Twisted/ Sprained Ankle

Updated on June 27, 2012
C.C. asks from Huntsville, AL
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Hi moms, this is my first time dealing with this sort of injury, so I'm not sure what to do.
My daughter (15) came home after school saying that she'd hurt her ankle when going down the stairs at school. Because the kid in front of her suddenly stopped, she tripped/ bumped and sort of landed on her ankle, or applied a lot of pressure on it when she fell. It hurt a lot immediately but after an hour or so the pain faded into a dullish ache in her ankle.
She can walk fine and jog slowly, but she has to minimize ankle movement, or else it would hurt a bit. There's no swelling or bruising.
It doesn't seem serious, she can walk fine, so what do I do? I know that heat can help with healing so she took a nice long hot shower, and the pain has been relieved a bit. What else can I do? Also is this injury serious/ what precautions do I have to take? One more question: should her ankle be alleviated or is it fine that she justs sits at desk working (feet flat on the ground)? Thank you so much!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the responses!
We did the ice pack method and elevated her ankle for some time. Then a good night's sleep her ankle's fine now. But there's a very small bruise on her foot that when you press it, it hurts a tiny bit. We didn't notice earlier because the bruise was actually not very dark. So in general, she's ok now. I hope there's nothing worringly with that bruise. Probably not...?

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answers from Chicago on

If there is no swelling or bruising and it's just sore, she probably just twisted it and she'll be fine. If she had sprained it there would be definite swelling. Treatment for a sprain is RICE, rest, ice, compression, elevation. Ibuprofen helps for the pain. Even if it's just twisted, I would suggest that she stay off of it for a few days as much as possible and be extra careful to not injure it further. I've twisted and/or sprained my ankles more than I'd like to admit, so this is all coming from experience. Of course, if it's not getting better, or if it gets much worse, you may want to get it x-rayed to be certain there is no fracture. But it really sounds like it's just twisted, and not serious or cause for alarm. Hope she feels better soon!

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answers from Norfolk on

If it's a sprain or bruise, it's a very mild one and not serious at all.
To reduce swelling, ice it initially, then heat later on.
Go to your local pharmacy and get a velcro neoprene ankle wrap and have her wear it a week or so.
If this were serious she'd have a hard time standing on it and the bruising/swelling/pain would be exquisitely painful.
I've had a 2nd degree ankle sprain before and landed in a removable walking cast for 6 weeks.
She can elevate her ankle for awhile if it's swelling a bit, but it doesn't sound like it needs to be.


answers from Dothan on

I would go ahead & get an X-ray just in casers, keep the foot elevated & alternating heat & cold, ibupropen for any pain. Hope it is just a, 'twist' :)



answers from Burlington on

Twisted and sprained have the same meaning - the joint was forced past the normal range of motion causing over-stretching and possible tearing of the surrounding ligaments. There are just varying degrees of injury which lead to varying symptoms. It sounds like your daughter has a Grade 1 sprain. See:

Even though her ankle isn't visibly swollen, it is around the injury. Use rest, ice, and possibly elevation anyway. Sounds like she doesn't need crutches, but I wouldn't have her jogging or running until her ankle feels better. Have her do ankle rolls (hold foot in air and make circle motions at the ankle joint = move foot in circle, not leg) to keep the ankle from tightening. If walking hurts, use cane or crutches. If pain get worse, see a doctor.

MD, I am not a doctor.



answers from Chicago on

I had a similar injury and I was able to walk with minimal pain. I kept activity low and iced it as much as I could. After 3 weeks, the swelling & bruising were gone, but I still had limited mobility. I then went to an ankle & foot clinic, they took x-rays and I had actually fractured my fibula(ankle). I wore a boot for a month and now a brace. I am still not able to turn/rotate it much, so I will be going to physical therapy. My doctor said I didn't do any additional damage by waiting 3 weeks after the injury to come in, but I could have been 3 weeks into recovery at that point. I always thought that if it was broken, it would hurt and I wouldn't be able to walk without excruciating pain. Not so in my case. Good luck!

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