Twisted Ankle That Never Heals

Updated on July 31, 2012
G.K. asks from Venice, CA
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My six year old daughter fell off our bed two weeks ago and twisted her ankle. I had her lay down with cold packs to rest the foot for that day. The next day she was up and running again. Since then she has been complaining about her ankle (mostly when it's later in the evening and nothing "fun" is going on) . Sometimes she even limps.
Should I be worried about that the twisted ankle never gets healed because she is an active kid who ignores the pain most of the day, or could it be she is just fishing for attention?
Lately she doesn't even want to go to her gymnastics class that she loves because of the pain in her ankle so now I am a bit unsure...


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answers from Seattle on

2 weeks is nothing with soft tissue damage.

The average break takes 6-8weeks to heal BUT

The average sprain takes 3-6 MONTHS to heal

Sounds like she sprained it. Which is SUPER common with gymnasts. We stretch all our tendons and ligaments out... then step wrong... and rip the bejeezus out of one of those loose joints. I badly sprain at least one ankle every year, and usually 2-3 times. My kness, hips, and shoulders all dislocate if you look at them wrong, but it's ankle injuries that are super common just walking around.

There are some very precise ways to rehab an ankle injury that vary depending on the exact nature of it. First step, though, is getting it wrapped correctly to protect it from further injury. Second (about a month later) is to slowly start strengthening it again... but it will still be weak and painful for a couple more months.

For a first timer, I'd strongly suggest working with a physical therapist.

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answers from Honolulu on

Take her to the Doctor.

Children, have "growth plates."
and per injuries they may get, it can get damaged.
That is why, with children when injured, it is always a GOOD idea, to take them to the Doctor.

My daughter, has a classmate that yesterday said she fractured her knee. But the parents did not know this, right away. Until they took her to the Doctor. Like a couple of days, later.

Injuries, can cause pain for awhile, and it can affect mobility in the meantime.



answers from San Diego on

you'll need to go to the doc and get an xray. could have a hairline fracture. if its ligaments, she really needs to rest for a little while.



answers from Dallas on

I agree with ReverendRuby ask her coach. When my son hurts anything I usually will ask his coach gymnastic coaches are so used to treating twists and sprains. My son hurt his knee a few months ago and he had to wear a brace for quite a while and gymnastics is going to be hard on a hurt ankle. So you may have to have a brace for it even after it is mostly healed. My son always wears braces on his feet when tumbling cause he has very flat feet. But ice and ibuprofen are good till you can get someone to look at it.



answers from Appleton on

You should have wrapped it in an ace bandage right away. Ice it several times a day and keep it wrapped. Ibrouphen for pain, swelling and inflamation and ice ---ice -----ice. Lots of ice.

I twisted my ankles in TKD and wore ankle braces (elastic ace ones) for about a year.

Talk to her coach. Because coaches deal with injuries so much they know a lot about them. Her coach should be able to show you how to wrap it correctly and tell you if the wraps are available in her size.

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