them together. IF not, I'd say separate to kinda give them their own individual "thunder" so to speak (: As for the invites, I've been making my almost 4 yr old daughters every year. I do all my friend's kids now too. I have fun doing them. I'd be glad to help. The way that I do mine is postcard style - all on 1 side. I do pictures of the child, along with the theme, then on the back I put the stickey magnets, so your guests can take it right out of the envelope and stick it on the fridge! Also works as a keepsake! email me if you might want to see some I've done [email protected] I'd be happy to help out (: NO charge or anything like that.. I could email you my idea, then you can print them however you like.. (small supply charge if you wanted me to print).. But if you do print,then I just recommend getting the magnets for the back, its worked great for me.. Good luck in what you choose (:

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